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  1. Hey folks. Been looking for this for a while, but YJ has turned up nothing. Any leads would be gratefully accepted.
  2. I'm emailing HLJ today for that same reason, but on the Kakizaki DYRL version. They've been awesome about that sorta stuff before. Clearly this cockpit problem is a recurring motif.
  3. I had the same problem. Moreover, the white paint on the back of the shoulder - light thingies for both Max and Miriya is scratched all to heck and back during normal careful transformation from Gerwalk to Battroid mode. I'll check my other backpacks for comparison - I have all but three of the releases so far. More info soon.
  4. This is the first 1/60 2.0 that I have considered investing in. I was determined not to repeat myself with collecting these things, but gosh... it's my favourite Macross valkyrie. And it comes with a squishable Minmay! Can it get any better than that?
  5. RainBot


    1. Shojki Kawamori is functionally insane. 2. He has great influence over the Yamato design team, and will have even his most eccentric whims answered. 3. Yamato, the king of selling the same toy to you fifteen times over, will no doubt produce "anime accurate" versions later on for your enjoyment.
  6. All you need is a screwdriver. Worked like a charm for me!
  7. I just want to see the phrase "Thunder Hummers" in large bold letters on a Yamato box. That'd be good for a larf. Seeisslee though, I can see the VF-2 recolours a lot more clearly in my oh-so-accurate crystal ball than any kinda retool. Especially that Platypus. I mean, it'd look like it'd be wearing adult diapers in Battroid mode. But I guess that "depends" on one's perspective.
  8. Are you sure?. What if it's awakening feelings you've held deep inside you? 418792[/snapback] My gosh! I see no skirt, no "gratuitous panty shot" and no School emblem anywhere. You are all gutter-brains, the lot of you. I, on the other hand, see a Roman Catholic choir boy, a companion, no doubt, to the previously released Super Stealth VF-1J.
  9. I hope the recolours continue, as it would be fun to customize a tv 1a max to wear a Zentraedi outfit (my second favourite scene). However, I think that there has to be some logical reason for this move. Either a public vote was observed in order to determine product desireability, or it is a test release using the least expensive means of product modification to see if there is a market (this thing is identical to the DYRL 1 in every way, save for the solid blue intakes). I am assuming that with their new painting technology (see the increased use of painting on the VF-0), Yamato is able to produce recolours even more easily than before, and that this obscure recolour's sales will determine future releases. Obviously the non-cannon "low-viz" design sold well enough to warrant two more releases.
  10. Okay. I'm confused. What is Yamato's strategy here? Was there a vote on Yamato's website or through Dengeki Hobby? How did this repaint come up? In fact, how did the Super 1J Stealth and Forest Camo come about? I understand that the customized version of the original Low-Viz 1a received a lot of attention from Yamato staff during hobby shows. Is it the same here? I'm tickled pink that Yamato is releasing this 1 episode wonder, but what about the main character vehicles? The head spins...
  11. Just fiddling. Argh. 2d shapes in a 3d background...
  12. Check this list, on page two for the stand, or peruse the other itmes I have for sale, like the soul of Chogokin stuff,,,,! Check this out for the other things...
  13. Click me to become a tool! More goodies await... Check this out for now... Check this out for the other things...
  14. Forgive my impudence, but wasn't the original 1/48 cad designed? Would it not be logical to modify the CAD file instead of modding a 1/48 toy? I suppose one could mod the 1/48 toy and re-scan all its component parts back into the CAD program, but that seems like a fragile and costly measure...
  15. No, it's not selfish to keep your loved ones alive. It's not selfish to prevent something disastrous from happening to someone you love. It IS selfish when doing so results in the death of someone else. Given a choice to save an entire star system or your loved one, what is your decision? I would let a thousand galaxies die in order to save a loved one. Your desire to save a whole world of strangers who may or may not turn against you is also selfish, becauseit is based on your preference to adere to your own morals. The people on these worlds are strangers - you don't know them, therefore are capeable of all aspects of humanity, unlike your mate, whom you know intimately and can TRUST - something a stranger can never have - if they could, they wouldn't be a stranger. "It IS selfish when doing so results in the death of someone else." You argument is illogical and circular. You have a complete stranger beside you who will be shot if you don't help your mate from certain death. You would sooner save the stranger than your mate. Undateable!
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