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  1. http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?gcode=TOY-RBT-2281&page=top%2Fsearch%2Flist%3Fs_keywords%3Dmacross%24pagemax%3D100%24getcnt%3D0%24pagecnt%3D1 http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?gcode=FIG-IPN-3301&page=top http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN973673 http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN975641 SOLD OUT IN 2MINUTE.... seriously??? this is conspiracy dr bandai...i knew it...
  2. just got a new ferrari today , i have to admit..it, the batroid mode is so .... .....decalture!! THE GOOD : -AMAZING new tech and mechanic...TIGHT JOINTS, with nice gimmiks + bonus variation on the face,shield,and leg armor -LOTS OF DIECASTAND MUCH HEAVIER ALL THE BACK ARMOR TO THE BOTTOM IS ALL IN DIECAST -IT's RED AND SHINY JUST LIKE A FERARI... -This toy makes me want to duet with basara... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5gb0DepkPc it can do alot of extreme pose, which older yamato 2006 ver cannot THE BAD : hmmm....the anime not really that GREAT...but atleast the song is GREAT AFTER WORD: LOVE IT so much..., i never love the design really, but after u play around with it and transform it into batroid... I have to say the is the best batroid in all of yamato released so far! + the gloss paint makes it more hotter than ever It is confirmed that VF-19 Fire Valkyrie and VF-19S Blazer Valkyrie are the BEST Effort and design SO FAR....FROM YAMATO, this is how a toys should be, IT FEELS LIKE YAMATO 1/24 patlabor but much smaller and can transform.,,
  3. I already bought vf-11c,and 2 vf1/100 sayonaraa no tsubasa kit... Total 14.000 thx to hlj discount Next target : vf-22s miria and max. And vf-19kai next year
  4. In early 1990s' i watched the original macross, using laser disc I was around 6years old i guess.. I dont really inderstand the story...but i loved the opening song, and the robot ... The enemy is also uniqe...a giant...(kids love that kind of stuff) After that, when i was 12-13 years old I played the game macross + ....for the 1st time i was in loved with macross in terms of musics...! Visual, robot design, and gameplay Yoko kanno really had me back then,,, And then i watched macross frontier... And because of yoko kanno again...and sheryl nome i become a loyal SLAVE of this franchise
  5. i heard that the designer of SDF - 1 is not kawamori... but http://en.wikipedia....zutaka_Miyatake that explain everthing... MACROSS is not by kawamori alone...that is for sure...!
  6. anyone know why in bluray ver sheryl and ranka did not wearing any wedding dress...while in the cinema they wear it?
  7. as a yf durandal owner who buy the figure above average price......i hope u right... but as a macross fan..i hope u are wrong... i really want a lot of macross fan to get the best products from macross series... DURANDAL is trully a MASTERPIECE esspeciallly if u already watch the movie... i almost JIZZ IN my pants.. when i see the durandal action near the ending.....so beautiful..and POWERFULL... a valkyrie soaring so fast yet gentle ... i am sure bandai will reissue it...because the movie is getting more popular...since the bluray came out... everyone keep screaming... "BARUKURIA!" PS : i hope yamato will also intrested to make frontier line...starting with DURANDAL...
  8. i got..270USD for durandal..(not include booster and posters) i think i am lucky...since the price is already like this...now.. : http://page16.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/u38401417 36.000 ++++++
  9. it is dangerous to lurking around the animesuki thread... many spoiler everywhere... and i am the victim here...some guy screaming about the ending without spoiler tag.... crazy... now i already know the ending and feel tottaly SAD....i cant even sleep last night... if u already know the ending... u will feel sad and a bit happy ... or maybe anger.. ...... it will make u want to see it...more than u can imagine.... and to wait a year feels like hell to me...
  10. not much of critics i say....but there's one that keep bugging me... why it must end in ep 25...it should be 28 no wonder in the final ep everything is rushed... maybe because the director want it to end at 25...because of the 25th anniversarry..
  11. yup! ethereal... but ...NO HELL NO SHE WONT DIE!! i belive there is a cure...and the answer is ...in sheryl herself... i think grace theory is WRONG....and she will prove it, cuz..she said : watashiwa! sheryl nome!! hehe
  12. -The Saotome house probably knows something we all don't yet. I'm sure old-man Saotome is some super secret researcher or something/someone who knows something. -The Saotome house probably knows something we all don't yet. I'm sure old-man Saotome is some super secret researcher or something/someone who knows something. -The Saotome house probably knows something we all don't yet. I'm sure old-man Saotome is some super secret researcher or something/someone who knows something. -The Saotome house probably knows something we all don't yet. I'm sure old-man Saotome is some super secret researcher or something/someone who knows something. and he will CURE her? pray 4 that!!!! =p
  13. if u look at these 3 pic's..who will die at the FINAL ep (ep 28)? oh god...please save Sheryl...! ranka is not going to die... i just know it..cuz it's not ....her place...to die....! but sheryl is more likely...cuz... IMHO.. this pic's explain about a ghost in the mirror (sheryl) dead of course...(look at the sinking sheryl...her body is pale..like a dead person but the red thread is still binding her to connect her to ALTO...so only through a song (an earring which can shine like that is not a normal one...it can express a feeling of a song.. and through ranka..as a medium of her will... (i think ranka will use her earring after sheryl died...to fullfil her FINAL wish as an idol..so SAD T T...) and in the end even though sheryl is dead....she is still a legend like LYNMINMAY...cuz her song is heard...through ranka who used her earing.. bla bla bla.. BUT i DARE to gamble! both of them is going to be alright...cuz that's what macross all about..! C'mon...there still 10 episode to go anything could happen... that's enough to make a BIG BIG chance in this story line...as for now...
  14. i hope sheryl is not dead like....truly dead.. maybe when grace said "sheryl is dead" it means...is not being able to sing...is the same as death.. for sheryl...so she said that to her... to make things worst.... she said about...a situation where she was treated in a hospital...and it doesnt cure her...she said that to make sheryl....down and scared... i think the V virus can kill only a normal human...not someone with nome blood... i hope! but... i think sheryl is going to die.. i hate that bitch! DIE u grace! =p
  15. 1-8th... dead? or maybe alive somewhere...? i hope one survived from that bitch! who make my sheryl look dumb...XD and make a revenge!!! HAH! kill that monster please!!! somebody!...
  16. for u macross lover's!!!
  17. Besides Kawamori stated he want to leave Megaroad arc as it is.? too bad...
  18. mmm amazing.... i never thought that macross zero has some connection in macross F at first it's kinda wierd when sheryll, and mao and sara has a same family name...(Nome) i thought it just some joke...and doesnt have anything to do with macros F..
  19. sheryll single is hot! love the cover... ranka single? do u have the cover?
  20. what is this anyway?? some kind of pararell world?
  21. i think sheryll is going to die... and ranka replace her ...
  22. Vajra is a perverted bwahahahah..
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