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  1. buy it now for the combo is usually around 36k yen, so I would assume final bid would be around that price. But in any case, never hurts to try if you want the combo, who knows, the other bidders might be sleeping or something.
  2. YAJ still have some VF-1S below 25k yen. Just got another VF-1S for 23380 yen. Currently, the lowest buy it now is 24800 yen with free shipping: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/c783546204
  3. You might be confusing with the Metal Structure Fin Funnel accessory pre-order (PO was opened recently though not sure if it's still open, and that's scheduled to be release on June) or maybe you're talking about the release of a shop outside Japan. The actual RX-93 unit is released already in Japan and the preorder for that was 6 months ago. Stores outside Japan (at least in the US) will be released on those shops later (maybe January or Feb), but again pre-order for those were done months ago and as with usual hot Bandai items, there's a good chance that there won't be extra units sold at retail price. Right now, it seems Amazon.co.jp has the best price (including shipping) for those that missed the preorder (which just lasted in a minute or two) and don't have local shops that offer it.
  4. Please note that the price posted in the item page is the price + the 10% Japanese VAT. So for international buyers that 10% is removed during checkout. Unfortunately, I think there's no way to see if a seller will ship internationally other than trying them and see if it will allow you to checkout. Though usually, those fulfilled by Amazon have a high chance that it ships internationally, so filter sellers fulfilled by Amazon. I've ordered and below is the price I got (shipped to Canada,):
  5. Those looking for Metal Structure RX-93, it's available on Amazon.co.jp for international shipping. Some stores have an additional 5% rebate so it can go low to around 137000 yen. Surprisingly, the shipping is just 1600 yen (Amazon shipping). Just make sure to select stores fulfilled by Amazon and those that have the 5% rebate. It's cheaper than current market price on YAJ (and you still need to account the shipping and other proxy fees)
  6. I think the price of the Metal Structure is fine for its scale and the level of details (assuming that this is true with the actual released item). Just think of how much it will cost you both in material and labor if you will detail up/customize a Perfect grade scale model at that level, not to mention, the figure have diecast parts in it.
  7. Ya, unless you're fine with inflated price of at least 130000 yen (~$1300). IIRC the PO for the Metal Structure Nu just lasted a minute or so on the usual online shops.
  8. Been using N-Y for about 4 years and had around 140 items shipped from them (4 items shipped this past month), and didn't have any major issues so far. Had a few slow shipment issue in the past (I usually submit a follow-up ticket when it's 4 week late) but those were resolved relatively quickly. I'm used to N-Y's slow shipping (there's a limit of course) so unless you're that type of person, then I think you should avoid N-Y as it will just give you headaches. Personally, I know the risk of ordering with them that there's high chance that they might screw the order, so I always have plans on how to recover in case the 'nuke' option is unavoidable. Always do Pay later if possible for maximum PP protection, and if Pay Later is not available, make sure that my CC, or bank will cover me for that period. Just a story from another forum this week, the poster's friend apparently ordered $7000 worth of items from N-Y January this year and seems to have been paid upfront. Some of the items from that order seems to have been released a month or two already, and those were not shipped yet so the friend seems to jump the gun (contacted the bank) so obviously, N-Y ban the account. Now that friend now has a problem recovering the amount since it seems a debit card was used so have to go through with the bank process (which is usually slow). There's not much info provide with regards to the said order, but as some members has posted, if that person indeed have one big order ($7000), then it's possible that the reason why they are not shipped yet is because as per N-Y's terms they'll ship the order once all of the items in that order is released/available. Or it's also possible that N-Y is figuring out how to ship that big order. In any case, there are still missing details with that story, but the thing is, when dealing with N-Y (or any other shop), make sure to have some backup exit plan in case things go awry.
  9. it was 20000 yen in Amazon.co.jp at the start of the pre-order. What you see now is most probably third party sellers in amazon with their scalper price.
  10. Zaku II now available on Amazon.co.jp for international customers. Snagged 2
  11. PO'ed MB Eva-02 from Otakusquare, but due to reports of them not able to fulfill all orders for the recent Eva-01 reissue, bit the bullet and got Eva-02 from YAJ while the price are still sane.
  12. MB Crossbone X-2 available @ 28000 yen at mandarake (seems to be available in 2 stores): https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1124837310&ref=list&keyword=metalbuild&lang=en
  13. My N-Y order has just been shipped. Order #7006xx and is also the first PO price from NY (with pay later option)
  14. Had quite a few p-bandai orders from MyKombini and they all delivered (MB Gernsback, MB Gunbarrel , VF-31S armor) and during those times, they only require a 50% deposit. However, it seems that they are now requiring a full deposit for p-bandai items. As for Wing Snow White, as per https://www.gundamkitscollection.com/2019/11/gffmc-wing-gundam-snow-white-prelude.html , it seems that an upgraded version of it is already in the works? If that's the case, will just skip this one and get the upgraded one since I also have two of the original GFFMC Wing Zero.Aand in case I change my mind, I'm hoping that I'll still get this through YAJ once released at reasonable price, lol (in my experience if you buy early enough after release in YAJ, the price premium is not that bad).
  15. They really look good out of the box (without any custom painting, etc), however, the first two hi-res, the Barbatos and Wing Zero are "grenades", parts flying with the slightest movement. So if you're planning to play those two, better glue the parts. However, the succeeding ones (Wing, Astray Red Frame, Astray Noir, etc) are quite solid. So Bandai learned something from the first two hi-res
  16. Was able to order from Amazon JP just now at SRP. Was also not able to add the thru the item page even though the lower price (by amazon) is shown as available. Tried adding it through my watchlist (or recently viewed item) and was able to add thru there.
  17. The original GFFMC Wing Zero is based from the EW: Glory of Losers Manga. It's basically Endless Waltz (when we talk about Endless Waltz as a manga, think of it like Gundam Origins) with some additional details (more complete retelling of the story) and the Gundams have additional variants/equipments (e.g. Heavy Arms Igel equipment, Shenlong Liao ya, etc)
  18. if we're talking about her dress in the Disney films, yeah. However, in the original tale, the reason why she's named "Snow White" is because her skin's white as snow (in many old illustration she wears a white dress).
  19. use this search keyword in YAJ: metal Build ダブルオーライザー The keyword is basically the whole word (double olyzer) not 00. Using '00' will just produce a small amount of results.
  20. why not, lol. Well Heero's code name in the novel is "Princess Aurora" (since he's on cryo sleep), so maybe it's just fitting for his Gundam to have a fairy tale/disney princess designation (Snow white, obviously if you have that name, white would be your major color).
  21. Those looking for the MB Strike Freedom Soul Blue ver., it seems to be available now at Bluefin for $270: https://www.bluefinbrands.com/strike-freedom-gundam-soul-blue-ver-gundam-seed-destiny-bandai-metal-build.html
  22. It's from the Frozen Teardrop novel. I believe the original Metal composite Wing zero was 25000 yen without tax (currently around 40000 yen and above in the aftermarket), and it seems that the price in that display has tax included so it's just a small increase in MSRP compared to the original Wing zero.
  23. Since you guys are talking about MB SF, sharing mine. Originally not planning to get the Soul blue SF as I already have the original (and also due to the high price relative to MSRP), but was able to find a decent price in Yahoo Auctions so got one in the end (still to be shipped though as I'm maximizing FJ's warehouse time in case I order additional things from YAJ).
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