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Found 25 results

  1. Looking to buy the following in box, all parts/papers, missiles on sprue, unused sticker sheets and not yellowed. Please PM me if you are interested in selling. Takatoku 1/55 VF-1A (Brown) Takatoku 1/55 GBP armor sticker sheet unused Takatoku or Bandai 1/55 styrofoam packaging “cross bar” Takatoku 1/55 missiles on sprue
  2. I have a question for all you proud Macross parents out there. I have a son who will be turning 3 in a couple of months, and I have a Bandai Re-release Roy that I won't be displaying any time soon. What would be the earliest/most appropriate age to let my son have claim the 1/55 Chunky-Monkey as his own? I'm pretty sure that, if I give it to him now, the boy will be constantly ask ME to transform it, saying, "Robot? Robot?" and then, "Plane? Plane?" (And yes, I know I'll have to correct him: "No, not robot. BATTROID" ). But I'm almost certain that if I give it to him now, that Chunky-Monkey is gonna suffer some significant damage at his hands (missing arm, lost heatshield, broken parts, etc.). Any advice or personal anecdotes you all can share?
  3. It has two pins on the inside. If you have any other 1/55 version of this thing I'm still interested. If it's cracked or scratched but still in one piece I'm still interested. If it's just black without skull squadron emblem I'm still interested. I'm not interested in transparent or non-black ones however. Should look like this. Edit: Oh and yes if you have 3D printer and can make "bootleg" one yourself I'm interested in that too, as long as it looks like the real deal.
  4. I have for sale the following below. Please PM me if interested. Bandai 1/55 VF-1S Super Valkyrie Condition: The box is a bit worn but in good condition. The toy itself is in excellent condition. Barely played with. Nothing missing. Takatoku 1/55 VF-1J Valkyrie Condition: The box is really beatup. The front clear plastic is torn. It is missing the “bullets” for the gun and the sticker sheet. However, the toy itself is in very good condition. The gun and clip is intact. I don’t see any yellowing or discoloration. Price: $200 shipped for both. (SOLD!) Price includes shipping to anywhere in the 48 US states. Buyers in Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada, please ask for shipping cost. Sorry, I will not ship outside of US or Canada. I will entertain trades for new/unbuilt Gundam models of equivalent value.
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm selling off my "entire" Macross/Mospeada collection. I am looking for local buyers in the Orange County or Los Angeles Area of California. My collection is from a clean, smoke free home and were kept in storage boxes. Please PM me or email directly at soupaphone@yahoo.com Questions and comments are welcome. Thanks folks! Cheers, Felix MACROSS/MOSPEADA/ROBOTECH Collection NAME COMPANY MISB/MIB/LOOSE Price VF-1J 1/55 Rick’s 1st Valkyrie Takatoku MIB Complete SOLD VF-1J 1/55 Red Valkyrie Takatoku MIB Complete SOLD VF-1A 1/55 Brown Valkyrie Takatoku MIB Complete SOLD VF-1S 1/55 Super Valkyrie Takatoku MIB Complete SOLD VF-1S w/ GBP Armor Giftset#1 Takatokou MIB Complete SOLD VF-1S GBP-1S Armor Giftset#2 Takatoku MIB Complete SOLD VF-1S 1/55 Strike Valkyrie Set Bandai MIB Complete SOLD VT-1 1/55 Super Ostrich Set Bandai MIB Complete SOLD VE-1 1/55 Elintseeker Set Bandai MIB Complete SOLD Blue Alpha (Legioss) Gakken MIB Complete SOLD Green Alpha (Legioss) Gakken MIB Complete SOLD Red Alpha (Legioss) Gakken MIB Complete SOLD Cyclone #1 Large Gakken MIB Complete SOLD Cyclone #2 Large Gakken MIB Comlete SOLD Large SDF-1 Robotech Matchbox MIB Complete SOLD VF-1S Super Valkyrie Set Bandai MIB Complete SOLD VF-1S Super Valk Set 2000's Bandai MISB $140 $Blue Alpha & Beta Ver. ETA CM’s MISB SOLD Red Alpha & Beta Ver. ZETA CM’s MISB SOLD Green Alpha & Beta Ver. LOTA CM’s MISB SOLD Black Stealth Alpha (Head Vers.) CM's MISB SOLD Masterpiece 'SCOTT' Cyclone TOYNAMI MISB $600 Masterpiece 'RAND' Cyclone TOYNAMI MISB $400 MP 'SCOTT & RAND' Cyclone TOYNAMI MISB $900
  6. From the album: My Macross Collection

    A "Holy Grail" quest finally achieved! Armor-only set. Thanks to Graham!

    © Ray "AcroRay" Miller

  7. From the album: My Macross Collection

    A "Holy Grail" question finally achieved! GBP-1S set fitted up to a Bandai reissue VF-1J. Seems to fit fine.

    © Ray "AcroRay" Miller

  8. AcroRay

    Takatoku VF-1S

    From the album: My Macross Collection

    Something of a 'holy grail' piece for me. Worn box and a bit aged, missing the missiles. But used decals perfect for scanning, clean body in excellent shape, and all paperwork. Just a little work needed.

    © Ray "AcroRay" Miller

  9. Could someone please kindly provide me with a good scan of the decal sheets from Takatoku's 1/55 Max VF-1J? I recently picked up one I'm restoring, and it only has the 'factory applied' decals. I'm trying to determine what I need to replicate myself, and what I can repurpose from other Yamato & Bandai decal sheets I have around. Thanks!
  10. Super newbie to this forum. Wondering if anyone has any spare 1/55 Elintseeker parts. My Elintseeker is bare, I only have the robot itsself. Thank you.
  11. So, how does this look as a possibility? Anyone interested in a custom head based on this, cast in resin? This is just a very basic dryfit on a Bandai reissue DYRL 1/55 VF-1A. The head actually comes from this plastic SD-series kit: Thoughts, anyone? While it's SD, I think it has the style of interpretation seen in the other superchunk 1/55 heads. It would look right at home on those big square shoulders...
  12. AcroRay


    From the album: Custom DYRL 1A 1/55 Head Project

    Source kit for my custom DYRL style 1/55 VF-1A head project.

    © Ray "AcroRay" Miller

  13. AcroRay

    SD Valk Head Dryfit 1

    From the album: Custom DYRL 1A 1/55 Head Project

    A closer shot of the dryfit of Bandai SD Super Max VF-1A SD kit's head to reissue Hikaru Bandai 1/55 DYRL VF-1A (which I obtained minus its original head, fitted with an old Jetfire head instead), to check scale & style. Looks in-scale, and the big SD-style eye doesn't look out of place on the big, blocky 1/55 body design.

    © Ray "AcroRay" Miller

  14. AcroRay

    SD Valk Head Dryfit 2

    From the album: Custom DYRL 1A 1/55 Head Project

    Dryfit of Bandai SD Super Max VF-1A SD kit's head to reissue Hikaru Bandai 1/55 DYRL VF-1A (which I obtained minus its original head, fitted with an old Jetfire head instead), to check scale & style. Looks in-scale, and the big SD-style eye doesn't look out of place on the big, blocky 1/55 body design.

    © Ray "AcroRay" Miller

  15. Has anyone here used Monster Kolor spray paints on Takatoku/Bandai Macross toys? I've got a Takatou 1/3000 SDF Macross that's got badly-yellowed white parts, and blue parts that are going a bit aqua. I'm strongly considering just taking it apart and repainting it at this point. (I have a set of repro decals for it, so that issue is covered.) Of course there's always issues with paint wear on moving parts, engineering tolerance issues when paint is introduced on non-painted mechanisms, etc, etc. - I do have those concerns clearly in mind. My questions involve how well MK spray white (or blue) works - how thick it tends to be, how opaque at light coats, etc? So, does anyone have any direct experience using MK paints on the classic Macross transforming toys, or other similar transforming toys made from rigid ABS vs today's more pliant plastics?
  16. Hi, I'm looking to build a vintage and reissue Macross 1/55 Takatoku/BandaiValkyrie collection over the coming year and will constantly be on the lookout for the items shown below. For vintage, as much as I'd love MIB unused, I'd be happy with just very near complete boxed and not yellowed where possible, in the case of items like the Super Ostrich and Elint Seeker, I'd even be happy with loose near complete depending on price. There's a reason I haven't bitten on auctions that start at $700 and more thus far, it's out of my budget range For reissues I am happy with opened as long as they are still in excellent condition with no discolouration and unused stickersheets, and priced sensibly. I've managed to pick up: DYRL VF-1S Strike set unused, vintage VF-1S, VF-1A CF and 1J Takatoku Battroids Starforce Matsushiro UK VF-1J Reissue VF-1A, VF-1S, VF-1J , VF-1J Miriya, VF-1S Super, VF-1A 2008 Hikaru Super and a VF-1A 2008 Max Super. Transformers Matsushiro Jetfire WANTS LIST: - VF-1J Miriya Takatoku - VF-1J Max Takatoku - VF-1S Super Valkyrie Takatoku - VF-1S Armoured Valkyrie giftset Takatoku - GBP-1S Armoured Valkyrie set Takatoku - VF-1A Hikaru Bandai - VT-1 Super Ostrich Bandai - VE-1 Elint Seeker Bandai - VF-1S Super Valkyrie 1990s European boxed version - VF-1J Hikaru reissue (2008 "Origin") - VF-1J Max reissue - VF-1A reissue cannon fodder - Joon's red/blue/green/brown/Skyfire-like KOs - Hergoss VF-1S KO I am in the UK so I will no doubt always have to temper offers with considerations of shipping and can only offer payment as Paypal, but will consider Paypal gifts if you can provide evidence of exceptional reputation, and I'm willing to do the same. If you are a Transformers or Diaclone collector, I'm not completely averse to the trading route and you may already have seen some of my articles on TF-1.com or TFsource.com/blog/. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, I look forward to hearing from you! All the best Maz
  17. AcroRay

    Xbot Valkyrie

    From the album: My Macross Collection

    Happy Well has recently repackaged their "Galaxy Defender" knockoff-retool of ther 1/55 VF-1S, into their "XBOTS" line.

    © Ray "AcroRay" Miller

  18. Okay MW'er, this one is a reach but... I am looking for Bandai or Takatoku 1/55 GBP-1 Armor for my CMs. I've seen them on evil-bay for ridiculous prices, hell I could get a VF-4Gs for that price. Anyway, if anyone has an any GBP armor or VF-1 w/GBP combo let me know. Lack of packaging, shelf wear or yellowing not an issue. Thanks again.
  19. Hello MW'ers, I am looking for any loose Macross/Robotech Valkyries/Veritechs and their accessories. I want toys, armor and miscellaneous parts. Scale and series don't matter. Also I'm interested in broken parts and Valks. So who's ready to sell me their old and extra stuff?? Thank you all and Happy New Year. raya
  20. hmm... new to this forum. Looking for a junker Takatoku 1:55 Vf-1j to fix the one that I have.. more specifically, I'm looking for a right arm for the valk. Anyone got something like this in a bin somewhere? It's the light grey one btw. thx!
  21. New or used is fIne with me. Let's talk why not?
  22. Hi, I have an original Hi-Metal VF-1A Hikaru Type from Japan. It is in good condition, used when originally purchased in 1984 and left in storage for a few years. I am unfamiliar with pricing for this type of market, so I am only going by what MW's toy section's suggested max price: $500 OBO. Condition Notes: All parts work, nothing broken. Slight, age-related discoloration of white plastic body panels. Slight wear in locations with moving parts (top surface of wings). Missing tiny paint flakes from metal corner of leg. Missing 2 out of 5 rounds for spring loaded gun. Some locations where pieces "snap" into a configuration are "worn in," so are somewhat loose.
  23. Hey guys, first post. I have a few things that I'd like to find and this seems to be the place to find out. I'm looking for a (like the title says) 1/55 Takatoku GBP-1S armor set. Came packaged some times with VF-1S. I'd love to find a loose set, stickers can be messed up or gone, can be yellow (would prefer not), have paint rub (no plastic loss preferred). Has to be complete, no resin parts, some repair or need of minor repair might be dealable. Would buy a nicer than described one if the price is right. A full resin set might be okay if the price is right. I'm big fan of the strange Takatoku/Hasbro/Matsushiro/Bandai blurred-line trans robots like Roadbuster/Mugen Calibur, Wirl/Ovelon Gazzette, and Jetfire/Valkyrie. One of my prized pieces is a Matsushiro Macross Jetfire. When I first got it I wanted to snag a GBP to slightly customize (mostly stickers, though I'm a decent customizer so I can paint/fix if necessary) to make a Macross/Transformers upgrade. These years later seem as good a time as any to see if anyone can hook me up. I have a price in mind, let's see if we both have the same number. Also I have a few extra Jetfires that have been slated for customs so I'd be interested in any of the following in 1/55 vintage or reissue: loose armor parts, weapons, blast shields, broken figs, (resin) heads, resin upgrades. I can always give 1/55 Valk bits a good home. Dependant on how much is being looked for I should be able to come up with money within the next few weeks (this is a side project and I am heavily under-employed). I also have a bunch of toys for trade. Transformers, Modern Joes and Star Wars, Vintage Star Wars, some battery/wind up stuff. I do customs, Glyos figures in particular right now. You can see some here: http://irregularbagel.com. Anyone out there that can help me? Thanks for your time!
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