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  1. Well my Go arrived this morning, will give a mini-review once I've used it properly if you're interested
  2. Will anyone here be picking up the PSP Go? I've got mine preordered and it should arrive on the launch day
  3. Yeah I just got it, PSN was a bit slow but it signed in ok
  4. That was... different... I think I just watched what was basically softcore hentai
  5. I've got Fury, My PSN is in my sig. It'd be fun to race you guys
  6. You sure can! I've just downloaded the pack and it is big (nearly 800mb!): New tracks, new ships & new game modes so there's plenty in it
  7. I just picked up the red version of Alternity Convoy. I have to say given the size it's a really good figure, what do you guys think of the Alternity line?
  8. There's an expansion pack for WipEout HD coming out soon called Fury, trailer is up on the PSN store
  9. Just been looking at a few of the E3 trailers on the PSN Store. I feel kind of guilty for this this but Brutal Legend looks like it could be a lot of fun! Also, Gran Turismo finally comes to psp 5 years after GT4 Portable was supposed be released
  10. Just been to see it myself, my opinion is the same as yours
  11. Doesn't look like it's molded to the torso. I reckon the hole would be on the small side
  12. Bought this yesterday, she's very well made and easy to pose
  13. There's more pics on the Hot Toys site T-600 http://www.hottoys.com.hk/product.php?cat=76&pid=417 T-700 http://www.hottoys.com.hk/product.php?cat=76&pid=416
  14. My HT Iron Man MkIII arrived this morning. Looks great and the poseability is very good. There was a small QC issue in that a pin that holds the hinge together on the left flap tip was missing but I was able to fix this by making a new pin out of part of a large paperclip. Other than that it's a great figure and I would recommend it as a worthwhile purchase I've taken some pics, check them out at the link below http://www.flickr.com/photos/83239867@N00/...57614297769356/
  15. Finally got around to seeing if I can get a replacement arm panel for my SOC Gunbuster from HLJ. Bandai aren't planning to make replacement parts in the near future so I'm stuck with a broken toy (T_T)
  16. You guys seen the teasers for Uncharted 2 & God Of War 3? They look like they're gonna be awesome games!
  17. Not got mine yet but will pass a comment when it arrives
  18. I'm too young to know Jamie and the Magic Torch (I have heard of it thought) I certainly remember watching Button Moon, I really enjoyed it's low budget goodness On the topic of the new Doctor, he's still older than me by 2 years so I can't complain about that. As for his acting, I've watched a couple of the shows he was in, I think he'll do pretty well Of course we won't find out for sure till 2010
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