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  1. there's a better keyword to search for in AJ which narrows down to the item. Also useful if the product title/description are all in japanese.
  2. it's all scalpers when I was able to view the item page in AJ. I think AJ did offer their own, however, it's possible that there could be a delay making it available for international customer thus the locals would definitely buy it all up before it becomes available to us.
  3. https://en.gundam.info/content/onlineexpo2021 Looks like PBandai US will be selling gundam base gunplas and seems like there will be Metal builds as well (though nothing specific)
  4. https://en.gundam.info/content/onlineexpo2021 seems like P-Bandai US will be selling exclusive Gundam base items listed in the event, and seems like there will be metal builds as well
  5. to clarify it's unclear if PayPal removed them or NY removed PayPal to prevent buyers from easily disputing and getting a refund. You would think that there won't be any buyers after removing PayPal, but there are still buyers who gamble especially during the NY sale a month ago.
  6. not really, posted it after securing my order, lol. And the item link was posted by HLJ themselves an hour before it opened (though the page is not available or 404 before the order time) on a site. Was actually surprised it was not posted here much earlier.
  7. I think they might have removed the link since it contains sensitive information. It's basically a plain text list of emails, addresses and phone numbers
  8. So someone posted in another forum of NY accounts for sale for 0.01 BTC (with a link of the list of account info), and a user replied that his info is in the said list (and also mentioned that he's using a unique email for NY or shops ). Didn't find my info from the said list but in any case make sure you're not re-using NY account creds on other sites.
  9. you can still estimate the possible taxes/duties though. For figures, toys and related items there's no duty (0%) but you need to pay the GST or the federal portion of HST which is 5% of the declared item value. And as mentioned, if using Fedex Express (do note that this is different from Fedex ground which is usually used on items bought from the US) their disbursement fee of ~$10 can be waived if you pay through a Fedex account (you can create one), so you'll basically just be paying the duties/taxes. So no need to go to the nearest CBSA office and self-clear, unlike the other two couriers (DHL and UPS). You should always factor at least that 5% tax in your purchases unless the seller (like Amazon JP) prepays it (I think only Amazon is doing this among the Japanese shops/sellers) DHL's own fee is around ~$17 nowadays for the most part (unless you have a really high value item), which I say is still somewhat reasonable (comparing to Canada Post's own fee which is $10). As for UPS, avoid it like a plague as they have the highest fees among the three.
  10. If you can't avoid using a courier and Fedex Express is available, choose Fedex (assuming the shipping is lower or around the same) as they waive their disbursement fees (~$10) if you pay using a Fedex Account (you need to create one) so you'll just be paying for the duties and taxes. When you receive your invoice, call their support and tell them that you'll be using your Fedex account to pay for the duties/taxes.
  11. FYI to my fellow Canadian collectors out there, Japan Post will suspend Surface Parcel to Canada starting May 19: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/2021/0518_01_en.html So for now, the couriers are the only options to ship to Canada
  12. You can maybe compare it to Mandarake's own DHL rate (https://earth.mandarake.co.jp/help/shipping_options-en.html ). For example a 5 kg item (disregarding volume/size) is 5250 yen to US/Canada while it's 12700 for EMS (with the surcharge). Issue with DHL or other couriers of course is that its rate are mostly based on volume, so it could still be more expensive if the item is large.
  13. Good news, looks like EMS will be resuming for US / North America this June or summer. The bad news, it's more expensive with the introduction of a "temporary" surcharge. Less than 1.5kg, the rate is somewhat acceptable but more than that, courier shipping will look like a better option. For example, for 2kg EMS will cost 6100 yen. For 5 kg, 12700 yen. Also the surcharge is not flat, the higher the base rate (or weight), the higher the surcharge. Link to the table (in Japanese): https://www.post.japanpost.jp/notification/pressrelease/2021/00_honsha/0415_01_02.pdf Other details (in Japanese PDF): https://www.post.japanpost.jp/notification/pressrelease/2021/00_honsha/0415_01.html
  14. AFAIK FromJapan always charge for the full amount. I believe it was FJ's mistake that some were just charged partially.
  15. just an FYI for proxy users (for YAJ, etc), it seems like Buyee is offering Fedex shipping that's based on weight instead of volume/size (https://buyee.jp/help/yahoo/guide/shipping-method). Buyee fees are not that competitive compared to other proxies, but depending on what you're buying might be a good option while EMS and other Air shipping are still suspended.
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