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UPDATE 06-14-2005

Ok everyone. This is all tenetive.

Saturday. F&S (we usually meet around noon) Pm Bobepatt for details.

(i cant make it due to GF graduation and meet the parents luncheon) But Im not sure but you guys might go out to Little Tokyo and what not

Mari Ijima has a mini concert at the Hotel Cafe. (im not sure ho wyou guys will eat up time from F&S to Mari btu MAri I beleive starts at 8 pm.


MW Con starts at 10 am. (people who are setting up displays and goods please show up 9am) Some of you local guys please show up early to help out.

Afterwards like 5 pm or so we can all go out and have dinner.

OK THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. IN ORDER FOR THEIR TO BE FOOD I NEED TO KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE THERE WILL BE. I estimate 40 people like last time Thats we would need 20 pizzas. I figure two people will pay for one pizza and eat it between them. BUT I ONLY HAVE 16 PEOPLE PREPAY. THAT GETS US 8 LARGE COSTCO PIZZAS. I dont wanna buy pizzas for those who havent prepaid and get stiffed with the bill if people dont show up.

There will be some rare stuff there.

like 1/55 tomahawk Prototype

Large SDF-1 original Cell

Ryuji's fine Minmei kitbash in person

A piece of Wonderfest Exclusive History (dont wanna ruin the surprise)

Also those of you dont be lazy and dont put it off on the next guy to bring somethign amazing or cool. Bring your collections no matter how small. A neat book or toy or something anything Macross Related. Heck it could be a piece of fugly robotech junk we would get a kick out of it.

Need to speak with Rohby on exclusive pricing for the Con.

And there will be my contributiuon of T-Shirts

If time permitting there will be some really rare and excusive poster reprints for sale.

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Hello !

Today I shipped 3 boxes to Nick's house.

This time, my main sale items are books and resin kits.

Some of them have little damaged so I'll sell them cheaper than normal price.

Shipping cost was over 700USD so I want to avoid " the red" but I try to sell relatively cheaper in this MW-Con than in other event, Comi-Con.

I'm looking forward to meeting again !

(My ability of English conversation is as same as 3 years ago, I have to learn more.... )


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The con is at the following address

25 Palatine

Irvine. Ca 92612

Also very important.


It starts at 10.

Mari has rescheduled. She was going to arrive at 1. But she has to be back in LA at 3 now. So She hasnt replied back to what time she will show up but maybe my guess is 11 or 12.


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For those coming Exit Jamboree and head west (from 405 s turn right, from 405 n turn left)

Turn left at next light, Michelson

Turn right at next light, Carlson.

Drive until you see a stoplight. This is Palatine. Park on the street.

Walk back to palatine. This not really a street but the back entrance for the Apt.

There are two gates, one for entering and one for exiting. There are pedestrian gates at either side. they are not locked.

Walk in and you want to follow the street left. The street will circle around

Think of a clock. You have just entered at 6 o'clock position. You want to walk to the 9 o'clock postions. There will be a stp sign. Turn right and you will see a sort of corridor made by two buildings. there will be a fountain in the middle a little way ahead. walk to the building on the left. So let of the water fountain. There are stairs walk up them and into the double glass doors.

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Looks like im gonna miss it again this year which is a shame seeing how close i live . I took off work but since i have to get a doctors note or face penalty ( like a 3 year old ) i have an appointment to go pretend how sick i am at 11 am.

Thanks to all those who offered to carpool i really appreciate it.

If im able to come at all its gonna be later ( how long does it last?) in the PM's.

By the way if i do end up coming later is it still the same price since ijima will have already come and gone?

Lets start the money pooling now...MW6 live in tokyo....now THAT would be a fun adventure

no im not kidden

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