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  1. It's hard without normal horizontal stabilizer.
  2. No confirmation from the Hasegawa site yet. But I'll probably definitely be buying!!
  3. Hey Macross World Community, I'm a long time fan, and first time poster. About a month ago, I purchased the Club M 1/48 Ultimate Detail Strike Valkyrie from Valk009. I had the kit sent to a master modeller,Luca Zampriolo, and here are the final results of his work after one month. If you're interested in his work and would like to have a kit commissioned, please contact Luca Zampriolo. Please check him out here. Website: http://kallamity.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kallamity/116662718397904 email: info@kallamity.com
  4. Ernst Zonda


    From the album: Max Ruiz Art

    UN Spacy VF-1J "Dark Bird" & QF-3000 in orbit over Mars. Painted in 2014, when I return to activity. Acrilic on cardboard, 45 x 32 cm aprox.

    © Max Ruiz

  5. http://www.taghobby.com/1-0/1-1/oritoy%E6%96%BC2014%E5%B9%B412%E6%9C%8819%E6%97%A5-21%E6%97%A5-toy-soul-2014%E6%9C%83%E5%A0%B4/ Looks much better than those shown at comic con before.
  6. Hi everyone. I was browsing around a old toy shop and I was able to find a really rare ihp model kit. I want to share this kit with the world and that's recasting for the members of macrossworld. After careful inspection. Its only missing one part which is easy to scratch build but I need the instructions for this kit. The kit has a website linking the old ihp site but the pictures of building the kit is down. Here is some pics. I was thinking of providing the magnets and screws once I'm done building it but I don't have a clue where to start. This is a rare find. If anyone on this board has pictures of the instructions. Please do post it here.
  7. Rodavan

    VF-1 Cannon fodder

    From the album: Rodavan's Images

    A Cannon Fodder render - More brown than I wanted, but it got a good texture feel
  8. From the album: Fan Art

  9. GuardianGrey


    From the album: Fan Art

  10. hi! I bought to restore the VF-1 Roy Focker (??) - but, unfortunately, not been able to find information about the manufacturer of the model. I was confused, painting (perhaps the first owner repainted it myself - the history of the VF-1 do not know, maybe bought from a man who knows nothing about the toy - just confused and rough assembly and chassis made of plastic) Thanks for any info
  11. Greetings everyone! First time poster here at MW. Been lookin at this site for a while & thought I'd jump in with all you fine folks! So, like many of you guys, I got the new 1/72 BANDAI Variable Valk kit & was, well, a bit dissapointed. But I have to say, coming from a long time modeler's point of view who does it mainly for the love of it, its not that bad of a kit. Sure it has its problems but we as modelers can just do what we do best...improvise, adapt & overcome right? So saying, I'm planning a little something "special" for my kit but first I need to address some of the problems it has...parts fit, looseness, lack of detail in some spots etc etc..all stuff I'm sure you guys have already come across! The First thing I tackled was the wonky fit of the legs in fighter mode & how they don't fit quite perpendicularly to the fuselage. The main problem is, like I'm sure most of you have figured by now, the grey retention tabs that lock the arms in place in fighter mode. The top edges of these are rubbing the sides of the legs & keeping them from sitting in where they should. Instead of cutting these off entirely tho, I thought if I could shave down one side sufficiently on a diagonal angle it might allow the leg to seat better & have a more perpendicular angle to the fuselage when viewed end-on. Here's what I shaved off: Secondly I thought, again, like most of you I'm sure, that the arms are too spindly & need fixed. I plan on beefing up the upper arms, shoulders & forearms. The first thing I started with was the degree of bend to the elbows. With a little tweaking of the lower part of the upper arm where it joins with the elbow joint, I was able to give it a lot more bend, so much so that now the Battroid mode will have the ability for the Gunpod to actually touch the shoulder armor: Next ( because I'm a hopeless scratchbuilder & can't leave anything alone straight out of the box ) I'm gonna lite this guy up with micro LEDs. The first thing I worked on was the optics section on the head. Since this particular build is gonna be a "one-off" style, i wanted something different. He's gonna be a predominantly really dark low-vis Valk & I thought he'd look kick-@ss with a blue Optic sensor: A veeeeeery long time ago, when the Hasegawa VF-1 kits came out, the only way you could get a pilot figure was to get the add-on weapons set. So, I got one & and while the figure wasn't bad, it could be remade better. Now, don't get me wrong, the pilot figure the new kit comes with aint bad but I'm anal when it comes to miniatures & detail & I looooooves me some detail work... at that point I remembered my old VF-1 Hase pilot. I dug the little guy outta storage & I think with a little tweaking I can make him fit in the new kit: So, thats where I'm at right now. Any ideas or comments are heartily welcomed & appreciated! Thanks for lookin guys n Cheers!! ~BK
  12. Hey Folks! Just wanted to share a tiny bit of scratch-built fun! A bunch of years back I got an old 1/5,000 IMAI SDF-1 Cruiser Fortress kit & thought it'd be neat to have a few Valks lined up for launch on the carriers. Bear in mind that the Tiny valk itself is no more than 1.74 mm in length (.0685") & really has no surface detail, just waay too small to even try ya know? It was made by Supergluing a super thin piece of sheet styrene down to a thicker sheet & then, using powerful opti-visors, little by little carving away til I had a semblance of a Valkyrie! Id love to cast it up & see if I couldn't add tiny Fast-pack boosters to the top of it. I had thought about getting a pair of ARMD carriers in scale to swap out for the Daedalus & Prometheus to go for more of the DYRL look but no dice. I Guess I could scratch-build one & cast it up twice but if someone had already made one up, it'd make my life a lot easier! Anywho, just thought id share, hope you guys enjoy the mini-madness!
  13. Was cleaning up my portfolio and decided to actually render out some images of my head-unit sculpts I made for the 1/60 line - other than have crappy screen caps. So enjoy, Wow, gotta love the way the images compress... Here's a link to them in better resolution; https://cdn.artstation.rocks/p/assets/images/images/000/421/271/large/chris-vera-vf-0c-head-sculpts.jpg?1421837295 https://cdn.artstation.rocks/p/assets/images/images/000/421/272/large/chris-vera-vf-1j-head-sculpts.jpg?1421837329 https://cdn.artstation.rocks/p/assets/images/images/000/421/273/large/chris-vera-vf-4k-head-sculpts.jpg?1421837362 https://cdn.artstation.rocks/p/assets/images/images/000/421/270/large/chris-vera-vf-head-sculpts-exploded.jpg?1421836646
  14. From the album: My Macross Collection

    A "Holy Grail" quest finally achieved! Armor-only set. Thanks to Graham!

    © Ray "AcroRay" Miller

  15. From the album: My Macross Collection

    A "Holy Grail" question finally achieved! GBP-1S set fitted up to a Bandai reissue VF-1J. Seems to fit fine.

    © Ray "AcroRay" Miller

  16. Hello, few pics of my new building, a VF-1A Valkyrie. The box art : Building will be quite simple, only few updates thanks to parts taken from this : No main issues for the building till now : More work to come on the desk : Wings will be set in open mode : Let's have a quick look : It seems that it looks like a Valkyrie uuuh ? the paint will be probably a us navy inspired, with a heavy weathered grey camo. Thanks for reading me.
  17. For all Bandai VF-1 enthusiasts - a speculation thread to post your hopes and dreams! -b. *image taken from http://mazikanon.blog102.fc2.com/blog-entry-352.html
  18. So I'm a fan of the recent Ace Combat's damage model system called "Steel carnage". I had a few Hasegawa models lying around and I thought, "why not blow them up in Photoshop?". So that's what I did. I'm going to do more of these in the future because it's fun making metal bleed! Follow me as I post more of these on my tumblr and Deviantart! http://the-valkyrie-hangar.tumblr.com/ http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/
  19. I don't know how many of you may be following the Star Citizen development, but one of the awesome features of this soon to be outstanding game enterprise is the ability to mod on private servers. The game itself is a spiritual successor to the Wing Commander and Privateer franchises, but it does real physics simulations of space fighters (including complete, modelled, real-time vernier thruster systems!). This would enable a team of modders to recreate variable fighters (which are best detailed) on a per component level, and Macross is one of the few source materials where there is plenty of detail in the designs. I am currently modelling a picket ship of my own design (shameless plug: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/144856/aesir-class-multi-role-deep-space-vessel-chassis-wip), which is a rather ambitious and perhaps foolhardy thing to attempt alone, but the process (and obvious inspiration of Macross) has me nostalgic for the good old HW mod days, and whilst the Macross itself is probably too big to build, and the variable fighters perhaps a little too hard to make variable, I can easily see VF-1's with FAST packs duking it out in multiplayer games. More of the game here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/about-the-game Has anyone considered this already/dreamed about it?
  20. AcroRay

    Valk Bits

    From the album: Personal Macross Kits

    Parts of the Imai 1/72 VF-1A variable kit, getting their clearcoat.
  21. Hi I'm new here and used to be an aircraft scale modeler. (Any ARCers here? ) Here is my customized Yamato 1/60 VF-1J. I resribed tons of new panel lines and rivets according to Hasegawa injection kit level, and also sand off the combining line and ugly screw holes which makes it so toy-like. (Yes it's a toy but I prefer to think it as a perfectly transformable VF model.) I also added some low-viz US NAVY stencil decals and the famous Skull leader logo decal on it. I did order one Yamato 1/60 VF-1 assemble model kit which was announced to be released in October, but after I customize this one I just canceled my preorder of the kit. I found the paints could never stick hard on the kit surface because the plastic is all made by ABS, not the normal injection kit ones. So I gave up to paint it thouroughly but just some place that I can still play with it after painting without chopping off the paints. Hope you like it! Cheers, Yufei Fighter Mode
  22. From the blog maxharddrive.blogspot.com I set out to make a 3D model of the 1/55 Ban Dai Valkyrie. I succeeded. I had a perfect toy size replica that needed to be scaled up to human size. Before I added the cock pit I mocked up a 6' pilot in the seated position (back then he looked like the Minecraft guy) and scaled up the VF model until he looked like he fit. The size I settled on was 63 ft 10 in long. This was years ago, it did not occur to me to look for the official specifications. I did look up the specs for the F-14 and at 62'9" my VF has 13" on it. That made sense to me. Bigger. Badder. Now. Look at a model of the star of the movie "Top Gun" the F-14 Tomcat. That pilot is not tom cruise, this guy is 6 ft tall. You see how it looks like the cockpit works? It looks like a pilot will fit and a RIO too. There is room for the landing gear and everything. Look at the VF model at the specified "official" length of 46 ft 7 in (14.23 meters) compared to the F-14. At first glance I would buy that there is a guy in there and that this thing can transform into a giant robot. But look at the pilot in this scale. It doesn't look like it works. He barely fits. The pilots feet and legs end up in the wheel well. We still need room for a seat (maybe two), instruments, landing gear and robotics. I am all for advanced miniaturized technology but this doesn't work for me. In my tests it just looked ridiculous and unrealistic. Take a look at the VF at F-14 size 62 ft 9 in (19.1 m). It starts to look better. The cone sizes start to match up. The pilots feet aren't on the floor. There is even room for my super awesome cockpit! In my measurements and test many, many years ago I arrived at the length of 63 ft 10 in. Have a look. The cockpit and ejector seat details are in the picture and it looks like it works. Compared to the F-14 in this scale the VF-1 looks more imposing , more bad ass. It looks like it can kill some aliens. Interestingly the wingspans also matched up at this length. Has this been an issue with anyone else making a 3D model? I can't imagine any of the other Valkyrie toys would do much better scaled up to 47 ft. Other specifications need to be reexamined, Weight and Thrust to weight ratio. There will definitely be new measurements when the model transforms to ger-walk and battle-oid mode. Well there you go. I put it out there for discussion. Should I petition congress to make it official? No. They can't get anything done. Internet gets stuff done. Revised measurement; 63 ft 10 in length 63 ft wingspan 24 ft hieght
  23. From the album: happy_spike collection

    My Valkyrie squadron on my desk at work. It will grow!
  24. When pilots get promoted to squad leaders, do they just upgrade (complete overhaul, optional new paint) their VF-1A to -1S models or is it a complete new bird? It just had me thinking because I read in Wikipedia today: The Mihoshi Academy on board the Macross Frontier has a VF-1 Valkyrie fighter atop the roof. It is not just any VF-1, however - it is Ichijyo's first mount as leader of the Vermilion Squad of Skull Squadron. It looked like a VF-1A, but I can't be sure, so did they just take his original VF-1A (the one that was beaten to $hit during his Minmei rescue) and restore it? Because the VF-1S he had at the end of DYRL looked exactly the same except the head. not sure if it was a completely new plane, or just upgraded parts (other than the head, whatever else there is that comes with the S models). Same goes for Max, because his 1S looks pretty much the same as his 1A. In SDF Macross, I guess they all got new planes because Max's 1A was completely destroyed, Kakizaki died, and Hikaru's 1J was pretty beaten up when he took over Roy's 1S....curious, wonder why Max never got a 1S in SDF Macross....
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