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  1. Everything I know about Latin I learned from "Asterix" books. Requiesce in pace, Uderzo.
  2. Well, one is a pretty sleek-looking, futuristic craft and the other is clearly advanced but a bit more conventional looking... wait, where have I heard that one before?
  3. Thanks for the explanation! I wonder if this one is about to make a cannon firing pass, because at least in the DCS videos they only appear just as the guns are being fired...
  4. Jaustin 89, the "hatches" are directly in front of the cockpit canopy on top of the nose. Cartridge ejectors is an interesting one, but the ejection ports would be so close to the canopy and airstream possibly blowing the spent cartridges into the intakes that I have trouble believing thats their purpose. "Hatches" is perhaps the wrong term, they're more like little "spoilers". Ah, looking at this image: Theres two small pop-up hatches directly in front of the gun barrels, those may well be the ones - in the DCS videos they appear much nearer the cockpit canopy, because of the viewing angle.
  5. I've been watching some videos on YouTube of people playing the flight combat simulator DCS, and noticed something interesting when people are flying the F-5E Tiger II - when the 20mm cannons are fired two little... hatches?... pop up in front of the cockpit. I'm presuming these are blast/gas deflectors, can anyone confirm and does any other fighter aircraft have a similar feature?
  6. Yeah, looks like Sildani definitely got it. Pity in a way as the Boomerang would have been an interesting choice. Wouldn't like to be the pilot who has to take on a Ki-44 in a Gladiator!
  7. Another beautiful theory probably shot down, theres an extension to the tail section which doesn't seem to appear on Ki-43s.
  8. Middle one could actually be a Nakajima Ki-43, aka "Oscar": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nakajima_Ki-43 Fuselage looks a bit too short in the promotional picture, but that could just be the angle.
  9. The middle radial engine one - CAC Boomerang? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAC_Boomerang Bet they don't have a Defiant in it. They'll have every bloody thing else. Edit: Hmm, don't think it is a Bommerang because the tailplane probably isn't big enough.
  10. So, with these I really will be able to tell the TEARS OF TIME? (sorry, wrong franchise, I know!).
  11. Not a name that was widely known on my side of the pond but truly tragic events. A civilian helicopter may have a radio altimeter or similar but probably unlikely it would have a “radar device”; I could be wrong as I don’t know civilian helicopters as well as military ones but radars are rare even on those. Throughout aviation history though there have been many, many cases of pilots losing “spatial orientation” when visual cues are eliminated, ignoring the evidence of their instruments and usually resulting in similar tragedies. A F-35 belonging to the JASDF, one of the most sophisticated aircraft on the planet, was lost recently possibly due to the pilot losing spatial orientation.
  12. I remember when the first images of "Turn-A Gundam" were released. How we laughed. Great Tominos ghost, we exclaimed, its got a 'TACHE! How wrong we were. Thank you, Mr. Mead, for what is now my favourite "Gundam" design.
  13. Bison, because who doesn't love a "Street Fighter: II" reference... (yes, I know!).
  14. Just to reassure people, no hedgehogs were harmed in the making of hedgehog flavoured crisps. I think. I mean, sometimes you'd get the odd one that served a dual function as a toothpick but... Now I think about it, the NATO "If we give them silly names they'll sound less of a threat" possibility extended to helicopters too - Hip, Hind, Hokum (that one always felt deliberate)...
  15. Remind me to tell you about Hedgehog flavour crisps sometime... ...er, anyway, flyey stuff! NATO callsigns are probably assigned for some of the same reasons they used codenames for Japanese aircraft in World War II; if you say "Felon" everyone knows you're referring to the Russian stealth fighter; if you say "Su-57" you have to wait while everyone tries to remember if thats the one with the canard, or their regional business jet, or didn't they try and make a floatplane once? It also, and I'm guessing here, means that everyone uses the same language designation rather than whatever the local translation of "Sukhoi" or "57" is...
  16. For those of you who can access the BBC iPlayer service, they currently have a three part series about HMS Her Maj, excuse me, HMS Queen Elizabeth, "Britians Biggest Warship". Its the usual soap-opera style "military slice of life" stuff (young sailors on shore leave have a few drinks too many, get into trouble with the local plod - excuse me, law enforcement etc) interspersed with interesting footage of the F-35B Lightning II being tested off her decks (particularly in episode 2). And if you want any further evidence that HMS Her Maj is a British warship, its the fact that her Captain (at the time of filming) has a drawer full of Salt "n" Vinegar crisps...
  17. Something else I would expect is considered in these designs. I doubt people who design helicopters for a living somehow forget that the rotor blades are part of the machine too.
  18. I would imagine, considering the efforts they seem to have gone to to shape the fuselage to at least reduce the radar signature, that they've al;so consdired the effects of the wings. Do they have a slight sweep? I don't think I've seen that on a "winged" helicopter before.
  19. Its already taken, sorry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xi'an_JH-7
  20. There was a "Flapjack", of a kind. It just wasn't Russian... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vought_XF5U
  21. Funny you should say that, I've seen promotional videos which have the Skylon moving past very "Thunderbirds" looking spaceport hangar buildings, which was almost certainly deliberate. The name is also of an era: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skylon_(Festival_of_Britain)
  22. That image immediately reminded me of the stillborn British 1980s "HOTOL" project; a couple of people that worked on that that are now working on "Skylon", which is a similar concept: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Aerospace_HOTOL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skylon_(spacecraft)
  23. The line about "The past is written" I find a little ironic, considering the events of "First Contact"...
  24. Yeah, I get the engine and prop are missing. But the cockpit looks like a kids fairground ride in that photo!
  25. Just struck me... is that JU-87 actual size? It might just be the camera angle, but it looks tiny!
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