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  1. Delta focusing on an idol group is just Macross being Macross by focusing on the popular J-pop trends of the day. Just like how bands and visual kei was on the rise in the 90s (when we got 7), idol groups are the big thing nowadays, with groups like Morning Musume, AKB47, Momoiro Clover Z, etc. being at the zenith of their popularity. Instead of the solo career routes of Minmay, Sheryl, and Ranka (and Mari Iijima, May'n and Megumi Nakajima) most aspiring singers in Japan now go through the whole idol group route (I'm pretty sure Walkure's VAs will be packaged as an idol group IRL as well).
  2. On an unrelated note, I've always wanted a Macross shiw based on police forces using Valks. A sort of Macross version of Patlabor if you will.
  3. Did someone say Karaoke? ORE NO UTA WO KIKE! yozora wo kakeru RABU HA-TO moeru omoi wo nosete kanashimi to nikushimi wo uchiotoshite yuke
  4. Some of the stuff from the Knights (and Roid) sounds almost like space Nazi talk. Not surprising since they've basically been portrayed as Macross's Zeon. I want to see KumoKumo try to go against Basara (BasaBasa? NekkiNekki?) in a sing off to see who can get Gepelnitch to sing along with them.Dammit, now I have Gepelnitch singing "Kiss kiss, feel love" in my head.
  5. Technically, SDFM was planned to be 4 cour, but was then cut down to 2 cour, before fan demand and Tatsunoko stepped in for those extra episodes. 4 cour or longer was the norm back in the day, even up to the mind 90s which is how M7 got its long run, but that's no longer the case these days and most shows now go for only 1 full cour. The fact along that Gundam shows get broken up into 2 parts tells alot.
  6. I don't think they've even tried to make the sympathetic. They're still in the "cool, pretty, bad-boy" phase.
  7. You clearly see the speaker pods transforming in that same episode. I wonder about this myself. Actually, I wonder about the actual purpose of giving each member of Delta a different 31 variant. Arad somewhat makes sense since commander variants are a standard thing in Macross, however you'd think the rest of the team would get the same variant (except maybe Chuck).
  8. At the very least, they should have left Hayate ad Freyja behind, or had a subplot where they were supposed to stay behind but ended up coming anyway. I think it's implied that the others, especially Mikumo, have some sort of undercover training.
  9. Well the Elysion itself is supposed to be larger than the Quarter class, so that could point to the Aether being larger than the quarter carrier.
  10. So it looks like Winderemere apples + protoculture spring water = Var syndrome.
  11. GG still getting Hayate's rank wrong. Juni should be Warrant Officer, no Sergeant.
  12. Jellyfish crackers = unresolved sexual tension and secondary love triangle. live jellyfish = yuri goodness.
  13. I say "fold" because that seems to be the most descriptive way to describe the motion with the crotch rotating up to meet the center torso. EDIT: Colored in the parts of the Elysion so it would be easier to see how it seems to transform.
  14. They're literally addressing him as the White Knight - "Shiro Kishi-sama". The problem is that it translates weirdly into "sir white knight" if you try to translate the "-sama" honorific. Of course, you could try "Lord White Knight" but "lord" itself is a different word.
  15. Back to the subject of loadouts, at 15:43, we can see Bogue's beam gun get shot out of his hand by a shot from Hayate. Looking at it closely, it seems that Hayate shot him with his 31's own beam gunpod. This is supported by the fact that the shot has the same sound as the beam gunshot from Mirage later in the same episode. Perhaps they should have referred to him as Kapitan (and Redshirt-kun as Leytenant) instead since they already used the Russian "da" in the show.
  16. I used to think that Mikumo just kept saying those things to Freyja so she'd be on edge and end up tripping some more because she secretly has a thing for Dojikko girls and thinks that it would be a wonderful addition to the group. EDIT: I think Hayate's already moving past the "needs to hear Freyja sing to fly" phase.
  17. If you look closely, you can see that there's more effort here to make the cruiser mode seem like a coherent ship. For one, the top of the arm carriers form a flat deck with the sides of the leg. I figure that that was done so that the Quarter could quickly and smoothly transition between cruiser and attack modes on the fly.
  18. True, but gg does get the ranks wrong. They're still labeling Hayate as a Sergeant (Gunso) when he should be a Warrant Officer (Juni).
  19. What's up with the rank designations that the Aerial Knights are using? When Hermann was talking to the redshirt, he referred to him as as "Shoki" instead of Shoi and, then Redshirt-kun refers to Hermann as "Taiki" instead of Taii.
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