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  1. The items I've checked today in AJ are all sold by Amazon. For example a PO of an item I've ordered last Monday has the flat shipping of 1600 yen. The same item which is still in PO (and sold by Amazon) now has a shipping of ~2600 yen.
  2. just browsing on Amazon JP and it seems the shipping is now variable (more expensive on bigger items) instead of the usual flat rate (usually at 1600 yen). Checked out some items that I've PO'ed earlier with a 1600 yen shipping which now has more expensive shipping.
  3. New update from Japan Post: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/2020/0423_01.html Announcement and PDF is still in Japanese (no English yet), but as per https://myfigurecollection.net/blog/45426 ,EMS and Airmail to US for example is also now suspended (Canada not in the updated list yet). Also, it seems that EMS packages going to the US that's already received by Japan Post will be sent though delayed (up to 4 months, first in first out).
  4. Mandarake can undervalue your packages, you just have to explicitly ask them (with the value you want) in the comments sections when checking out. You tell them that you'll be responsible if anything happens due to the package being undervalued. My last order with them was November, and they still accept the undervalue request.
  5. haven't seen any suspension announcements/news from Fedex/DHL's site, but you may also want to double check if you gonna order something and use those couriers.
  6. Mods/admins feel free to move this thread if this is not the appropriate section for this. Anyways, Japan post has an official announcement regarding suspension of international mail: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/2020/0401_02_en.html Please check the PDF for the specific list of countries and what type of mail is affected. If I understand the PDF correctly, US (and Canada) for example can still accept EMS/Airmails. SAL on the other hand (not sure if it also includes RSAL small packet or if it's under airmail) is suspended for all countries.
  7. FYI to those wondering about N-Y's delay which started early this year, please refer to the following MFC threads for details: First NY thread (check the last few pages for the issue): https://myfigurecollection.net/threads.v4.php?mode=view&threadId=3602&current=keywords&replyId=0&page=100 Latest/2nd NY thread: https://myfigurecollection.net/threads.v4.php?mode=view&threadId=16848&page=55#c-77088874 To summarize many of the packages for European customers were stuck or still stuck with N-Y's logistics partner there for almost 3 months and seems to be still not resolved. Thus customers there resorted to PP claims, etc. This issue seems to also affect other non-European orders (domino effect?) further worsening the issue. Though as per latest updates, it seems that N-Y is currently in damage control (though really late at that) and even directly called some of the affected customers and as per their replies, the issue should be resolved by April.
  8. just to quickly answer this, check out the NY thread from MFC: https://myfigurecollection.net/threads.v4.php?mode=view&threadId=16848&page=55#c-77088874 Note that's the 2nd/latest thread for N-Y there as the first one reached its page limit. Some of the history is also on the last few pages of the first thread: https://myfigurecollection.net/threads.v4.php?mode=view&threadId=3602&current=keywords&replyId=0&page=100 To summarize many of the packages for European customers were stuck or still stuck with N-Y's logistics partner there for almost 3 months and seems to be still not resolved. Thus customers there resorted to PP claims, etc. This issue also seems to also affect other non-European orders (domino effect?)
  9. that's somewhat expected though not having a new date is a bummer. Hopefully N-Y (where I ordered) is alive by then as it seems there's a number of PP claims/chargebacks from their customers the past few months due to their logistics issue (specifically in Europe).
  10. Haven't had actual issues with them yet (ordered some Metal builds, DX and other figures). I only had one minor issue with them and I think it's more systems related, in which one of the POs which had a delayed release seems to disappear in my history/account when the date was moved. But they fixed it immediately when I informed them about it. So I think just make sure you have a copy of order/transactions (screenies, etc). There's some history though with them cancelling PO which I believe happened on Kairos orders of some users here IIRC.
  11. kakizaki also available on mykombini for 20990 yen: https://mykombini.com/en/august-2020/17940-dx-chogokin-macross-movie-edition-vf-1a-valkyrie-hayao-kakizaki-use-bandai-limited.html Surprised that it's already up on mykombini. They usually have very late postings.
  12. There are already some scalper postings on amazon.co.jp: https://www.amazon.co.jp/機動戦士ガンダムSEED-フリーダムガンダム-CONCEPT-ダイキャスト製-塗装済み可動フィギュア/dp/B08627JJJ6/ref=sr_1_1?camp=1207&creative=13039&ie=UTF8&keywords=4573102580580&language=en_US&linkCode=shr&linkId=aa6611b49939a8c512d4949a33860c70&qid=1584948243&s=hobby&sr=1-1 @ 54.9k though it's only available locally.
  13. FromJapan can also ship by sea (at least to Canada). Usually use that option when shipping Gunpla in bulk (I usually bid on built or unbuilt gunpla lots from YAJ)
  14. for what it's worth, I had an item from N-Y (pbandai kit) that was released the last week of Jan and was shipped first week of March. Though the latest order I have that was released this week seems to have been shipped immediately (shipped within 2 days). I'm used to N-Y being slow and all, though the concern right now is the issue they have mostly with the European customers using Transilogistics which started January and seems to be not fully resolved yet. This could introduce cashflow issue to N-Y if those people do mass PP dispute or chargeback (well some of them already did) and depending on the amount might affect POs not yet released (e..g vf-0d) or worst they might go the way of the dodo.
  15. pafy6285

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Chucky's also available on Amazon.co.jp for 21,990 - 5% (promo) - 10% (jap tax), so currently cheaper there (plus cheap DHL shipping)
  16. heard the cert issue on another forum but haven't encountered that and when I check it, it says it will expire on July 2020. As for NY being very slow these days, could be related to the transilogistics (Europe) issue they have which started this year most probably causing backlogs in their logistics not to mention more work dealing with PP disputes/chargebacks from those who can't wait or not used on how slow N-Y can ship things. Some (from the said forum) are even speculating that NY has cashflow issues and not paying the logistics company, etc. For what it's worth, I have an item (pbandai kit) that was released last week of Jan, which was just shipped last week (more or less a month).
  17. Unfortunately, non-Ver. Ka regular released MGs usually just have dry transfers and/or stickers. Water slides are usually included on Ver Ka kits and PBandai released items.
  18. Just pasting Figurama's reply regarding this from their FB page. It seems they had a hard time making the left foot to work and also a major factor is the swappable torso for the Battou form, otherwise, if they go with the left foot then they might need a completely different sculpt/figure for that (thus possibly increasing price) :
  19. Rurouni Kenshin fans, you might be interested with Figurama's 1/6 Kenshin vs Shishio diorama which is now open for PO (limited to 950 pcs): https://figurama-collectors.com/collections/elite-exclusive/products/rurouni-kenshin?variant=31754473275497 Not really into statue territory, but there's only a few really good Kenshin figs out there, and being a long time fan of the series, just have to get his, lol. It's quite expensive though at $1100 USD, (20%, or $220 deposit) but they have payment plans up to 10 months (no interest or fees). Also if you pay thru their CC processor Payfort, they have a $45 discount on shipping. Size of the statue is 60cmx60cmx55cm so have to look for a big space to display it (by the way, they say the swords are diecast). PO is still open as of this writing. The last diorama, the Meruem vs Netero (HxH) I believe lasted 7 hours before it was closed.
  20. the N-Y thread from another figure site is quite active right now (for the past few weeks), due to delayed/slow shipping/delivery issue. This mostly involves buyers from Europe, who uses a logistics/shipping company only available there (trans-logistics). Apparently, there was some custom issues encountered by the logistic company early January and it seems that the packages has just started to move mid-January. N-Y being N-Y didn't explain much with regards to the delay thus making many buyers with orders already released quite anxious. Items actually moved and got delivered but it can be assumed that there a significant back up of packages due to shipping company delay thus not all items that are expected got delivered to their recipients. So it can be assumed that N-Y has it hands full right now as there could be a flood of tickets not to mentioned those who don't have the patience could be doing PP disputes or chargebacks further increasing the load (some posters speculating bankruptcy doesn't help also). Anyway, if you're buying an in-stock item from N-Y right now, I think it would be better to just order from another due to slow processing right now. And if you have an order release this month or maybe the next month expect slow processing / shipping due to the said issue.
  21. Ya Beastars is good and has some good social commentaries. And if you're into Beastars, try Murenase! Seton Gakuen this season which is also a school setting with animals in it (the girls are basically kemonomimi or humans with some animal characteristic, and the males are 'animals' in human form, and the faculty are literary dinosaurs). However this is a comedy series as opposed to Beastars which has serious undertones.
  22. With a plane, it can still function with a single engine or if all failed still have a chance to glide to safety. With a helicopter, you're basically on a cage that's free falling and I also think much harder to control (when sh*t happens).
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