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  1. Same feeling with you. Cannot understand why the owners of this kit do not share some pics to publics. I searched many hours on Internet but found nothing about the contenct pics except the official ones. So I feel quite rediculous and just bought mine to see how it looks at the end. I have started the kit for a while and the fitting is nice. Snap fit without screws indeed but you still need super glues to strengthen some places. Even to a normal scale modeleler, this thing is just a piece of cake to finish. And now I know why there's no finished toys of this Regult. The cost to produce and make up this model is too high. The kit price is JPY38,000 and I believe the finished good would be at least JPY60,000. Cheers, Yufei
  2. I searched many times for the pictures of this "kit" but never find one. So I just bought myself one and hope to give you guys some ideas how it looks.
  3. Thanks guys! I used a clear lense produed by M.V. Products. They are great for replacing aircraft or train model lights. Very realistic. HTH! Yufei
  4. Thanks for your comments, folks! Here I post some detail shots for your reference. </div> <div></div> <div></div> <div></div> <div></div> <div>
  5. Thanks mates! I used Tamiya AB putty to fill the holes and then sanding. Actually I sprayed cool white over the sanded surface. HTH! Cheers, Yufei
  6. Thank you guys! You're great! Your nice comments could be my next project's great power. By the way, it's the Yamato 1/60 Regult. Now on its way from Japan to Shanghai. The stencils are from a 1/72 Academy F/A-18C Canadian/Spain scheme spare decal. The skull things are from a Chinese modeler home made decal. The skull mark is bit too big for the tail fins so I cut the cross bone to match it(I guess the original size was designed for 1/48 scale). Thanks! I personally love the skull mark and it has become a symbol of Valkyrie to me, but I prefer the head of J type so I just combined them together. Yes I wish Yamato could add more details on the surface! But well, you see, to most toy buyers, the original 1/60 details are fine enough I guess except some core rivet lovers like me. No, I just used some putty to fill the holes and sand the wing hard joints flat. Then rescribe some round panel on the point places where you can find them also on a real figher. So I just gave up the wing missiles. You have to choice sometime and that's mine. ) Cheers, Yufei
  7. Thanks dude! I used Hasegawa rivet scriber(here: http://www.hlj.com/product/HSGTL11) to make rivet holes and a 0.3mm hand dirller to make rivets more obvious. And the rescirber I used is made by Mr. Hobby, GT-65 Line Chisel(here: http://www.hlj.com/product/GNZGT65), but the blade is 0.15mm ones. HTH! Cheers, Yufei
  8. Thank you for your quick feedbacks, guys! So deeply encouraged. Sorry, my fault! A new bee here and do not know the rules so much. I'll learn more later. Thanks a lot buddie! Which version do you like at first then? Cheers, Yufei
  9. Gerwalk Mode Battroid Mode Size comparison. And some more detail shots later on. To be continued... Thanks for watching! Yufei
  10. Hi I'm new here and used to be an aircraft scale modeler. (Any ARCers here? ) Here is my customized Yamato 1/60 VF-1J. I resribed tons of new panel lines and rivets according to Hasegawa injection kit level, and also sand off the combining line and ugly screw holes which makes it so toy-like. (Yes it's a toy but I prefer to think it as a perfectly transformable VF model.) I also added some low-viz US NAVY stencil decals and the famous Skull leader logo decal on it. I did order one Yamato 1/60 VF-1 assemble model kit which was announced to be released in October, but after I customize this one I just canceled my preorder of the kit. I found the paints could never stick hard on the kit surface because the plastic is all made by ABS, not the normal injection kit ones. So I gave up to paint it thouroughly but just some place that I can still play with it after painting without chopping off the paints. Hope you like it! Cheers, Yufei Fighter Mode
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