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  1. I just have to say it. Lone Wolf, your work is beautiful. I'm really looking forward to whatever you do plan to show us in the future. And, Alto, damn lucky bastard!
  2. And that pretty much ensures the TV movie will be pure awesome and win (at least in the character development front; I've yet to see an action scene directed by Olmos, but if his influence in his action scenes are anything to go by, they will be gritty and oh-so-bloody).
  3. ... it is only me smelling pinapples or steaks out there?
  4. ... goddamn! I take you Ninjin hates you yeah! and rise a Seikan Hikou
  5. ... do you really have to ask? Go for it!
  6. ... I'm buying this thing. I don't care I can only understand ten words in japanese, I AM BUYING THIS THING. Btw, what the hell does it say under Sheryl's signature? "Wants ma Clanaad"? The frak?
  7. Well, she might not be a DD or anything, but if The Dreamers is any good indication, she (plus push-ups) is more than fit enough. Besides, despite the common idea, Millia is not that big compared to her successors.
  8. Dude, I'm gonna kill you. You just made me spit soda all over my laptop.
  9. Bye Bye Sheryl. Although I loved every single mecha-porn second of First Attack and the whole Happy-go-lucky attitude of Star Date, few things that I've watched in my life have moved me as much as the Diamond Crevasse montage at the end of the episode.
  10. One shot. Not even the movement of the people inside the ships, for I was expecting it, but that shot of blue and gray and black and the Sun. Galactica and the fleet and the Cylons found Earth. It made me cry. Then I heard the Geiger counter, and I cried again. Gods, that was amazing. And I can't wait to see what happens next. SciFi might be a little beyotch by stretching it as much as they possibly can, but if I were them I would do it too. Edit: Removed the Spoiler tags since everybody has spoiled this to hell and back already.
  11. So, they finally made autopilots based on Israeli pilots?
  12. It's not. Although similar, the BGM is a bit faster and has cymbals and drumrolls, giving it a more "military" feel (think about the beginning of the Space: Above and Beyond theme). I asked about this in the Ep. 10 thread, it appears that it's not included in Nyan Fro. Which is a frakking shame.
  13. They don't really change the script or anything, they just redraw and reanimate parts that were rushed for TV broadcasting. Think of it as releasing a movie where you can see a microphone in a scene and the production didn't have time or budget to reshoot it, and digitally removing it for the DVD release. Nothing storywise was changed, but a mistake was corrected all the same.
  14. Dude, two words: Shu Qi Go and watch it for her, if for nothing else.
  15. Gosh, I LOVED this episode. And Shoji Kawamori is officially the coolest creator guest star in an episode ever. BTW, is that "Space: Above and Beyond" like song that plays when everybody is congratulating Ranka in the soundtrack?
  16. Isamu was holding back, while Guld was all out to kill him. After all, Isamu did remember what really happened between Guld, Myung, and himself, while Guld didn't, so he wasn't going to kill someone he ultimately still cared about.
  17. Any good soul out there willing to translate the interview on pages 13-16 for the rest of us, the japanese-impaired ones?
  18. Some more pictures of it. Now, that's one cockpit I'm glad I wasn't in. And, gosh, look at the misalignment of the windows in the last one - that must have been a hell of a deceleration.
  19. Basically, he got hit by sharpnel inside his cockpit, knew he was going to die, decided to be badass about it, and went to have some nice Pineapple Salad. Because, damn, that salad was GOOD.
  20. Well, our real world technology didn't have the enormous boost that reverse engineering and repairing an alien super dimensional fortress gave to the Macross universe technology, you know. So, you don't really need the retcon because all of that is explained by the acquisition of Overtechnology. Actually, hadn't the Macross fell on 1999, the Macross universe and our universe would have ended up being pretty much the same thing. Except that they would have had Nyan Nyan, making their universe ten thousand times more awesome.
  21. GALACTICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! But, then again, isn't Frontier selling stuff anyway. Last time I checked in CDJapan, the first pressing of the OST 1 was gone, and that was on preorders alone.
  22. (nevermind, got tricked by the browser cache and was too late to the punch)
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