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  1. By far the largest portion of Yamatos booth was Votoms
  2. Sorry for the delay guys. My camera is dying and I lost a bunch of pics. I tried to clean up what survived as best I could. Here is a group shot of the Macrossworlders who attended this Wonderfest. From left to right; Min, Seichi, Noel, Me It was allot of fun to meet everyone. It was a shame Min had to leave so early, had to give him the quick run of the macross dealers then he had to go. Hopefully will have more time next wonderfest. And I hope more of you guys make the trip, it is quite the experience.
  3. Not sure as I asked two of my friend who have been to the WF to source me anything godd and Macross related. One of them have already e-mailed me and said he bought the YF-19 Fast Packs. I mentioned UN Balance booth at section A06 or A08, so I assume they were the only one at WF Andy PS I will get pics up the moment I get my hands on them Is there any chance they might have mistaken a fold booster for a fast pack? those were on sale at the UN balance booth again. Or do they have sufficient negotiating skills to get the actual fast packs without a licence?
  4. You lucky bastard Huh? Who got ahold of them for you? As far as I know neither me, Noel, Min, or Seichi got any. Are you refering to the UN Balance YF-19 fast packs for the hasegawa kit? Did you buy his display sample or the unlicenced production run?
  5. This is very true. The biggest single class of toy I saw at WF was gashapon. Over half of Yamatos display was small trading figures or gashapon sized toys. This is most certainly a major trend that will continue as long as the economy demands low priced small toys.
  6. I have pics of them. But alot of my pics came out very dark, so I am in the process of cleaning them up. please be patient and I will get them up as soon as I can.
  7. Ok, now I`m awake, wide eyed and bushy tailed. In the process of downloading pics from my camera. In the mean time I thought I`d add some of my thoughts. The Mospeda 1/72 Inbit Eagar and 1/18 Bartly Ride armor resin kits were going to be done by Hero Robot Generation. They did other ride armor in the past. I think its a bit premature to call the death of Macross toys from Yamato. The indications are that they are slowing down, but not completely stopping. Just like with the 1/48 Roy that they re-re-released it is possible for them to change their current stance. The big problem I see is that the recent Macross releases have not been selling. If a toy line is not selling well they have little reason to agressively put new product out. Another even bigger factor is Big West. It seems many had trouble getting licences approved. This is probably one of the factors that Yamato has to take into consideration when making new toys. Toys from Macross require more resculpts than usual since Kawamori is so particular now. That makes development costs much higher, and eats up potential profit.
  8. I just wanted to chime in, just got back from wonderfest and it was alot of insane hectic fun. The no-show of a bunch of expected Macross stuff sucked though. Will post pics later but for now I sleep.
  9. Bariaburu Faita


    Haha... something tells me its only one per person. The ticket is your program guide, which costs 2000yen. But its something you only have 1 of.
  10. Thats the only Macross item you found? There are at LEAST 16 items up this time around. Try page 226.
  11. Ok, I got ahold of Noel and Seichi by cellphone. No answer from Min. Please contact any of us to find out the meeting spot.
  12. Bariaburu Faita


    This looks like a job for the new Yellow Sub Kansetsu-Waza ball joints
  13. Of course, posting that a MW member is going to visit their booth might not be such a good idea
  14. First off, lets get a list of all people who plan on being there. We need to have a photo op. Then post that here.
  15. Yep, I`m going to go to this upcoming Wonderfest. Will take pictures but no promises on news of future toy releases by Yamato.
  16. Planetes is a recent very high quality hard SCIFI show. Just the right ammount of humor without being silly. Very realistic and plausible near future tech. Very interesting characters and interactions. and best of all, SPACE NINJAS!
  17. I thought that was the IHP guy... Hmm... maybe I was misinformed. Yeah, wasnt it put out in one of the older threads that the YF-19FP resculpt was completed long ago by IHP/LS, but was rejected by Kawamori?
  18. She didn't just win, She completely obliterated all opposition. Her Mom would be proud.
  19. Excellent! Very happy to see others with the bug.
  20. I also voted for Komillia. There are just too many Minmay kits out there already, dont need another one. The others have also been done to death, except Pirotesa. But I don`t like the Loddos War as much.
  21. does it have the side story extras at the end of every episode? Like the Nadia photo collection discovery and here naming of Jeans "Mr. Elephant"? those were hilarious.
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