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  1. Thank you for the Line art info from Grahams old posting, that is exactly what I was looking for. The Island-tower will be tricky still, but know I have a better idea of the layout of the flight deck. It is definitely smaller than a Nimitz class carrier. Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!
  2. I like the scale size of the 1/48 carrier, but I think the detail to the 1/72 carrier is much more impressive, or its just laid out better. I have been sketching out the plans and how to get some thing build as of now. Thanks for the info Warpaint22, I thought I had remembered reading some where that the Auska II was a smaller size carrier. Who knows, maybe by the time I get thing underway, the Cheyenne Destroid will be available to build. But I do agree, the tower/island is gonna be tricky. Thanks everyone !!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks Hal9000, I was thinking the Auska II as well, especially since it is not a real carrier, I could probably fake a lot of items on it, where as to a Nimitz class carrier, it would have to be precise so no one could point out all the faults... However, where can I get some pictures or stats of the Auska II? Hmmmm......? Keep you all posted and remember, if you have a day dream, make it real!!
  4. In the link provided here, there are some pictures of a Mospeada ride-armor, I know its a bit off topic, but that version is awesome, looks like a precision design as appose to others for sale right now, anybody know whos makin that one??
  5. Hi Everyone for years now I have been drooling over the idea of having a 1:72 scale Aircraft carrier. After seeing Macross Zero, I am pretty well convinced I want one now (I know the story wasn't that good, but still) and it will be a challenge. What I am thinking though, is a Nimitz class carrier would be easier on design as finding info or reference pictures to go by, However if I did the Auska II, I am not sure where to get some detailed picture from for design of the ship.... Its definitely different from a Nimitz class carrier. Another macross world member sent me some pictures of a guy who made a carrier years ago like this, haven't seen those pics for years, but if could , So can I. Keep you all posted!!
  6. Thanks for the pictures, Its just a loss for words when you see that Carrier, un-frickin real how he did that, But I'll have one some day!! Peace!!!
  7. Thanks everyone for the input, especially the pictures of that 1/72 scale Enterprise carrier, very impressive... By the way, last time I saw that carrier and pictures was like back in 1985 in an old Boy scouts magazine I had, since then I always thought it would amazing to have one. Any by no means am I rich or retired, but I figure it will be a hell of a challenge and I always wanted to try it, So I am gonna go for it. Keep you all posted!!!
  8. Hey Guys, since i can not afford the Yamato version of Macross Zero toys, I've decided to build a small armada of the Hasegawa model kits instead, what I was wondering is, did they ever make a series of 1/72 scale SV-51's in Battroid mode? Or just in the fighter mode? Was hoping to add a few customs Battroid color schemes to the collection. Also, I want to make a 1/72 scale Aircraft Carrier to hold all these guys, I have some plans drawn up, if i can just make room in my garage.... Might be the Auska II or a Nimitz class carrier, depends if I can make the control tower properly. Happy building to All !!!!
  9. Well I for one have seen up to episode 6, Thought is was great!! Just waiting for part 7 now... Its only gonna be 26 episodes?? Oh well, better to have quality than quantity. But also if you think about the original series, there were lots of episodes where the Animation suffered. So even with modern CGI and anime, your bound too have a few scenes that seem rushed. Overall an amazing series!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hope theres room for one more Macross frontier opinion or discussion thread!!! Hey guys, Just wanted to know what everyone's opinion of Macross Frontier is so far? Its been a long time since the original TV series debuted and the Macross DYRL movie, plus the other series in between, But so far from what i have seen on Youtube and www.veoh.com This series is really enjoyable, the Vajra is a fascinating enemy so far as to what it is or where it comes from... The animation is top notch and the music is really good. Usually by now with most new Anime series (I'm an old school kinda guy) they would have had me saying "Done!" by now, but this is one I really want to keep watching. The VF-25 is awesome and the revamped VF-17's with the VE-1 type equipment are awesome. So far the Vajra enemy/aliens reminds a bit of the original Gunbuster series, I know were talkin Macross here, but its the best other OVA series out there and example. So far I am not stuck with a million questions like Evangelion and no answers, though that series did kick ass too. Any how, what do you guys think, pro's, con's, positives & negatives???!!!!
  11. Maybe this is more of what you had in mind, I went and dug out my VF-1 Strike armor box and put the cannons on, plus the missile packs and sling!! Looks a bit more deadly now!!
  12. That is a sick camo scheme on that SV-51 !!!! Excellent job Ghostkiller!! And Roy wasn't shocked, he was just impressed by the paint job!!
  13. Thought I'd take a few striking pictures of my own!! Hikaru blasting away and Shin's VF-0A along with His helmet, Well actually its my old HGU series Navy flight helmet (real-not a prop) and repainted to look like Shins flight helmet from Macross Zero. Enjoy!!
  14. Its been interesting to see the different opinions made and claimed here since I added this original post. I think the part that makes me scratch my head more than anything are the people who complain about either "Why do we need a documentary?" or "the answers are already there, what more do you need?". Above all, this is supposed to be a prequel, which means it should lead up to the original story. And remember guys, this is to the events of Macross DYRL, not the TV Series. If this was only about a secret operation, why not just call it "The Roy Fokker Chronicles". But as was done in Macross Plus, I still say they should take the best parts of Macross Zero and add in about about 30 or so minutes of all new scenes and a real ending. Give an ending, do I dare say it.... Like how Gundam 0083 ended, great ending, All loose pieces all tied up. Again, why sit and say, the series was so-so or yeah I guess, or my personal favorite, who cares I am all about the new series now. Why not go back and turn what was a masterpiece of art and design and obliviously rushed at times and probably budget cut series into probably the best macross series to date. Long story short is that Anime is a business, and its about money. I will bet that if they revisited it and reworked it, made a series of improvements. People who have a negative opinion or just a lack of enthusiasm, would do a 180 on Macross Zero and see how great it is. But its just my opinion....
  15. Glad to know I am not alone on the 1/48 theory!! Well at least the new 1/60's should match up well with old ones!!
  16. Maybe I missed it in another or part of this thread, But does this mean that the New 1/60 scale VF-1's will be the same size as the original Diecast version 1/60's from a few years ago?? Just that they will be as detailed (so they say) and transform much like the 1/48 series? Maybe i am wrong, but it would have been cool just to make All the Valkyries from Macross Zero & Plus in 1/48. So what if they would have been big or huge... Would anyone really have complained, especially with the prices and issues. But thats just my opinion. Frankly a 1/48 scale VF-0A would have been awesome to match with my VF-1S & 1A!! Lets just hope Yamato does a Low Vis. 1 and 2 seater models for the new 1/60's!!
  17. Zoinks!! 11 SDF-1's !!! Is Bill Gates your relative?
  18. Hey guys, Well here is my small collection of Macross toys and models!! Mostly Yamato, but there are some old school and Bandai's mixed in. Hopefully there will be more added, especially some more Macross Zero items. I have a VF-2SS I am working on, but thats to be seen later!! comments welcomed, To all pioneers, Enjoy!!
  19. As for Macross II, If you are really a Macross fan and enjoy the Macross Universe for what it represents, Then macross II is as good as any of the other series. I agree that the Animation lacks at times, Especially Episode 6, that is the most rushed or under funded episode of the series. But the music is really good, the VF-2SS is one of the better designed Valkyries out there. The the story was so-so, I think someone else said it was more or less a continued DYRL story line... yeah, thats pretty much what it is. But as for series like Macross 7 & M Zero, Macross 2 is just far better. Haruhiko Mikimoto is one of the greatest Anime designers out there imo and he did give us some great characters, Sylvie Gina and Ishtar are awesome!! Macross Zero wasn't even as good, The Animation on the fighters and mecha was amazing, but what if Mikimoto had done the designs, it would have been 10 times better, Plus a story that is so loose, it just never holds up. Macross 7 is ok, but still haven't found a good copy to sit down and watch all the way through... So I won't bash it. I've been watching macross since I 1st though Robotech in 1985 was the original, then learned the real story. So for all those who want to bash Macross II, its your choice, but overall its just not that bad. Besides, if you have never even watched it, how can you have an opinion?? Not everything Kawamori is sacred. Personally with the new technologies out there, I would love to see this series as a remake with far better funding and direction, yet still having Mikimoto as the character designer. MACROSS for Life!!
  20. Awesome, thanks for the info, The VF-0A is a bit easier to figure out since it is simply borrowing the colors of a US Navy F-14 or F-18, But the SV-51 however... Now I know what to try. Take care man!!
  21. Hi Every one, Well after years of only building 1/48 F-14, F-18 and MIG fighter planes, WWII aircraft too and even having alot of the Yamato Toy line, I decided to buy myself some of the Macross Zero model kits. I have the VF-0A w/Booster and the SV-51r w/booster kits. Just wondered if any experienced veterans out there have any advice for the proper colors to use or any helpful hints on assembly, Its been about 10 years since I have worked with 1/72 scale kits. Mostly 1:48 and the occasional 1:32 scale for me. But with Yamato Zero toys costing a small fortune and parts breaking, I thought this might be safer!! Thanks everyone, I'll keep ya posted as to how these are turning out, Heres a picture of what I usually make. I still haven't finished the S-3 Viking yet, but yes, it is decked out in UN SPACY markings like in Macross Zero. All my others are still boxed up, haven't finished unpacking yet.
  22. Thats true, where is Max's VF-1S?? We need one YAMATO !!!!!
  23. Now this is a Great comment Zinjo, Seriously it is. And as well i will probably catch major hell for this comment, but here goes... One No more talk of Star Trek ok, this is about Macross. And two if you are like me, You grew up with Robotech and the 1984 Macross movie. In 1984 my brothers friend came back from Japan with a copy of DYRL, 6 months later Robotech released. the rest has been history. Now why do I bring up Robotech on a macross forum, simple. At the end of the Robotech New Generation, Scott Bernard flies off to find Admiral Rick Hunter (Hikaru Ichijo). But that was it, left you hanging for some 20 years. Just like Flashback 2012 did. But now there is the Robotech Shadow Chronicles that is starting to answer alot of questions. And no offense as I am a bigger Macross fan than Robotech. But you do not hear Robotech fans complaining about the old characters coming back. In fact more movies are on the way and their Fan base has never been bigger. (whether you agree with their taste or Not) I did not add this posting to say that all of Macross series are not good, or that only the Original series should be viewed or that the direction macross is bad. Just that it would be great to have One good real/serious movie, a 6 part OVA. about the Megaroad 01 fleet and what happened to them. Just some simple answers, a good story, adventures and probably a box of tissues at the end.... What the hell is wrong with that!? I like good story telling, Not bogus clues or subtle hints or a never ending mystery. Its been 20 years of questioning, So lets get Sherlock Holmes on this and solve it. And if Macross Frontier is going to deal with all of this, and answer some questions. Then its a happy time for us all!! Now for those of you only know Macross because of the toys or seeing 5 minutes of Macross Plus or something, and want to rip me a new one for this, Feel free. I just know that I have been supporting Macross since 1984 and only want to see the best for it.
  24. The VF-2SS is an Awesome design and is one of the best out there, You just don't like it because Kawamori didn't design it. Sorry but their are worse designs out there. The SV-51 is awesome as a fighter, but leaves much to be desired as a Battroid. Also Macross 7. I don't seem to hear anyone demanding Valkyries from that series. How can you say this fighter pictured below is ugly???? But thats just my thought. Macross fan 1985-Present.
  25. VF-4 LIGHTNING III !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VF-2SS !!!!!!!!!!!! SDF-1 (LARGER SIZE than WAVE's version) !!!!!!!!!!!!!! VF-0D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZENTRADI BATTLE PODS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Done!!!!!!!
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