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  1. Where's the nearest r/c field to WF, now that the one across the river is closed for development? I'd be a great sub-event to hold a sci-fi/anime fly-in to tie-in with the Fest! Maybe I'll test the waters for interest, for 2008. Being my own critic, it wouldn't be much of an event if one pilot shows up to perform for 6 people spread out over a 5 hour slot.
  2. It's been a while! I'm the one who dragged you into all this, IAD. I know you've got a weight goal but I'd like to see how the SV flies after you stick a 1/4 oz of lead in the nose; does wonders for high-speed slope gliders. Nose heavy planes fly sluggishly, tail heavy planes fly once.
  3. Since the costumer's website hasn't been updated since 2001 there's been 4 years of con pics to scan through if s/he did in fact wear it in public. The world may never know... I personally know one lady that tall, btw, most attendants of kingdom-level events in Meridies would have seen her too. Don't know if she's into anime, but medieval yes.
  4. Here's a collection of covers of the many Yukikazes: http://www2.gol.com/users/ikkie/shoji/art02.html I rechecked, Yukikaze was an 80's novel. I regret to inform you all that my mind fills in it's own blanks; if I stumble while speaking Japanese I'll start speaking French!! Please stand clear while I'm thinking. If you make the statement that a lot is being left out, can you make a case for having whatever you consider missing put in? An example would be Grimm's "fairy tales", which certainly left a lot of unanswered questions. How long has that been around? Nobody's moping around over Grimm's tales, however many modern authors rewrite it to suit their own ideas. If you really want to "GET IT" on the part of NGE, study Buddist philosophy and sexual development (aside from the nude pics). Once you "get it" you'll find NGE's horrible and contrived.
  5. I got the 2nd US DVD set on the 24th, watched it 3 times already. Point:I do remind myself this was taken from a novel series written in the mid 70's. Point: Spacemen from Fairy. The society on Fairy is at least 30 years separated from Earth, even recent arrivals will enculturate to this alien society. Who's to judge their behavior and demeanor? Point: Even though I don't remember the details, the original author was interviewed on the HK discs I had. He was dressed up like a color-blind cowboy, otherwise he seemed normal enough albeit a little arrogant but not displeased with the current work. Point: Yukikaze, from my reading on the net, is one of those referencial novels in japanese hard-SF fandom. A must read, much like "Starship Troopers" in the US if you're going to be taken seriously in japanese sci-fi discussion. Point: From my internet readings, Japanese fans of Yukikaze are much more upset with the re-design of the MAVE than any storyline issues. BTW, The original FRX-99 looked a lot like a single-tailed MiG 31. Story's not over yet. I'm VERY interested to see what the story is going to tell us. OK, a lot of you are upset because Yukikaze isn't a "hero and his superweapon saves the earth from an implacable foe" form of schlock. I understand your vexation, but I don't sympathize.
  6. How about the battle above Coriscant in "Clone Wars" volume 2, complete with a successful boarding! Fortunately "Clone Wars" kicks ass!
  7. RC Groups now has a section for videos exclusively, with room for 20meg+ uploads. Perhaps you could load them there: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=273 Hope to have a MAVE ready soon to meet SV51 in the skies! Going to SEFF? That would be a great way to show off, and give people a way to see it live.
  8. Blue Submarine #6, part 2 & 4. Super Atragon. Silent Service. The AMV I'm assembling in my head set to Megadeth "Wake Up Dead".
  9. The touring full-size Gundam F-91 head has recently been seen on a popular auction site, you know which one but last time I posted a link to it the thread got snipped. The head is located in CA, USA. Starting bid was $100! You have to crate it and ship/pick it up. Just in time for holiday gift-giving, if you know someone with a pickup truck who owes you a favor.
  10. It's the WW2 battleship, not the Uchu Senkan! http://www.yamato-movie.jp/ The story begins at the battle of Leyte Gulf, culminates with the sinking off Okinawa. There's a love story in there, and the ship sinks in the end just like that other ship-love-iceberg movie.
  11. You shoulda seen me 50 pounds ago!! I'm getting better. When Christopher Walken speaks, I listen.
  12. I'm going to cosplay as AgentOne! Look! I already have a costume!!
  13. Hiya! THAT little dude is the Gakken 1/20 scale diecast Ride Armor. No articulation to speak of except in the arms, head and knees. Still nice for a display piece. According to the box art, there's 2 more in the series, I think, the other 'standard' suit and the Fuuke-type. Bought it in HK back in '02. Here's a closer shot next to the 1/20 scale 'Studio Nue original design' Powered Suits by Kaiyodo: 336561[/snapback] The figures on the right look an awful lot like the armor used in the short-lived OVA adaptation of "Starship Troopers"! I have a bootleg video of the 4 ST episodes produced way back, maybe picked up at Magnum Opus Con 3? Can't upload, no hardware or I'd post.
  14. It's still a prototype, most of the joints seem directly articulated by r/c servos. The possibilities are there to make it any size the builder chooses so long as there's enough power. Keeping it garage-floor size is just "convenient" for the hobbist. Hijack the software and stabilityware!
  15. Kyosho debuted a Hobby Robot prototype at a trade show not too long ago. The video shows the robot going through some fairly sophisticated manuevers, driven by a wireless video game console. http://www.kyosho.co.jp/web/race/race_even...ot/index-e.html Now we need to make a body kit to resemble a battroid. Heck, it's Kyosho and should be a natural for customization.
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