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  1. Quarentine is the American remake... which gave away the ending in the frakking trailer (so don't see it!) Is it too late to recommend Dark Blue World (Tmavomodrý svět)? Czech movie about two pilots who escape the Nazi invasion and go on to fight on the Battle of Britain... and have a little bit of a one sided romantic triangle. And it is a good movie to boot. Think Pearl Harbor done good (and without the bombastic visuals). IMDB entry for Tmavomodrý svět
  2. I second this one, bloody most scary movie I've seen in my life (and I usually laugh around Japanese and Korean horror).
  3. Kira in this case is an onomatopoeia, the twinkle of a star - specifically, the sound that Ranka says when she does the hand thingie while singing Interstellar Flight in ep.12, which is supposed to be the sound of the stars twinkling. So, actually, nothing of real importance on itself.
  4. I think I can officially name Kawamori my God now. Well played, you Holy Floating Trolling Bastard
  5. ... so, who of us is going to translate Gubaba's work and post it on Macross Generation? I'm utterly disappointed on Shaloom - although I never became part of the community I've been following it since as far back as 2001, when it was only the Shaloom Galilee website and the Anime al Aire webradio program, and I've always referred it to countless non-english speaking fans that wanted a good place to find out more about Macross. I believe that same kind of people, the Spanish Macross community that cannot get their information from here or go to Animesuki, also have the right to know about what was really going in the Satelight offices instead of what they had been told if only to prevent them from misjudging the staff of Frontier. Whatever they decide to think about Shaloom later... well, that's up to them.
  6. Macross 7 series here. I've seen the 'movie,' Fleet of the Strongest Women, and Dynamite, but never got around to watch the actual series. I have the first remastered DVD somewhere... but, I dunno, saw the first episode but didn't grab me enough to want to watch the rest. I tried watching Macross II, I think I only saw half of it, in a 'half of the time I was watching the screen, half of the time I was doodling or doing something else 'cause I was bored.' Not really interested.
  7. BSG reference. Although having Tahmoh Penikett playing as Master Chief in a movie or something would probably break the world with awesome. Anyway, Dana, 你们俩很好看了! This is probably the best SDFM cosplay shoot I've ever seen. If only you had taken pictures of yourselves with a proper Jolly Rogers F-14...
  8. There's always Macrosshare if you REALLY want to see the HD remaster, you know...
  9. Never really worked for me in languages for which I didn't already have some skills (Latin and Korean. oh god, KOREAN T_T), but maybe I never gave it a really SERIOUS (a 6 hours a day everyday kind of) try. On the other hand, for the languages I already had some basic abilities in (French, Mandarin), it works wonders on my vocabulary. Careful, though, native speakers tend to say that some expressions that appear in RS are ridiculously inaccurate (and, at least for Spanish, yeah, some of them are. Quite a few, actually, but they exist).
  10. They already ordered a 20 episode season - that's why we're getting the Pilot in a DVD instead of an special SciFi event like Galactica itself.
  11. Could backfire, my brother and me actually liked Steel when we were young, and true to be told, we still enjoy it now, but for totally different reasons. Battlefield Earth, on the other hand... damn. Dr. Mengele, The Spanish Inquisition, Guantanamo Bay, that dad... I think my faith in humanity just died a little more today.
  12. I approve. Realistic (but big) Boobies Klan for the Win
  13. Guess I shall be the one to spill the beans, then. She's *Honeybunny0 at deviantart, cute lil' Chlean cosplayer who also happens to be a robotechie (nothing's perfect, man! ). And she's 21, so I guess Misa could actually look like this. She also makes one mean Sheryl Geez, screw Mexico, I should have gone to Santiago for my spring break.
  14. According to Bear McCreary's blog, he's in the brig (they had to cut that down for time, but will be in the extended edition on the dvd set - he also complained about that)
  15. Don't. Ever. Watch. Planetes. The first three minutes will give you nightmares for the rest of your life. And the thing is that even a small 200m diameter meteor striking slowly at 17 km/s can be can devastating if it falls in the appropriate place. Try playing with the University of Arizona Impact Calculator, it can be quite sobering. BTW, that slow 200m diameter porous rock meteor, yes, it would break up during atmospheric entry, would make a crater of 2.37 kms of diameter, a 5.9 Richter scale earthquake, and throw fragments as large as a 737 and a shockwave that would obliterate most stuff on its wave more than 5 km away, so if it fell on Manhattan or something it would be... interesting.
  16. Boomer, oh Boomer, oh BOOMER Damn good episode tonight.
  17. Eh, dude, I dunno, but the Sheryl in the date clothes seems to be suffering a severe case of Photoshop colour overcorrection - her skin looks like ash in my monitor. But, isn't the concert Sheryl the really really hot russian cosplayer from a couple of pages back? (from http://www.cosplay.com/costume/159964/)
  18. Actually, the Sky Crawlers plane is more of an updated version of the Kyushu J7W, which, as far as I know, still survives as a disassembled prototype in a crate somewhere in the Smithsonian warehouse. Interestingly enough, it was first conceived as a jet fighter, which was reconverted into a push propeller when the Japanese jet engine industry went sour. The Honneamise plane, on the other hand, was somewhat different, with a bulbous cockpit at the front of the fuselage and a pusher turbo-prop on a pod over the main fuselage (think a He-162 without the long tail, with the control surfaces of a J7W, and a turboprop on top instead of a Jumo). I'll try to find a picture later. Edit: Found it. Resolution sucks, but it still shows the airframe. I think that the red colour scheme at the final combat is way cooler, anyway. Ah, BTW, look up luft46.com
  19. Wow, your YF-21 photograph is astonishing. Actually, all your pictures are quite the awesome, but that one really impacted me. I'm so buying a poster of it when I have some spare cash. Good luck with the book and keep up the good work!
  20. Oh, well, it was worth a try. Thanks a lot anyway, David; and thanks for the encouragement, Mr March.
  21. Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this, but I didn't know anywhere else where I could reach the mods and admins. My computer was stolen (actually, my whole place was robbed) on Friday night, and as always, the cops don't have a clue of where to start. Now, I know that it is a long shot and everything, but I was wondering if MWF records the IPs the users use to log in. As Macross World forums is my start page on all the browers I have installed, and I have the "Remember me" cookie enabled, if anybody has used it to access internet within the 10th and the 13th, chances are that they might at least have left a footprint here, and having the IP of that session I could go to the ISP or something and at least have an idea of the general location of my belongings (as long as it isn't from South San Francisco/San Bruno, that would be my brother's computer). Tech crew of Macross World, help, please?
  22. Plan B Be warned, though, you're gonna have to save the images one by one here.
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