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  1. It should work, there are other methods too... You can apply any of these to the hip ball joint: Clear nail polish, pledge floor care finish (clear), future floor finish, or kiki fix loose joints. Gently apply and let dry... usually 1 or 2 coats will fix the issue, since yours is new I'd go for 1. Let dry at least 2 hours but preferably leave overnight before reassembly
  2. Hey guys!!! I noticed in my vf1 v2 1/60 yammie that one of the "intake" markings at the side of the chest piece is barely noticeable. Was this a noticed QC with your copies as well? Or is it paint degradation from (bad) handling? I compared it vs a brand new arcadia and the markings on that one are super red, super sharp, and you can clearly read intake at 30cm away. Thanks!!!
  3. They look so nice at the side of the jet, glad they made this change vs top of the wings (weeeeeeeeeird)
  4. Just sumbled onto this topic and had to do this: @jeniusSir, you have all my gratitude. We can only be grateful for the time and info put into the website and channel. You have saved our lives and wallets countless times! Hope you efforts will continue to bring you all the success and the best of joys! Thank you!
  5. Hey guys sorry if this is not the right place but I've had no luck finding an old yammie v2 1/60 thread. Anyway I noticed that one of the "intake" markings at the side of the chest piece is barely noticeable. Was this a noticed QC with your copies as well? Or is it paint degradation from handling? I compared it vs a brand new arcadia and the markings on that one are super red, super sharp, and you can clearly read intake at 30cm away. Thanks!!!
  6. Im sure it will have the new leg solution... thing is we do not have enough info on how well, and how long it worked / will work
  7. Guess the market response for the Delta toys was not the same.... Many vf31 were available afrer PO and release dates, even now you can find them unopened at reasonable prices. Hope this Max release will help change the trend... we need updated vf 171cf, another run of vf 31 kairos, and vf22
  8. Hey guys!!! Is there a way to know what these versions contain???
  9. Better SWOOOOOSH and an extra PEW PEW PEW "PEW" is my suspicion I could be wrong ....by little
  10. With mine one arm had the forearm armor stuck midway, so it was still possible to put everything together under the wing but the gun was just a little lower, definitely not as flush as the other side. Eventually I was able to get that armor moving and helped to have it right under the wing. It is not the only issue, if you push the arm full into the wing tabs, guns will point down, but if you dont, the panels wont make one flat surface.
  11. I hope the renewed deal allows for any previous existing valk to be distributed outside Japan, and not only for specific world wide releases with random decos...
  12. If the cannons in foghter mode are pointing downwards, remember there is armor at the forearm with a sliding mechanism that needs to be pushed towards the elbow. This will give clearance to the cannons align properly.
  13. Easy choice between this yf 29 and ww vf 25, for me. Yf 29 integrates many of the feats that were developed for the vf 25 during the episodes and 2 movies. Plus it includes super parts. If the vf 25 had included super parts it would be a different story. Either way I wont be getting neither xD, I already have some of each from the Frontier era.
  14. Good to see the "bring Macross outside Japan" machinery started to roll quite quickly. Hope this means many older valks will be reissued to the rest of the world through local and website retailers. The wwm vf 25 looks nice, maybe they should have thrown in the super parts set as with the yf29 update.
  15. Fortunately I was able to mend the damage and keep it usable and transformable... Unfortunately because of the tolerances and limited diassembly caused by the fix pins I had to improvise a solution... Im glad of the result (and having a MIB spare xD)
  16. Le me trying to dodge spoilers but excited about reading what I might see !!!!!! (Winky winky) Also interesting new valk, reminds me of the Birdman and Kaduns of Zero
  17. So this happended to my yf29, dont know if its the original release or the reissue. It is not the full parts bundle recently released. The swivel that keeps the neck attached to the chest cracked. You will see that there are other cracks besides the one that split both in the neck piece and the chest assembly. It looks fixable with extreme care, but just to give you a heads up, since unfortunately this was a very tight fit to lift and lower the neck.
  18. So yesterday I read the post about the sliding forearm armor, which I wish I had read before, since it was not fully slid backwards and caused the cannon to point downwards. Unfortunately I thought it was glued out of possition and got me sanding the white piece that holds the cannon... This already complex arm under the wing system had no need to be even more...does the forearm armor backwards or forwards really adds something?
  19. So I just got my vf 31 ax from Mandarake, which is also my first purchase without an intermediary. It said package damaged, but it is mint condition. At 30k + shipping Id say was a somewhat good deal, unfortunately I had to pay an import tax of 16%, so not happy with the current budget required to buy one of these. Shipping, I am very happy it came inside a shipping box, with bubble plastic and very well covered with paper from all sides. And oh boy! that new valk smell!! Arad's 31S was my last purchase so I was brought back to 2018. The box, its sad that the sleeve is gone and its just a box again. The toy, full of gaps, but its ok since I gave up QC on these things a long time ago, now its a "touch me and watch me break" relationship... so its the looks and paint app that has me extrmely happy!!!! Because it looks AMAZING on the shelf along the others 31 (I missed all Altos previous releases).
  20. Hey guys sorry if its not the thread to ask this Im about to snatch one hayate custom from mandarake using paypal... In your experience what do you usually recommend: using papypal's exchange rate or paying yens and then your bank's rate?? I know its very subjective but any lead will help!
  21. Hey guys!! I think issues will be solved by the next release. Factories are the first to know when production went south; even when Bandai wasn't informed or didnt care, I think they can easily fix it for the next model. That or Bandai has gone appart of the samurai way
  22. Hey guys!! So looks Im way too late on the AX news Do you guys remember what was the release price? I will have to look for one in the aftermarket but want to pay as minimum premium as possible Thnks!
  23. WWM?? So this time we will be able to get it at a Seven Eleven around the block at retail price... right?? Has the time come for the HG embargo on all valks outside Japan to end??
  24. Oh man!! that AX is so sick!!!! Now bandai if you please re release the 31A... do it! Do it now! Do it!! You were supposed to like our money!!!! Gimme my delta wings!!!!!
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