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  1. Ever seen Ichi the Killer? I'm not even gonna post a link to the trailer, it'll get me banned... Edit in: For me, anything directed by David Cronenberg is good stuff. I have yet to see a movie he made that I didn't like. Too bad he's gone very indie these days, I had to catch his latest on DVD because so few theaters were showing it. I can understand why he doesn't like doing big studio movies... I think Paramount made him get a more mainstream composer (Michael Kamen, instead of his usual scorer Howard Shore, who's now an Oscar winner thanks to the LOTR trilogy) when he did The Dead Zone. Fox is still sitting on his Naked Lunch, not releasing it on DVD... Ichi the killer! Ahhh! runs and Hides in closet. Actually that looks pretty disgusting! Has anybody ever seen the Toxic Avenger. The best B movie EVAR!
  2. I like pretty much any kind of movie. I'm not hard to please. I do like horror movies. But the ones that really give the creeps are ghost movies. i.e. Sixth Sense, The Others, The Ring really crept me out! Anything else is more comedic than anything. I really like Sci-FI too! I just finished watching Children Of Dune. It's like a soap opera for guys. My favorite all time movies are: Dark City The Crow (original) Mullholland Dr.(sp?) - Really wacky movie! The Usual Suspects Basically anything dark! The coolest movies I've seen lately was Frailty and the Life of David Gale.
  3. While looking over each of my Yamato's. I've got atleast one of each. I don't have a favorite. They are all equally impresive in there on rights. Each different 1/60 to me represents various memorable scenes from DYRL or SDF Macross. For instance When I look at DYRL Max I recall a Zentran getting torn to shreds with bare mechanical hands, Roy's strike within the rings of Saturn, or Max and Millia on the deck of the factory satellite. Of course, I can't forget, my two CFs which brings the image of the decapitated brownie with the dead pilot floating in it. So my Yamato's for me represent the scenes of Macross that I'm so fond of. It's so hard to have a favorite! I did However vote for the VE-1. Out of all it is the most unique and I'm quite fond of it right now. Plus, I wanted to read every body elses votes.
  4. I don't see why it would'nt fit! I haven't recieved my SO or Elint yet but I would think They should work fine. I doubt the Pegs have changed so much. The older Hex looking pegs fit my 1J fine and the newer 1D square pegs fit well too. Even though the nose of the VT/Elint have been resulpted the're probably the same Pegs. I know pics would help but sorry don't have any. I'm sure somebody will be along to confirm it.
  5. Can anyone explain what an uppercase psi is (pounds per square inch)!?) What does that have to do with Macross? I'm curious too, My VF-1S box sits on top of my monitor so I look and that funky symbol all day long.
  6. ^Word^ Thats the way I feel too! I'm sorta afraid that the Ostrich and Elint are going to be the last offerings from Yamato as far as the 1/60 VF series goes. I'm still waiting on the FP upgrades aswell
  7. Maybe, we'll get lucky and Yamato will produce an add on pack with the Prometheus and Deadulus.
  8. I voted Yamato on both! Even though I haven't recieved mine yet. Theres just something about the Chunky-Monkey that drives me crazy. I'm not into the wacky proportions, poor poseability, and stamped on decals that just don't look right. Sorry Bandai lovers, but nostalgia just doesn't do it for me.
  9. I will be so upset if Yamato doesn't give us a GBP for the 1/60's. The 1/48's are beutiful and all but I want a complete collection of 1/60 valks. That includes FP upgrades, SDF Max, and Kakizaki too!!
  10. I'd like to give thanks to haterist. A good guy to deal with. Very nice packaging and the VF-11 arrived better than expected. As good as new! Thanks for the follow through! Extra props for that! Only if more sellers actually cared if you got your Item. Thanks!! Sean
  11. scand

    VF-11B Fast Pack

    Cool! thanks! I found the little opening to slide them into. It helped some but still leaves a little to be desired.
  12. scand

    VF-11B Fast Pack

    I just got my 11b today. Big props to MW member Haterist. I'm so glad I waited to get the new version rather than buy the first one. IMO opinion it's much sturdier than YF-21 fp. I'm definetly looking forward to the yf-19 now! A couple of gripes. What was Yamato thinking with the drinking cup plastic heat shield?! The shoulders are a little lacking as well. Do they lock in place some how or are the just naturally floppy? Also, Is there any any easy way to strengthen up the shoulders to hold better poses? Thanks
  13. Wow, I love the super ostrich. I can't wait to get these! Unfortunately priorities are in the way right now. Thanks for the review!
  14. The most expensive thing in my collection is a 1/48 VF-1S. The next priciest thing for the value is an origonal Takutaku 1/144(I think thats the scale) Destroid Spartan. I bought it about two years ago off of Ebay and paid 45$ to have it shipped from Argentina. If I could ever get a gosh darn Gold book that would be the most expensive item in my collection. But, I always get outbid even at 200$+. Non toys, definately the SDF animeigo series. Also I have a new toy that I just signed 30 years of my life away to. Damn Mortgage costs just as much as the house
  15. It's a Valk of course it's supposed to go to gerwalk.
  16. For completions sake I hope Yamato is not done with the VF 1/60 line. The molds are already there, why not give us a SDF Max and Kakizaki. I hope the way Yamato has treated the release of the 1/60 FP upgrades is not a sign that they are done with the 1/60 VF's. I've been waiting over a year for these since they were announced. IMO it is a sure bet the GBP will be released. How far in the future and for what line is any bodys guess. I'm assuming due to detail and for the ease of making the molds it would be for the 1/48 line though. I'm definately down for 1/60 destroids and enemy mecha. What I really want is a Spartan. I love that Destroid and it's probably the most over looked of them all. Battle pods would be nice. I'm just happy a Q-rau has been confirmed. And, I don't care how broke I am, I will definately be getting the Monster.
  17. I man-handled my YF-21fp when I first recieved it and snap the hinges where the fusalage bends down in battroid mode. I sorta fixed it but fighter mode hasn't looked the same
  18. Since my collection mainly consists of Yamatos, I'll have to say my 1/60 Cannon Fodder. It was the first valkyrie I ever had. Save for a couple of cheapo bootlegs I had as a kid and the neighbors recycled Jetfire. Interestingly enough, the CF was supposed to be a VF-1S. But we all no how shipping at HLJ can sometimes be. Even though it was the wrong valk I was still ecstatic to recieve it.
  19. Hey, Did that come out of a magazine? I'm just curious to know if it has anything to do with episode 3.
  20. I was about to ask the same thing! What happened to them?! Was there ever an explanation? The RT novel End of The Circle gave a half-a$$ed Idea of what happened to them. But what about Macross? Edit** Learn to type faster!**
  21. Hey Graham is this in regards to how many Yamatos we own or have purchased? I've bought more but traded them or sold them.
  22. 1/48=4 1/60=14 1/72=3
  23. Name: Sean Age: 29 Education: BS in Computer Information Systems. Occupation: Server(Blah!!!!) If you can't tell I'm the one on the right.
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