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  1. So that's what the final product looks like!! It looks amazing in Battroid mode, But I think I'll leave the landing gear up when I get mine, not too crazy about the wheels & struts...... But I'll have to wait and see up close how they look. Either way that is a sick looking Kit and I think that Hasegawa may get a little jealous from this one!!
  2. Hey misterryno, Are the FP's a greeny green color or more a Luftwaffe Grey-green color? Kinda hard to tell by the pics....
  3. I was gonna say a few good things about Hikaru, but you put best!! Max & Roy were Legends, But Ichijo was truly a lucky bad ass!!
  4. Well whether or Not the F-14D's we see in Macross Zero were upgraded or not with some type of Over-technology, there performance in the OVA is amazing, I've been watching Macross since 1985 on bad bootlegged VHS tapes, till now with the best of DVD's, looking forward to Zero on Blue-ray disc soon!!! Either way the dogfight scenes are amazing, like others have said & I couldn't agree more, every time you see the opening F-14D dogfight sequence too Ivanov & Focker dueling it out, it just blows your mind how far Macross has come in both innovation and photography!! That is the real amazement!! As far as Macross Zero goes, though old school, Max & Milia from DYRL over the Alien city, another ultimate Dog fight in my book!!! Unlike the other dog fights where they end in a draw or a close call, Max said hell no, your going down!!!!!!! , nearly killed his future wife!!!
  5. That's a pretty good price, Thanks for the heads up!!!
  6. I think they look great, reminds me of the old days when you could only get a transformers Jetfire or the other 1/55 type at the swap-meet. How much do these cost? Bet there not old school prices!!
  7. That would be sweet!!!!!!! Metal siren, the VF-2JA and my baby, the VF-2SS!!! Lets do them all!!
  8. I hope they make the VF-2SS and detail it as much as they can!!! I'll match your squadron plus 5 more!!! Been waiting for years for someone to make an actual TOY version!!! I can live if its a parts swapper, as long as its sturdy!!
  9. Hey ruskiiVFaussie, yeah, my VF-0A is the same way, not best in design for how it is suppose to lock in place, comes loose alot. So you're definitely not the only one.
  10. That's awesome to hear, that even though you started watching the newer Macross series, you went back to to see how it ALL started with the original TV series!!! And yes Macross Zero was great!!!!
  11. Some anime series out there, don't even deserve MacDonalds!!!
  12. knock on wood, I got really lucky with my VF-0A, but I would still rather wait for the newest versions to come out, if they do with all new QC. For what the Zero series costs, Yamato better make some serious improvements!!!
  13. Nope, Golden Apple might have been attitude heaven from the clerks, but they handled Anime products, so they knew the difference. This was a comic shop on Corbin Ave & Parthenia next to the 7-11, not sure if its still there anymore. I think the ownership traded hands a few times!!!
  14. Back in 1991 at an old Comic book store in Northridge, CA. I popped in one day with buddy to get some new comics, in the corner was this VF-1S!!! I asked the guy what he wanted for it, he said "I could care less about that Japanese stuff, $50.00 if you want it..." I said hell ya and its been my prize possession since. I'm keeping this one!!! Macross 4 life!!!
  15. Wheres the Love Yamato for your American & other overseas buyers??? Better start making friends in Japan I guess.....
  16. Hey Macrossman, Wish I had some of those pictures handy. On my ninth birthday in 1985 I was with my Mom & brother at a department store called Mervyn's for you on the west coast, you know what those are. Anywho, back in the day they used too have toy dept's and on the racks were tons of Robotech and import "Knock-off" Macross items, He-Man, G.I. JOE and others. there were 3 rows of Transformer Jetfires!!! I told my brother I wanted one, but he said they were too expensive, plus I already had some great gifts at home that I would like. So when I was opening up gifts, My brother gave me the last one.... I was like holy ^$&^$*, Its was a brand new JetFire!!! Best B-day ever!!! Especially caused it always reminded of me the scene when Roy Fokker gives Hikaru that Model plane kit while he was in the Hospital. Thanks macrossman for the trip down memory lane thread!!!!!!
  17. Its always been a great time to be a Macross fan!!!!!!!! Macross is an Anime unlike any other, whether there was a series that we really liked or could have done without, doesn't matter. We all got together as friends and devoted fans to talk about & complain about it!!! We've laughed, we've cried and even said Holy %*$^#@!! that was awesome!!! For me I always feel nostalgic when watch Macross, I saw Robotech on the very day it debuted in 1985, I was still in 4th grade and ran home everyday after to tape it on my VCR (That's pre DVD and DVR for some of you, j/k) I saw a bootleg copy of Macross DYRL later in 85' and was hooked ever since. Even though macross 7 wasn't great, its still a part of macross History!! Just like "Sharky" said, I remember going to conventions or too Little Tokyo at the Pony Toy Go Round at Yohan Plaza, Los Angeles just to look at all the new toys and model kits that were out!! And its true, back in the day people would be like Anime whats that.... "you mean speed racer??" So its come along way, Anime. But macross will always be the most the special and dedicated or series because of its fan base and Websites like macrossworld.com!!! Macross 4 life!!!!!
  18. I saw this one last night on Ebay, Its a rare version of the SDF-1 toys, no doubt, but its far from Mint condition, even then $600.00........ Not to sure about that.
  19. Those are awesome customs!!! You've got some skill there!!
  20. Can't wait for the new 1/60 VF-11B, Just seeing this pic makes me want a VF-11 even more now!!!
  21. Thanks Valkyrie Addict for the pics!! That is an awesome custom!!!
  22. If the same guy who made the Thunder Hammer, makes a SDF-1 for you, Safe to safe you'll have the ultimate envy item in your collection. Sad to say it may be a while before anyone in Japan realizes we want a big SDF-1!!!
  23. I can't see why Yamato, Bandai, Hasegawa or any other takers (Minus Toynami of course) wouldn't take a swing at making a new version SDF-1 like the Original 1980's release!!?? There's definitely a profit to be made!! I have 2 of them and for the time when they were made and the technology available, they are still impressive, can you imagine how it would look now!!! I agree that the WAVE 1/5000 is compact and detailed. But it still lacks a major punch in Size, its the SDF-1 it should be big!! A 1/3000 or 1/2000 scale and reissued in both the TV series & DYRL versions!!!
  24. We'll be waiting patiently!! Gonna be a dam good looking Valk when shes all done!!!
  25. when you have the pilot all painted & finished can you share your pictures with us, would love to see how it turns out!! Looks amazing so far, Will you take a swing at making more of these??
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