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  1. Sir, I officially envy you so much my guts are tearing themselves apart. ... Screw this! I'm off to Kinko's!
  2. I'll write a real post about this episode after the subs. Meanwhile, I shod manly tears and then went out to kill roaches in my kitchen. Is that enough tribute?
  3. As far as I remember (I was out during most of it, so I pretty much only caught the aftershocks), it was something like if Mr March had gone fulltime batshite loco overzealous of his work at the M3 cleaning up and restoring the scans for his site. Nanashi's idea was that since he had spent so much time and money hunting down those scans and their sources and photoshopping them so they will look good, he owned the images and no one else could use them (or even have them in their hard drives - his site was programmed so people couldn't right click anything in there) and he kind of tried to enforce a copyright on them. The only problem was that those images were already Big West's properties and, therefore, he could make no claim about the use and abuse of them (because, hell, this is the internet, and what one dude can encrypt another can crack, so people were posting his images here and there) and a lot of people in the forum reminded him of that. He didn't like that concept and hilarity ensued (not really). Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. Ahhh, Yoshi and Beware of Blast. I wonder where they are now. Vostok 7, the Lil' Valk comics, AgentOne's doorknobs and "bang anus please" (good thing he's back, dammit). The Nanashi debacle. Edo Andromedo C. WM Cheng's LEGENDARY threads back then when the Hasegawas just came out (some things never change, thanksfully). All those little things that are part of the History of Macross World ... dammit kids, you just gave this long time mostly-lurker member a bout of nostalgia.
  5. And where can one find a decent recording of the GARby version of it? The youtube version's audio quality SUCKS, and I'm actually willing to pay for that song and Sheryl's enka (I would have done that already - if the announcement of it on the Macross F webpage had a link for the japanese impaired to go straight to wherever they have to go to leave their credit card number )
  6. Pouncing on it like a starving velociraptor!! 29 peers and counting, 1 seed so far so good, dl only a 12.9 kbps... this is going to take a while
  7. And you have no idea how much I've been waiting for someone to come out with something like this. I tried to watch Macross 7 at least twice before, but I could never get far with the ASS releases on the old days - I couldn't live with those subtitles. To have it now, remastered, with a proper sub job... well, a la tercera la vencida. Third time's the charm, and I plan to watch it to the end, even if it hurts. Thanks a lot, Xeros, en serio, muchas gracias.
  8. Gubaba = AgentONE after learning to love Macross 7 (and growing a beard)
  9. I wasn't really talking about bringing Kanno to the film or even using her music there. What I meant is that the music itself and its variety, regardless of the sources, genre (Live in Baghdad, Autumn in Ganymede or Pushing the Sky are not particularly jazzy) or even quality are as much a part of the whole Cowboy Bebop atmosphere on itself as the Mandarin slang and Hanzi in Firefly. But, being this a Fox production, chances are that they are going to totally ignore this and go for a run of the mill Hans Zimmer style score with country music and rock ballads sparkled here and there (which would work for other movies, but not Bebop).
  10. Good luck sorting that out. As far as I know, the name was supposed to be Ling Mingmei (Líng Míngměi, 鈴明美), "Bright and beautiful bell" in Chinese, which is quite appropriate. But then, the guys in China localized the name as Lin Mingmei (Lín Míngměi, 林明美), "Bright and beautiful woods." Both of them are rendered Rin Minmei in katakana. Neither Linn nor Lynn are standard romanizations for Japanese nor Chinese. I just take it as stylization. Like in the company Mazda actually being Matsuda in Japan - only that the founder thought it would be cooler to romanize it as Mazda, after Ahura Mazda and all those things.
  11. Dude, an Ewok is deadlier than a stormtrooper... And I'm rooting for the soviets in this one. Nothing like a cannon launched parachuting bear commando platoon falling on top of your troops to mess up your day. (Why is it that I have this feeling that those guys at 4chan will LOVE this game?)
  12. I totally buy loli-looking mid-late-teen Ranka. A friend of mine who is about to turn 19 doesn't look one day older than 16 (and acts like if she was 13), and she's not even Asian, which would be kinda understandable; she's English-Peruvian. (But then again, if there is one thing that saves her from being totally loli is that baby got back. Not Ranka, my friend )
  13. It is the Macross Frontier's version of 'We will win!' (Which, I don't know why, strikes me as completely appropriate.)
  14. I'm a die hard bona fide nuGalactica fan with a respectful disregard of pretty much everything Galactica 1978-80 except Maren Jensen... and I gotta agree with you, dammit!
  15. If those winged demons or stuff in the trailer are Valkyr induced hallucinations, this is going to ROCK. If they are for real... effing nay!
  16. If you jinx it, I'll kill you. ... well, I won't, but I'll be a very sad camper all the same. Horrible raws, my love, where are thou?
  17. First skinjob/first scare idea could be cool, but I don't know how they are going to make this all fit into the mythological stuff they are building for Galactica itself (then again, who knows how they are going to pull the "divine robots" thing off, so they might tie it all together, somehow). If it turns out to be lame... well, screw this shite, I'm gonna start writing fanfiction
  18. [facepalm] Dude, this ain't Firefly, and if you haven't noticed, both of them were going for either an utterly cosmopolitan or Chinese vibe. [/facepalm] Anyway, I hope they at least bring the musical variety over and don't settle for country/rock ballads/orchestration. Half of Bebop's slickness was the music after all, and I would love to see that kind of soundtrack experimentation on a commercial film. ... but then again, this is FOX, so, whatever.
  19. What the hell is this, Command & Conquer Red Alert 2: Real Life edition?
  20. Screw the Valkyries, you can actually see stars on the background!
  21. Damn, I guess being a native Spanish speaker had to be useful for something (and I can even register with my home country in Niconico! right on!)
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