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  1. Thanks guys for posting the links to the liner notes for the last few eps. It's nice to put some of the debate to rest. I think Ohnogi was pretty clever... sure it didn't nail the triangle, but wink wink wink , it meant something
  2. that sounds about right. Big O (ten years ago) was rumored to be about 100k. I believe IGPX (joint production between IG and CN) was more than that... somewher ein the rumored 250-300k per episode. This is why it's really hard for shows these days. At 26 episodes, that's quite a bit of money to commit to....
  3. 40 page booklet is very NICE. I have the other two CDs and the booklets are just kind of "functional", recycling shots from the anime with lyrics. The length of these booklets are a few pages or so. That and TWO CDs . yeah, yeah, yeaaaaah (Happy)
  4. I like Yousei the most. It's the oddball out in a way because it was kind of another turning point song for Sheryl and one that I think I closely align with her storyline and her changes as a character. I can't fit this into a duet in my mind or see it meshed with the medly of otherwise upbeat songs. But - I must give credit to "Don't be Late". It's what sold me on the concept of pop and space opera from the very beginning. If it was a bad song, I don't know that I would have been so keen on continuing. Mind you, I'm not a Macross fan by any means, so I had nothing to fall back on except my impressions of that first episode.
  5. I think typically what happens with "that kind of character" these days is she's a secondary "older" character that serves only as a plot device. One thing that I really respect Kawamori for is that all characters got more development than I think they might have with a similar length series done by some other folks. (THis is style why I am so absurdly annoyed with SEED to this day.) In general, I feel like this show still did a good job being an ensemble show. Maybe not as successful as Bones' Eureka 7, but darn close. And that said, I hope the movie is a NICE LONG MOVIE and that maybe some of the footage we're seeing done is also being redone because they want to enhance the awesomeness of any clips that they may reuse and incorporate into the film.
  6. I think the modern success of MF would not be possible without the current designs. As is, I thought they were kind of a nice nod to the currently popular steroetypes and also what I call the more old-fashioned proportions used in older anime. (If you look at other shows airing in the last 3-4 years, there's a disturbing lack of style and distinction... to the point that characters are exchangeable.) When people who don't know the show see doodles from there, they really immediately grasp the personalities based on current anime sensibilities because it is rooted in modern sensibilities. At the same time it's not so generic like the last two GUndam properties which went so far to reach to the younger audience that everyone has big eyes and no mouth. (I also think the designer did a great job in separating out who is beautiful, cute, pure, etc. That's not something other animes tend to care much about, but this one I felt was really good about making characters distinct on their visual presentaiton and not just what they did in the show.) As much as I like Mikimoto's aesthetic, I don't know that the infusion of new fans would have happened with his stylizations.
  7. I'm rather amused by the face fixing because now that I see the fix, I actually want the BlueRays as I do feel like my enjoyment is sometimes ruined when characters go off model in various shows and movies. I think there are two things -- one is keeping something "on model" but the other is also avoiding the constant comparison of reused sequences. Flipping an image tends to avoid that immediate recognition on part of viewers that they've seen the same movements before. I'm not sure that these two scenes were that egregious to begin with compared to the weird panty episode... it'll be interesting to see what they do about that one when we get to it! Evil Kawamori. I will probably end up caving in and moving towards the BluRays because thjis kind of stuff enormously bothers me in animated films. (Disney tends to be one of hte biggest culprits in its early 90s of perpetuating off-model drawings in which characters look different scene to scene.)
  8. This is pretty exciting. I hope the cover art complements the previous two. (I have both and they have complementary inserts and all...) I'm thinking this is super great for Kanno. (Other than Bebop and Escaflowne, how many of her projects have gone to three CDs? ) The Bobby single amuses me greatly.
  9. Akadotretail.com has them for order for about 10.60 prior to shipping. They're a reliable dealer and I have ordered from them before. Shipping however... eh... it may work out to be cheaper to ebay it...
  10. reference links. Some of the images are snagged from steshin's photobucket account. She posts on Suki and LJ macross boards...
  11. o_O Are you Steshin? (Just noted the refs) I am so glad this thread isn't dead. This is one of those threads that I continually come back for :3 This I poste din a buried thread in another part of the forum. More Sheryl Alto ness. I got my copy of the file book #1 the other day, but sadly no new art in it. That and it was kind of mashed, so going to have to order another one...
  12. Where do the last two images come from? Are these the from the card sets?
  13. Wow, thanks for posting these. I'm digging the Sheryl and Ranka vans... but also the look at the merchandise. I think these are the first "real" pictures of the upcoming gashpapon series I've seen and I think I'll be buying all of them . I also noticed the costume of Alto, which on top of the SMS jackets being advertised on the official home page, suggests to me that they're going to do official cosplay costumes (way cool). Also noticed the Bobby sketch (win) as well as the character animator's workbook. This too, is excellent news for me. (Gurren Lagaan was the most recent property to "separate" out the workbooks. Infuriatingly, GL went with at least 4 I think.... Typically most shows I watch put out one at best, and it only does feature characters. Lately these things have become popular, particularly since they're nothing more than color covers with black and white interiors. Movic is the publisher that usually handles a good majority of these books, but I've seen a few other publishers come on line.) NOW... need to save up mega moolah....
  14. xD I think Ozma will kill said poster first. Here's another one from me... still thinking through the background (yes, it's very FEMININE)...
  15. question: Are there any detailed pictures of the ExGear suits that Alto uses? I wanted to try to attempt to get something right for a fanart and am looking at Ep 25 but am not sure I have enough shots to see how the wings work.
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