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  1. In no particular order. Runner - Duet version. Cinderella - A Capella version. Angel's Paint - 15th Anniversary version Angel Voice - Depending of the mood, either Basara's or Mari's version. Macross - FIRE BOMBER VERSION!!!!!! (the one in the tribute) probably the most EMPOWERING song in the whole Macross realm. Planetes sountrack. ALL of it. Specially Dive in the Sky (best opening sequence EVER) and Secret from the Moon. Anything by Yoko Kanno. Can't go wrong with her. Most things from L'Arc en Ciel (Runner's High, probably the second best opening sequence ever) And VF19, Crazy Sunshine (by The Pillows) IS in FLCL. Chapter four, batting the satelite sequence.
  2. Yeah, Gundam comes into my mind Seriously now, I'd love to see some Tomahawk kicking action in a little colony defending itself against pirates. Maybe, VF equipped pirates. Destroids actually beating vfs using the old armor vs agility formula? I'd love to see some cocky pilot getting his ass shot down by tank driver And because Macross wouldn't be Macross without some UN Spacy VF, let them send ONE VB-6 to help. Anyway, ever since the Cheyenne appeared, we're getting our mix of destroid goodness. True, they still get blown up at a two per second rate, but, hell, aren't they cooler than the shitniz until then?
  3. I wish there was any image of these fighters. Although the Floating Head designed the roles and function of the VF-5 to 7, 15, 16, and the VAB-2, he hasn't come around to actually designing the things...
  4. Here, check it out Supposedly a VF with active biological anti-G system. Any parallel in real life? And anyway, since there is no other reference to it anywhere in the canon, a prelude for futher development in the Macross universe (god, I HOPE this one doesn't end up like the VF-7 entry )?
  5. The Nova line was supposed to be pretty much another universe of its own, about the life of some test pilots and the planes they flew (sounds familiar? thought so. SK probably reused a lot of his basic ideas from Nova in Macross Plus). Besides of the VF-3000 and the VF-9 (based on the non-transformable VF-X-10), no other design has achieved canon status in the Macross Universe... yet. Kawamori LIKES to use his designs, you know. He did planned to use the VF-9 (then called Baron Rouge III-C or something like that) in Knights of the Sky (the project which supposedly became later on Escaflowne, also known as Air Calvary Chronicles); and even then he salvaged quite a few from it, the A-9B becoming the VA-3 Invader and the Fz-109G Sturmzorene became after a little facelift (and a little merger with the Fz-109A Elgerzorene) the Varuta Fz-109 Elgerzorene. I'd frankly LOVE to see some Nova aircraft (the non-variable ones) featured somewhere in Macross. They would be great as a part of the UN Air Force, if anything but to really show that aerospace overtechnology isn't just variable fighters. Specially the VF-X-11, the VF-X-7 Ghost Valkyrie and the VA-X-3 (which, by the way, was made variable into the AF-49 for KotS). Or the Seiran-99Kou, I DIG that Flanker lookalike. WTB, there is a way cool variable F-4 called LV-7 Valorious Rapier in page 153 of the SK Design Works.
  6. 2) During the Jinchuu arc of the story (after Shishio in the manga), Sano returns to his hometown, now growing from the little village it was when he left. However, with progress came corruption, and a corrupt politician was making trouble to Sanosuke's dad. Sano kicked his ass, but since he was a part of the goverment after all, he got an arrest order and fled to China... 4)... where he found Kenshin a couple of years later in a poor little chinese town when the scarfaced rurouni was trying to pay his sins (at least, from his own point of view). Take into account that Reflection actually takes place AFTER the Jinchuu arc, that is, after the end of the manga.
  7. I think (because of what he said inmediatly before) that Guld allowed the YF-21 to be torned to shreds to make the AI (or Sharon, whichever it may apply) believe it was destroyed, lay it's guard down, and open an opportunity to get the Ghost into a tight spot. Which in turn was accomplished by transforming into the quite agile but not so fast battroid in an open space, where it could not get any kind of cover and was therefore slaughtered by the X-9
  8. My bad, my bad, I expresed myself wrongly. What I was talking about is a little drawing that appeared in the Stampede Valkyrie section of the SK Design Works, titled as Stampede Valkyrie VF-11 (page 71), which is what I think (at least it looks like it) a concept of what would be a Stampede Thunderbolt. The SDP-11 designation was a joke.
  9. Yup, Kawamori designed it during the early nineties for a game (don't remember which one). It does not really fit anywhere in the continuty, though, even if the Big Head Himself appears to really like the concept (heck, he even sketched a Stampede Thunderbolt, SDP-11?) And, nope, besides the game, it doesn't appear anywhere else. Bad thing, I'd love to see it kicking anything.
  10. As Graham said, Guld was a civilian pilot (and a damn good one while we're at it) and most likely lacked any combat experience except for his encounters with Isamu. Therefore, while fighting the Ghost, he only did what he knew, flying, so fast and hard that it killed him. Thinking about tactics a VF pilot would use against the Ghost, taking into account it's HUGE turn radius and that it can't hover, I'd say that all that one should do is find a nice mountain chain or a nice wide canyon (Guld had BOTH of this) with lots of obstacles and space to move if they are destroyed (the city that Guld and Isamu fighted before could also do ), where instant agility and zero turn radius is a must, transform to battroid and wait in cover until the ghost comes near enough to fire a couple of good shots, cover when it shoots you and fire a couple of good shots while it run away and turns for another pass. Pretty much what a soldier with a shoulder carried SAM would do. Rinse and repeat until you get a blown up Ghost or it smashes itself into something while trying to blow you up.
  11. Ahh, Edo Andromedo. He was banned way back in the old forums, returned after a while with another handle, and then just faded away. Guess he was unconfortable here, or found another place to hang out. Too bad, we used to have some quite interesting discussions about Digimon and stuff (don't ask)...
  12. Well, NOW I can see why they call it Flanker inspired But as much as I like Nora, I'm gonna wait for the DD version.
  13. Been lurking since I think march 2001, joined may 2001, so that means I've been here, kinda, for three years. I'm more a lurker than a poster, though, I only got about 300 posts in ikonboard times and less than 50 now. Guess I'm a small talker...
  14. It's just me, or the Macross Compendium has JUST been hacked?? Can't find the server on www.anime.net/macross, and macross.anime.net just shows the pic of a loser called dogma or something like that
  15. Indeed. However, due to Watsuki's tendence to borrow elements from everywhere for his designs (mostly american comics), I wouldn't consider it entirely an accident. Anyway, Basara might had not been the best good guy, but DAMN if he makes a hell of a villian
  16. There was a thread about this a while ago, and I think the outcome was that VF-1D cockpits weren't compatible with VF-1A/J/S chestplates. For starters, the conexion point is more to the back of the plane in the VF-D, and the fuselage bulkheads in those points aren't likely to coincide.
  17. Only problem is that that would be a S-37, not a Su-47 (look at the tail booms, one is longer that the other). An anorexic S-37 while we're at it Dunno people, the last US fighter I really digged was the F-15. Although the 16 is nice and curvy, it reminds me more of a flying tub than a fighter plane. The F-22 is just chunky. YF-23, on the other side, was cool. Not a beauty of a plane, but probably the coolest design I've ever seen. Too bad we won't see them up there. <_< I prefer the stylized elegance of the russian 4th generation fighters. I really think that the Su-27 Zhuravilk (Baby Crane) really stands up to it's name, just a beauty of a plane. Too bad is a weapon. And the Mig-29 isn't too far behind. Chunky, yes, but still elegant. However, although I dig the Su-47, I must say that the Mig 1.44 dissapointed me on the looks factor. Dunno why.
  18. MSFS has never been known for a realistic crash simulation (heck, even though they have a pretty damn decent damage system in COMBAT Flight Simulator 3, FS2004 still have the simulation pause/little red crash in a corner of a screen combo). I've flown the VF-1, opened the .air file (the file that tells the simulation how the aircraft behaves) and talked with the creator back in 2001 when it was originally out. Actually it is not much more than a Cessna with a Valkyrie suit, the simulator even consider it only a mono turboprop aircraft (that is, an aircraft with only one engine with one propeller). A carefully tuned flight model for FS could actually reflect the (assumed) behaviour of the One in all modes (depending of what aircraft functions you use to trigger the transformation), but that kind of work might be beyond the skills or patience of most freeware modders, and even some of the pros. BTW, the 4g limit is in the flight model, not the simulator.
  19. Correct ewilen, the ball is on your court now.
  20. Ok, another Minmei one. The Lynn Minmei character was based on an WWII song, sung in English by the German-born Marlene Dietrich, that disregarding sides or ideology became a hit with both the Allied and Axis, at least in the European Theater. What is the name of the song?
  21. Which are... Misa (Aki) Hayase and Lin (Sae) Min Mei?
  22. Hello k1, and welcome to the Macrossworld Forum. Don't worry, we don't bite (much). Here, have some yoshinol (where is yoshi when you need him?), always salute to the hory froating head kawamori, and join the party. BTW, try and avoid putting pictures in your signature. People here doesn't like that, and will complain. Avatars are alright, everyone has one and then some. And listen to the mods. We've already lost some "interesting" members of the community (rules are rules) because they overlooked this little piece of common sense.
  23. Any place I can get wallpaper version of those pics...?
  24. 1: Aerith System (so what? I like to call my stuff names ), Homebuilt PC -Pentium 4 1.7 ghz -512 mb SDRAM (planning to get a 1gb bank sometime next month) -94.(something) gb hard disk (not 100 as the ad people at Western Digital tried to make me believe) +8gb hard disk (a trusty Maxtor, 4 years 20/7 use and still running) +20gb hard disk (an also trusty Samsung, 3 years 20/7 and going) -ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 7500 64mb (kick ass card!) -8x DVD-R SD-616F Samsung (don't care for DVD playback, and that one was bought only to play my Animeigo SDF Macross DVDs) - Built-In Sound Card (didn't have the money for an appropiate card, the speakers to make it justice or the neighbours to tolerate it) - 17' AOC Spectrum Vrl7+ Monitor (good oldie, have it since I was a child, and still amazes me sometimes) - WinXP Pro / Win98 SE 2: (fake)Hitomi, Sony VAIO PCG-SRX77P Notebook (a MPC if you ask me, wanna get rid of it while still getting enough money to buy a new portable) -Pentium III 800 Mhz (or so they say, my Homeworld 2 copy only detects 794 or even 496 sometimes <_< ) -128 mb of RAM -18.4 gb HD (not the 20 they said) -Intel 82815 Graphic Adapter (I guess it's 8mb) -Yamaha AC-XG WDM Audio -Portable PCMCIA Sony PCGA-CD51/A 16x CD-ROM (well, at least it works) -Nice 12.5' LCD display (only thing I REALLY like about it) -WinXP Pro / SuSE Linux 8.0 Professional (when it works, too much for this one I guess) -A lot of Craputer Bundle Software I can't get rid of no matter what edit: That's one nifty system you got there Mechamaniac!!
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