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  1. CHAN

    Age Check! :)

    27. started collecting last october and haven't stopped since. Damn the nostalgia
  2. whoa! I guess i'm not the only one nice collection Chan! What do you mean whoa? You are too humble. There is nothing in this world that can beat your collection
  3. Thanks for the compliments, nobody else that I know in real life appreciates any of them, so I gots to post them on Macrossworld to get them some love that they deserve. To answer a couple of questions that fellow members have posted. 1. No wife, therefore higher spending power. 2. Job pays enough but not nearly enough if you know what I mean 3. The toy store that I am buying from may be very happy but they don't seem to be very grateful. Very slow shipping. sigh. 4. If you think I have alot, maybe you haven't checked out Sithlord, he is a freak! (in the good sense)
  4. The favorite part of my little macross shrine at home.
  5. CHAN

    Hikaru 1S Review

    It wasn't an issue on my initial release VF-1A Hikaru or Roy VF-1S. It wasn't exactly stiff and stable, but it didn't fall open in battroid mode either. I think Graham and another guy also had the same problem. Will be receiving mine a little later today. Hope I won't have the same issue.
  6. All I can say is, I am left with more questions then answers at the end of revolution. Can someone tell me how the heck Zion generates power when the machines needed humans to generate power? Does Zion know something that the machines don't? Coz if the machines allowed all their batteries to go free, where the heck are they going to get power? Also if you watched Reloaded, there was the scene when Morpheius's ship was approaching Zion and they had to get clearance from the control center. The people in the control center looked like they were from some other future movie, every thing was super hightech, everybody dressed in pristine white uniforms and they even had virtual keyboards and screens on which to work. Nothing else in Zion looked anything remotely like the decor in that command center. What the heck was goin on there, those techies in the command center were dressed and equipped better then anybody else in the whole of Zion. And if the trainman who created the train station to link the machine world to the matrix is able to be god at the train station that he created and smite Neo if he wanted to. Why can't the Machine god/Architect who created the matrix smite both Neo and Smith to get rid of the problem instead of relying on Neo to do it? Finally if Smith evolved to counter Neo. How can 1 agent smith beat Neo? Wouldn't Neo be as powerful as all of the Smiths combined? Otherwise what kind of balance is Smith? Or was Neo just pretending to be as weak as 1 agent Smith? (Yes I know Neo allowed himself to be merged with Smith but you have to admit, they were both pretty evenly matched, or am I missing something here.) Can someone please share their enlightenment with me??
  7. a) to dodge them, in Fighter and gerwalk mode, push your control stick to the right and then quickly to the left or vice versa. You will know you did it right when the fighter/gerwalk does a barrel roll and shoots out Chaff. In Battroid mode, either push control stick to right and then quickly to the left (to jet to the right or left in flight or barrel roll on the ground) or push control stick foward and quickly to the back or vice versa to barrel roll forwards or backwards. b)to shoot them down transform into battroid mode, face the missles and hold on to the laser button. Personally I prefer option a. Hope this helps
  8. Will I be able to get these codes to work with a USA machine (no mod just Flip Top) and a USA Action Replay? If not, will I need to get a Japanese machine and action replay to get it to work? I tried the codes with my GS2, and they work... Swap magic user have to load up GS2/AR first, load & save the codes, then load there swap magic disc, then swap in your Macross game... I started a new save with my other memory card, and got S rank in all missions using the codes... I am a bit disappointed, still no YF-19/21 or VF-0/SV-51 Thanks for the info, my Flip top is coming tomorrow and I will try it then. THANKS!!
  9. Edit your pic ... hope you like it ... BTW, dun think the Super Armour can fly in atmosphere, but i dun have any space pic for background ... ... Thanks, I recently aquirred some space backrounds so I have those up soon. Only prolem is ho do I make it looklike it's really flying in space instead of just drifting. suggestions anyone. Make the stars a little blurry and shifted away from the VF.
  10. Will I be able to get these codes to work with a USA machine (no mod just Flip Top) and a USA Action Replay? If not, will I need to get a Japanese machine and action replay to get it to work?
  11. Where did you findi the Flip Top Case for that cheap? Yeah, i want to know too! where can you buy the Flip Top Case?
  12. Sorry man, they were sold out the minute they came out. Cheers http://www.hlj.com/cgi-perl/hljpage.cgi?KAM02037
  13. WOW! I guess quality does beat quantity Nice work!!
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