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  1. if the seller is not using Ebay's global shipping program (GSP) then there could be duties/tax upon delivery. If it's shipped under GSP, then the duties / tax are paid upfront during checkout. Also, was your order already shipped? There's an announcement by Japan Post that they're suspending EMS and Airmail to Canada starting Nov. 27 (Japan time) so if it's shipped through Japan Post and your order has not shipped yet or was shipped at that date, then there could be problem shipping it.
  2. Not sure if this applies to all locations, but at least here in Canada, if you ship through Fedex, you can waive their advancement fee and just pay for the tax/duties, if you create a Fedex account and use that account to pay for those. You may have to call Fedex support once you get your invoice and tell them to bill the said account but afterwards, the succeeding shipments automatically bills the said account. So I choose Fedex for that reason assuming of course that their rate is close to the alternatives or reasonable.
  3. for Canadians, Japan Post just suspended EMS and Airmail to Canada: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/2020/1126_01_en.html Surface shipping still available
  4. My recent orders that were released were shipped on time by AmazonJP (just a few days after release), at least those that are directly shipped by them. And DHL is still quick to deliver. As for GSC itself, don't have any recent orders from that that were released, but from what I've read there seems to be some slow down especially for those with Japan Post restrictions. You can check this MFC GSC forum thread: https://myfigurecollection.net/threads.v4.php?mode=view&threadId=5425&page=12#c-87171631
  5. Got a number of DX and Metal build items (and other figures) from them for 2 years and no issues. Kakizaki and MB Launcher Striker to name some recent ones and they ship on time (at least for me).
  6. seems price is dropping. Currently 23455 yen without the tax (25800 posted) at Amazon jp: https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/gp/product/B0897ZW6HZ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. Be ready for Japan Post fee increase by next year especially for those going to the U.S. Japan Post has an official announcement about this (though no available english document yet), but as per https://www.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20201015/k10012664801000.html, it seems the U.S. will have up to 62% increase. This will be applicable to all other countries as well with an average increase of 39%. Aside from the pandemic (limited availability of flights), the main reason for the said increase is due to the U.S. complaint (remember the threat by US to withdraw from UPU) about the difference of fees received by destination countries (for example, fees for mails coming from China to US is too low)
  8. to those looking for the SF Soul blue Wings of Light, currently available at mykombini for 9990 yen: https://mykombini.com/en/february-2021/20375-metal-build-gundam-seed-destiny-strike-freedom-gundam-wing-of-light-option-set-soul-blue-ver-bandai-limited.html
  9. I believe the de minimis for US is $800. Greater than that and there's a chance you'll be taxed
  10. 9000 yen (plus the initial shipping estimate) for just Kakizaki? I ordered mine from MyKombini, and they sent it thru Fedex to Canada and just ask for an additional 1395 yen (SAL small packet was originally selected), for a total of 3 990 yen for shipping.
  11. Tamiya panel line is known to be harsh on plastics. Even has a note that it can make plastics brittle in its product page. It's recommended that you put a coat first as protection if you're using it on bare plastic.
  12. Seems like the translogistic issue earlier this year caught up with NY and possibly mess up their financials as probably a lot of customer affected at that time did PP disputes/chargebacks. Thus it's possible they don't have enough funds to fulfill all orders. Even on other forums, there are still people still waiting/hoping for their items to ship after several months. As for NY's practice of fulfilling those with multiple items last, it's possible they do so, so less customer will complain/chargeback if they can't fulfill all orders. Let's say they have 4 customers, 3 of those have 1 item ordered each while one has 3 multiple items. NY only have 3 items in hand. If they fulfill the one with 3 items, they can't fulfill the other 3 customers, so there will be complaints/chargebacks from 3 customers. They fulfill the 3 with one item each, and you only have the customer with multiple items doing a chargeback, In case of chargeback, it would be the same amount for both cases, however, they'll only be managing one angry customer, and possibly it looks better having just one customer complaining (to Paypal or CC companies) and just losing the said customer. Also ordered an SSP from N-Y and fortunately they fulfilled it last July, and that would be my last item from them.
  13. Ya FJ changed it to just one plan (300 yen) which includes the same protection from 700 plan. However, there are also some changes on how this fee applies. Before it was on a per order basis, but now, it's on a per item basis. YAJ auction buyers won't be affected that much since the fee usually applies on a per auction basis. However, this greatly affects users who buy multiple items per order from local JP shops, especially those who buy small/cheap articles.
  14. I won't think too much about it. Who knows, maybe FJ or the big proxies/companies have some sort of special agreement with PayPal or maybe they get some sort of tax credits, deductions or something for those fees so they don't bother charging those PP fees from their customers. We'll only know if we ask them
  15. Intel's strength is still in the enterprise space and with the enterprise being slow in adopting new (and better) technologies/infra, Intel still has time to have its house in order. They should do it quickly though, as the more time they lose, the more time enterprise have to contemplate and resolve issues that prevent them from moving to AMD. Major Cloud providers are already offering instances based on EPYC for example, and if others see the benefit of using AMD from those Cloud providers, then it would allow AMD to eat Intel's enterprise pie.
  16. Seems to be available at play-asia though at 9327 yen: https://www.play-asia.com/the-super-dimension-fortress-macross-shoji-kawamori-designers-no/13/70dlrl
  17. Same here, received an email about creating a new ticket with that subject. Though they also replied to my existing ticket with the same information and closed it.
  18. I don't think the locals would have supply issues as they would obviously have the biggest allocation of units. In Japan you have a lot of 'local' shop options (online or brick/mortar stores) so I would say there's sufficient supply. It's us outsiders who have a supply issue since we only have a handful of online shops that directly caters to us. Even for regular releases, I would assume that each shop would have a limited allocation from Bandai and since there are less shops catering to those outside Japan, this means a limited supply. Local shops in Japan on the other hand are plenty so Japan will get the bulk of the allocation.
  19. Ordered MB Eva02 from them and they delivered, though there's a chance they might cancel your order if they don't secure enough stock.
  20. Voltes V available on Amazon JP (64,900 yen - 10% as of this post): https://www.amazon.co.jp/BANDAI-SPIRITS-バンダイ-スピリッツ-フィギュア新商品1/dp/B08C3B35VF/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=ボルテスv&qid=1593799467&sr=8-2
  21. Almost forgot about the PO as I was a bit tired due to meetings/some remote work last night that I was eager to go to bed. Good thing I usually read reddit, forums or some quick netflix browse to make myself sleepy (lol) and remembered about this PO. Was late by about 10 minutes or so and HLJ was the only shop remaining that I'm willing to PO from (otherwise will just try my luck at release). So just like the others waited for HLJ to 'fix' their site, and fortunately was able to get one though I thought it would fail as I got two "HLJ support" errors during the final step to place the order (just kept clicking place order button). Got the confirmation email and back to bed immediately.
  22. just got my SSP from NY this week (also paid for it upon PO last year). So I've asked about it around 1st week of May and also to ask to change the shipping method (RSAL -> EMS), and they just replied that they don't have it yet and also sent an invoice for the additional fee to change the shipping to EMS. I've replied that Iwon't be paying that additional EMS at that time (since it's not available), and also told them to keep me updated when they have the SSP. Haven't heard anything from them about the SSP, but first week of June, I just decided to pay up the additional EMS fee. And then, was surprised that they actually shipped the item the weekend of that week. So with that, only the VF-0D and the missile set order remains.
  23. I would say not foresight but more of a long business relationship with DHL. Mandarake has been offering DHL for years, and even then it's sometimes cheaper to use DHL than EMS for example. Only reason I don't personally use DHL when I order from Mandarake is due to customs (and associated broker fees).
  24. If you haven't done so, better check your account details in MyKombini and check if your order have any messages there. Sometimes I don't receive emails for new messages.
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