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  1. My money's on Stinger. Hot Dog is Bodie Olmos (EJO's son), so he's untouchable unless he wants to; and Kat is too hot to die. Matter of fact, I'm betting they'll be losing a lot of Mk VII against some few Mk II. They are, after all, the stars of the show; and if the oldies get shot, they would have to build new mock ups of the gray fellow, so I'm kissing half of the Pegasus wing goodbye. Too bad I won't be seeing it until tomorrow morning at best.
  2. Re-read it. 12th word. This is in episode 17. I didn't expect to see it there. A clear departure from the original show. 357427[/snapback] Either that or its a typo. 357435[/snapback] Spoilers - Highlight at your onw risk Not a typo, baby makes it. Cain is dissmissed, one way or another, and XO Fisk takes command. Whatever happens, it will be interesting how this new dynamic develops.
  3. That, sir, is NOT a guilty pleasure. It has the Jolly Rodgers, goddammit!! As for me... Independence Day and Pearl Harbor. But I swear I only see the battle scenes on Harbor.
  4. I think I have some spoilerish pictures here. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what a Battlestar can do. View at your own risk.
  5. Superdimentional Fortress Lacrosse... sorry Mari, but unless that girl gets a coach now, I ain't buying sh¡t. Hope it improves later, it's my only real problem with the dub - but one HELL of a problem.
  6. There's something that crossed my mind this morning. What if the attack on the colonies was to the Cylons what Pearl Harbor was to the Japanese? I mean, we haven't seen any proof that the Cylons have an inmense fleet in the backyard a la Zentraedi just waiting for the order to reduce the Galactica and her fleet to smithereens. A couple of basestars here and there, troops on Caprica, some infiltrators, and some couple thousand nukes for the planets. We're talking about a civilization that lost a huge war (probably in a similar way to how the Galactica was driven out of the colonies) and after spending forty years somewhere else (during which they obviously dedicated a LOT of their resources to R&D, something very costly and time consuming - even if only for the humanlike cylons) launch an sneak attack. Probably a sneak attack was the only option they had to destroy the colonies. Even 40 years is not enough time to build a military force strong enough to overpower another huge military force already built and somewhat expanding. 120 Battlestars at the time of the attack - even if the fleet was only the Battlestars and not the ships and their task force, considering what a Battlestar is assumed to be able to do alone, thats quite a lot of punch. In an one on one mano a mano fleet vs fleet fight, taking into consideration what the decomissioned Galactica and 40 years old Vipers have proven able to do, I think the organized colonial fleet would have kicked the cylons back to being microwaves and toasters. So, I think there is not really a great Cylon military threat. They are too stretched out maintaining some kind of control over the colonies, reconstructing them, making some more R&D with the humans there, gathering resources and reminding the Galactica they are there (plus whatever damage the Pegasus and resistence groups might have done in the way - depending on where and when they hit it might have been quite serious). The only way they obliterated the Colonial Fleet was because of the virus, surprise factor and higher mobility of their own fleet (long range jump systems) to use those other two factors - a perfect blitzkrieg. Pegasus, surviving the initial attack and overcoming those factors (and using surprise and mobility itself) was able to run rampant for months alone and, if we are to believe the tale from the XO about that suicidal attack, being able to cause some major damage on their own. Of course, they could still kill Galactica, Pegasus and the ragtag Fleet if they wanted, but they are their little lab rats Now, what I think is that the longer the Colonials take to find Earth, the more they are screwed. Even if not technologically advanced, at least the planet gives them resources to build things and men to use them. Probably in a couple of years they would be strong enough to launch their own sneak attack, or most likely, fight a guerilla war to drive the cylons out of the Colonies (or at least keep them off the Solar System) while they build up their own strenght - before the cylons are too strong and too rooted in the Colonies to be able to invade Earth and that's it. Damn, that would be history repeating itself Edit: Reread all I wrote. Minor corrections, and some clarifications. Requalified myself as geek. Yeaaaaaaaaah.
  7. I actually own that album. Chef's Aid, the Explicit Version, from the episode of the same name ("This is Chewbacca. He's a wookie"). I think it was track 5, haven't listened to it for a while.
  8. If not by that, by those damn big guns the Big Y carries. C'mon, you know we're in for the bang and the ships. Just put your mind in Pearl Harbor mode and let it go. ... Damn, it really looks like a Pearl Harbor sequel.
  9. Actually, baboons are more interesting to watch. At least you can laugh at them. And, for craps sake, someone tell me that that Akira live action project led by Pitaf (yes, Catwoman) I heard about some time ago is collecting more dust than the great canyon.
  10. VF-19Kai and Eva-01 I think. WHICH Gundam, dunno, never seen anything besides Char's Counterattack (damn good) and the first 5 chapters of Seed. The second pic, Bubblegum Crisis?
  11. Does anybody knows where this came from? I think we gotta send Agent One down their way. Actually, we should have done that a long long time ago. Fücking morons.
  12. Actually the VF-9 has a couple of big ass lasers mounted on the right shoulder for battroid and gerwalk, roughly where the lasers would be on the VF-1 on fighter mode.
  13. Eh... wasn't that Love Hina? Unless something really interesting happens in the ones you've already downloaded, I say let it go
  14. onNow, where did I leave my Black Hawk Down dvd? And the song you're talking about is Reunited, track 21 in the cd. There is another version in there, 4, To Kiss or not to Kiss, with a bit faster tempo and notable chanting thrown in (more or less what Wander My Friends is to A Good Lighter in the season one soundtrack). The cd is going quite cheap in Amazon, $14, and I think there's free shipping; or if you only want that song, send me a PM.
  15. By the way, according to the Amazon listing, there is not a track named this...? Or am I just missing something? 340101[/snapback] You(or the folks at Amazon)'re missing it, it's track 24, right after the marvelous Wander my Friends (the celebration song in Hand of God, which I'm listening to now, and probably will continue to listen through the morning - I like it that much) And add another one to the Viper Mk II fan club (I'd rather have a model of it even before the Mk VII). Always loathed the original Viper, for me it was at beautiful as a roadkill pasted together with a huge jet engine and made into Santa's Cyborg Mecha Rendeer. The Mk II is one sexy beauty of a custom made fighter, reminds me of the elgance of the last props/first jet fighters - in space. It's like comparing a Electric Lightning with a Spitfire, only that the original Viper didn't have the sheer awesomeness of a BADASS engine.
  16. Damn beautiful plane, man. Awesome. I think the number two option is very plausible. It has happened a couple of times before (matter of fact, two of the most sucessful versions of the Spitfire, Mark V and IX, were interim designs, with the "full" versions they were supposed to fill for weren't as popular). Then again, option three is not so unlikely. Something not quite similar but kinda happened with the Heinkel He 280 and the Messerschmitt Me 262. The 280 was supposed to be Germany's (and the world's) first operational jet fighter (orders for twenty pre-production planes and 300 production models were placed), but when it faced engine development problems, it was swiftly pushed away for the more advanced (and Adolf Galland's favorite) 262. Problem was, since the problems with the 280's powerplants were common to all early turbojets, the 262 faced the same issues that pushed it's service entry for another year after the cancelation of the 280. I pick two because of the kind of stories that could come out of it (an overworked design team, pushing things as far and as fast as they can, working on a dream machine that was needed for yesteryear and all the problems that came from that breakneck run) rather than the more political intrigue that three recalls.
  17. Emilia was macronized in the Macross 7 movie. Does that count? Taking into account that another somewhat unrelated but protoculture influenced race (the Zolans) can be macronized, one can argue that all protoculture related races can be macro/micronized.
  18. What the DVD has the unaltered launch footage, man now I may actually have to buy it. Of course it is a fun movie, with some total hotties, just really bad science. 318072[/snapback] Naaw, it's only for the teaser trailer they got as an extra there. 10 seconds at most, no featurette or anything (that's what actually angried me the most - no "We shoot actual space shuttle footage" documental or "Visual effects magic on NASA hardware" thing). I'll let you know anything more when I get the Collector Edition or something
  19. Armageddon, hands down. But it's only because that's the damn best footage of a night shuttle launch you'll ever get, even if they replace the Atlantis with the X-71 (I cried with joy when I found out that the teaser on the dvd had the actual launch footage unmodified - too bad they didn't clean it up as the movie itself )
  20. One word: Planetes. In my not so humble opinion, best anime of 2004, hands down. Available by Bandai Entertainment. Character driven, damn good plot, manages to pull a smile once in a while without making you lose the seriousness of it, wonderful music, exceptional animation (most of the time anyway). And the opening is real catchy (think the opening of Enterprise... only that it's actually GOOD this time).
  21. Sad but true (look at the pic) - then again, it probably wasn't spaceworthy anymore, lack of maintenance and all that stuff since the early 90s. There is another one, though. Ptichka, article 1.02 (Buran was 1.01), that was almost completed (in the upper 90% as far as I remember, gotta hunt the number) at the time of cancelation. There were also three more Buran class shuttles, articles 2.01, 2.02 and 2.03 (yes, they were updating and improving the design, even before the first flight ) in various states of completion, from 60 to 10%. Their fates? Articles 2, sold as scrap or sold on ebay. Ptichka, parked somewhere in Baikonur (yup, at least Buran got a hangar). Test articles, most of them destroyed/sold as scrap excepting the structural that's in Gorky park, the engeneering mock up that's at Baikonour, and the atmospheric flight tester that toured Australia in 2001/2002, after THAT company went down it ended up in Bahrain somehow, where it was found and bought by the Sinsheim Auto & Technik Museum. Hasn't been ferried to Germany yet, though. -___-U Frankly talking, I don't care too much about the shuttles. Yes, they are wonderful pieces of machinery and beautiful airframes (though I like the look of the pods on the Columbia class better), but they are limited space craft hampered by a lot of compromises (some of them, the USAF ones, taking into account the enviroment of the then USSR, weren't even necesary in Buran) - it's the Energiya booster what I'd like to see salvaged, updated and flown again. Damn promising design, so ahead of it's time that even unmodified would still cover the requirements of the new boosters of NOW, and probably will still be covering them in twenty years.
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