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  1. One hell of an ugly prototype. Even the fighter mode is not appealing. At least for me its not.
  2. From their previous price of around Y12,000, it now costs Y15,480. With those reports of looseness and paint chipping, Ill pass on this one entirely. I hope the v2 VF-25s will address this issue especially the loosening problem.
  3. Amiami is still taking pre-orders. Usually, pre orders would have been full by now. This would mean there's still lots of skeptical potential buyers out there(including me).
  4. The VF-11B is only at 20% off. Still too expensive. I don't want to get the 11C cos I already have too many white valks.
  5. I've ordered some stuff from HLJ last week. Sent payment to them on Thurday, April 21 but still no shipping notice. I've sent them email this morning asking for my order status but no reply. Is this normal for HLJ? I know they sometimes take long to ship out items, but they replied pretty fast to my inquiries on previous occassions.
  6. Depends on price. If they price it like the latest Fire Valkyrie, ill pass.
  7. If the sales for this are poor, HLJ will include it in their next Yamato or Macross Sale. Opportunist bastard here.
  8. I have ordered Master Grade Gundam kits from them before. Their service and processes for payments and shipping notifications are more or less the same as amiami. In short, recommended.
  9. What a pity. I really would have loved to get the VF-25 and VF-27 but with all these bad reports ....
  10. Currently watching Mac 7 episode 31 while simultaneously clicking CTRL+R in my browser for the Mac F 2nd movie spoilers. Its not as bad as most of you guys are saying it to be. I was actually entertained after the first 3 or 4 episodes. Totally digging the songs especially the acoustic version of Totsugeki RABU HA-TO LET'S GO tsukinukeyou ze yume de mita yoake e mada mada tooi kedo MAYBE dou ni ka naru no sa ai ga areba itsu datte Anyone knows where I can download the Acoustic version of the OST? THanks
  11. Can you summarize the Japanese spoiler and insert it in spoiler tags please :-) Edit: I mean translate
  12. kresphy actually posted a spoiler in Japanese. Had to do excite translate on it :-) But it was a poor translation and some parts were not all too clear. Can someone post it in better English?
  13. I third the motion :-). Please Tochiro. We wanna know the love triangle ending and who made a 3 sec cameo. Was it Shin from M zero?
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