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  1. Wind song seems to only be the initial trigger, afterwards victims react to aggressive tendencies.
  2. That's more just the artists having a bit of fun IMO. With the way the shots are spread out, it seems more like they aren't really that precise - more like a bunch of vultures or wolves fighting over a piece of prey, then a single, malicious entity.
  3. This is Macross, when the day comes that stuff other than a knife pops out of a cyborgs hands, it'll be a microphone, or better yet, a guitar.
  4. The helmet on the Voldoran pilot reminds me of Marika's from the Mouretsu Pirates movie.
  5. This. One thing that becomes problematic with Gundam is that, with so many series, many of them are just re-tellings of the same story beats stuffed into pretty new mecha, as the creative teams scramble to come up with new series on a cookie cutter basis. It's interesting how Macross has been able to remain in the hands of a single creator and maintain single timeline, while feeling fresh almost everytime a new one rolls out, while Gundam has multiple timelines and creators now, yet everything feels rehashed.
  6. Wanting Macross to not follow current anime trends is wanting Macross not to be Macross. What some people may not understand, likely due to the fact that the internet didn't exist back then limiting most people in the west's exposure to actual Japanese pop culture, is that the original SDFM is pretty much a product of the Japanese pop culture trends and tropes of the time. In fact, this is why it works, because it plays with, deconstructs, and yet in the end celebrates those tropes. This follows on with all the later Macross TV series from 7 all the way to Delta. SK, Studio Nue, et. al. aren't just content with rehashing the same tired tropes from the original because they know all too well that the tropes and memes of each generation of anime and j-pop music are aren't always the same as the last. All they've kept are the basic ingredients of music and space battles, but each new installment takes from things from the zeitgeist of the time. This allows each installment to feel fresh and develop it's own identity instead of being tied to that of the original (something that other franchises have more difficulty doing).
  7. I think it's safe to assume that they do have some sort of carrier supporting them. As for why it's not seen, either the Draken III's are capable of short range folds (and they just fold to the carrier), or the carrier itself has some cloaking tech. It makes sense when you consider that, up until now (before episode 6), they've been participating in irregular warfare.
  8. It's highly likely that the Aerial Knights have their own carrier. I mean, we actually see their fleet over Vordor.
  9. But what I mean is, is it just for the show (ala DoCo for Ranma, yes, showing my age here) or will it go beyond that?
  10. Could be the reason why she left. Also, the Aether techs have no problem hyping her up in her fight against Hayate.
  11. That could simply be another character establishing moment rather than some indication that she has magic powers (aside from a high fold receptor count). It could simply be that she trusted Delta to catch all the missiles.
  12. The Gallia/Gaul 4 incident proves that all cultured Zentraedi are raging idol otaku. With the exception of that jerk Temujin, but then again, knowing his "predecessor", what he probably wanted was some Meltrans to make "culture" with (Temujin for martyr fighting for desegregation in the Marine fleets). As for songs energy, fold wave theory, etc. At the end of the day, it becomes harder and harder to simply keep using the whole "beauty of culture" and "culture shock" trope. The furthest you can push this is what they did in Frontier where there was a communication barrier with the Vajra due to their alien nature (the hierarchy of alienness from the Enders books).
  13. What bugs me about the YF-30 is that, as a pure technology demonstrator, it technically should have an X designation. But then again, weirder things have happened with the IRL tri-service designation scheme.
  14. The 30 to 31 seems more like the way the 21 became the 22 (or the real life YF-17 became the F/A-18), except without the whole, being passed over for selection part (30 was a pure, tech demonstrator).
  15. The difference with Mikumo is that the force fields she uses are obviously from the micro drones and not from Anima Spiritia.
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