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  1. I was going to be in Tokyo from Fri. Aug. 3rd (I'm leaving after my last summer camp class is done for the day) - Sun. Aug. 5th, Kyoto from Sun. Aug 5th and Osaka Sun. Aug 5th - Wed. Aug. 8th. But I have a feeling I might stay in Tokyo longer on Sunday, skip Kyoto on Sunday and go back to Kyoto on another day. I've already booked my flights and hostels in Tokyo, Osaka & Taipei and I leave for Taipei on Thur. Aug 9th.
  2. I live In Seoul, Korea and after having flown over Japan once on my way to Korea and having 3 layovers in Narita Airport on my way back to the states or on my way back to Korea and never getting a chance to leave the airport; I am finally going to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and then Taipei, Taiwan for vacation (I've already done China, Thailand, Vietnam but not Hong Kong). My friend in my Korean language class told me that Akihabara has all of the anime toys and models. But then he told that they are still expensive in Japan and showed me a picture with the price in Yen to show me how many hundreds of dollars a Sephiroth figurine from Final Fantasy VII costs there. So, my basic question is can I buy a Yamato Macross transformable toy for Max Jenius at a cheaper price than I could buy from an online store and have it shipped to the states (or Korea).
  3. the xbox is too low and ps3 is too high. the ps3 has a failure rate of like .001% or something like that. if you got the yellow ring of death on the ps3 then you are really unlucky.
  4. the supply lines mission from gta san andreas is a major blunder. you have to fly the plane perfectly to complete the mission and make it back to the base with gas left. but that is impossible to do. you have to enable the faster gameplay cheat 3-4 times so that the plane flies faster while barely using the any gas in order to complete it. rockstar made that mission easier in later versions of the game so that you don't have to use a cheat in order to beat that mission. so if you have an older version than you are s.o.l.
  5. the outage is that the forums will never load for me, i have the index page of the forums bookmarked. i will eventually click on stop button before i'll let firefox timeout. but a couple of days ago i was able to go to the mw homepage successfully when the forums wouldn't load for me. i forgot to check the homepage last time i had an outage but it appears to be a problem with just the forums.
  6. i looked aight in the first link but it looks ugly irl.
  7. i've been having problems accessing the site in the mornings on my days offs this past week. i live in south texas. before, mw would go down but it would come back up in 5-15 minutes. so i just ignored it. this week is when it started to go down for hours at a time. and when it comes back up after a couple of hours, it will look like it won't connect and then all the sudden the page loads (i.e. it is running alot slower than usual).
  8. and i want to add on that maybe they rushed it to market to soon and maybe (with an emphasis on maybe depending on if the programmers had already hit their programming talent wall) it could have looked better if they had delayed it for 6-9 months and fixed the graphical problems on the ps3.
  9. while we are at, how about a sequel to akira. but make it a retelling of akira using all of the stuff that they left out the first time. and they can make it a a trilogy of trilogies to fit everything in. maybe a trilogy of trilogies will make lucas feel left out and turn star wars into a trilogies of trilogies too (as long as it it actually good like part 4 & 5 [part 6 is aight]).
  10. wth?!? i read all of the narnia books when i was little and they are really good. then, i saw the movie and i was disappointed. i don't remember anything from the book but the movie really did not remind of the book or jog my memory. i just didn't draw me into the story like the book did and i was sure that they changed alot of things.
  11. you haven't gotten to the episode yet where they get more jets.
  12. i heard that potfest is coming but that its going to be animated. i was really hoping for a live action version. we have friday, half baked, harold and kumar and other weed movies, why can't pofest be live action too?
  13. the book got made into a movie, so the book must be successful.
  14. i heard that full metal panic is coming soon. they are waiting for the author to finish writing his novel series before they turn them into anime. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full_Metal_Panic!#Novels
  15. yes indeed. another trilogy and turn the star wars franchise into a trilogy of trilogies (even though i don't like episodes 1, 2 & 3). somebody told me years ago (when ep. 1 was in development but not released yet) that there were actually going to be 9 movies but that lucas didn't want to make the last 3 movies. this turned out to be false, or either fan fiction as he said that there were already books out for ep. 7, 8 & 9 (he said that luke goes to the darkside and leia becomes a jedi but there are no such books. i googled it and nothing comes up at all).
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