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  1. With how Makina seems to take the initative on tech stuff, it's almost as if she's equal to the crew chief or something. I'll bet she's actually in charge of all the holo stuff.
  2. Those plates are holographic though. They're not on their actual uniforms. On a related note, would it be safe to assume that those uniforms are basically updated versions of the holographic suit Sheryl wore, except they no longer need to be bodysuits?
  3. This episode makes me wonder more about MakiMaki's background. I used to think that playing around with the Valks was a hobby. But I wonder if she wasn't actually a mechanic or a tech before it was found out that she could sing with fold waves.
  4. Depends on what kind of "jamming" the Aerial Knights used. If it's actually some sort of software hack, then that's something that's easy to protect against with a simple software update. As for performance, who knows? It all depends on how those drones are powered and controlled.
  5. Seing as MakiMaki and ReiRei are doing work on top of the plane, maybe it's the one they pulled out to do work on.
  6. It's pretty obvious that it's not meant to prevent craft from coming and going. I mean, if it did, then we wouldn't have a show in the first place as Freyja wouldn't have been able to leave. It's probably more like a localized fold fault around the planet in that it prevents spacecraft from folding in close to the planet, so that doing a Max and just folding in low to the ground and dropping reaction weaponry is likely impossible, but normal travel isn't.
  7. As I've stated, they've just been trying to make the ears more prominent since Frontier, most likely because people barely ever noticed it in Plus, 7 and DYRL.
  8. We don't know whether the "apples as the only export" this is before or after the war of independence though. Especially since we know that they did close off their borders after the war.
  9. That's too many extra details that would need to be explained though. Occam's Razor would lead us to the simplest explanation, that it is likely Macross 1.
  10. I wonder if it's because contact was made with Winderemere when they already had a well established, medieval or even renaissance level civilization, whereas contact with Ragna (and Zola) was made when their civilizations were less established. Milia had pointy ears in DYRL as well. As I stated earlier, Zentraedi have had pointy ears since then. Look closely at Guld and Mylene and you'll notice that they have them too.
  11. I figure Messer is having trouble adapting to an environment that's not as strict as what he's used to back in the military. He probably has too much respect for Arad (even though he's part of the reason, since he seems to be pretty relaxed in terms of running his team) to take it out on him so he's projecting it on Hayate instead.
  12. They're technically civilian contractors so they're likely not subject to the same regulations as formal military. And Hayate himself had yet to sign the new contract. Most likely, for something like that (outside of the new contract) he's most likely to get a mark on his file while having the fuel docked from his pay.
  13. We previously saw the A/C system on Isamu's YF-19 in Macross Plus, so it's safe to assume that these are standard in all valks. I mean, not everyone flies with flight suits. Basara was in nothing but a tank top and jeans in some episodes of Macross 7.
  14. Actually, he increased the fan power while lowering the temperature. Probably to simulate feeling the wind in their faces, similar to what Sharon did to Isamu's YF-19 in Plus.
  15. Hard to say whether that's correct, or simply an error from recycling the interfaces from Frontier. That said, the interface is scaled much better now. Even in the Frontier movies, they were scaled wrong and bits of it (including the weapons loadout) were cut off by the art. That said, it seems that part of it has gone holographic. EDIT: Comparison shots from Frontier (movie 1) and Delta (episode 4). Aside from the thrust/output gauges for the engines now being holographic, you can clearly see how they were scaled wrong in Frontier, with bits of the interface cut off. Also, I'm guessing the two gauges being holographic now has to do with how they'd be cut off if they weren't. With these changes, it seems to be less of a quick recycling job and more or less trying to fix these small issues from Frontier. That said, we still can't tell if the loadout stuff is indicative of anything.
  16. What I'm wondering about is why nobody just pointed out that Hayate was wearing a fold quartz pendant. I mean, the moment he said that he heard the Var song, someone should have just pointed that out to him. Maybe she really is Dr. Chiba's brain in a new, female idol body.
  17. Heck, the 31 might not even have flight controls in the back like the 25 did.
  18. Probably safe to assume that the backseater position in the 31s are mostly devoid of any equipment save for a monitor. From what we've seen, anything in the back is mostly done through holographic interfaces (e.g. Reina in episode 1).
  19. As per SK, both Frontier TV series and movies have the same level of canonicity. Actually, IIRC, everything Frontier related has the same level of canonicity now, which, while frustrating for some fans, allows them to pull from wherever they ant to without issue.
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