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  1. @ Keith - fixed it. Somehow I forgot to type in R2 Dvds. lol
  2. Watching bits and pieces of these bad boys! All R2 dvds or imported blu ray versions!
  3. It's official!!!! - Nexx custom VF-2SS is available for PO! Available this July! Comes with bits!!! https://www.hlj.com/product/evt57221
  4. @jvmacross - Unfortunately, I do not have Robotech The Movie OST. Here is the link that can provide you some information about it. http://robotech.patlabor.info/soundrobo.htm The complete Southern Cross Discography
  5. @ Zhou - From your statement - Would you considered these scenes as animation/filming errors or artistically part of the movie? Case in point - Head shot of Milia when first introduced. As I can recall, I don't think her head/helmet scene was ever sharp in any version DVDs or BDs I have seen. I can agree with you that the DVDs' resolution was much lower compare to the BDs and would not that obvious with the naked eye.
  6. Thanks technoblue for showing those scenes as well as mine. Some scenes are easier to see than others in static form. In regards to Perfect Edition DVD being windowboxed, I believe the video was compressed from the looks of it. I have the HD remastered limited DVD box set and I do not recall having it look like that. Will have to check the video ratio when I get home tonight. Also, I agree with nhyone. The out of focus scenes is most likely inherent due to the 35mm film stock they used for the blu-rays. This opens up another possible question whether these scenes were originally blurred during its theatrical run.
  7. One of the most obvious DNR/blur scene is when Hikaru is talking to Max and Kakizaki just before Kakizaki gets killed off. Kakizaki screen is blur when you compare to Max's. The movie's title card has red saturation which made it was difficult to see the actual kanji. This forced me to adjust my tv's color, sharpness, and contrast - which helped a bit Laser/gun fire, valk/enemy and missile trails stood out more on screen this time around. Did anyone notice that?
  8. Hi JB0, Yes, I still have it. Sealed in the baggie! Some of my boxes are pretty banged up over the years, but I still keep them for sentimental value.
  9. Thanks, Abbadon! FYI - Preorders for VF-4 @ HLJ is officially closed now.
  10. Just looked at my HLJ PO and found out they did an internal stop order on the VF-4. What does that mean?
  11. Thank you for all your replies. Being that these boxes are used, I took a risk having the discs possibly being thrashed or scratched up. Luckily (for better or for worse), having a thin crack on the discs is the only thing I see visible. @ The Shade - What kind of hub-friendly cases did you get?
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