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  1. WWM?? So this time we will be able to get it at a Seven Eleven around the block at retail price... right?? Has the time come for the HG embargo on all valks outside Japan to end??
  2. Oh man!! that AX is so sick!!!! Now bandai if you please re release the 31A... do it! Do it now! Do it!! You were supposed to like our money!!!! Gimme my delta wings!!!!!
  3. Heyy!!! Been offline the forums for a while... so the news is we get an Arad variant in Messer's colors and a Hayate speaker combo ( will support bluetooth)?? And I'm still here craving for a reissue of the 31A ... man!!!
  4. Hey guys!! Just saw the new trailer / teaser!! Indeed it does not give much about the plot, and raises many questions about the new valks. I just hope it includes UN or custom vf 31As cause we need massive re releases of that bad boy!!!!! And please dont let it bring or mention any of the Windermerean revolution so we can leave that in the past and never talk about it again!!!!!! xD
  5. Hey guys!? Is there a specific thread for the new coming Delta movie?? Just saw the trailer. Thx!!!!
  6. Finally the final valk of delta squad!! Feels it was yesterday I finished the ep1 teaser and my face was like O_o?!?!?!
  7. How beauiful is that?!?! You could argue the price... but my arcadia vf0s can kick any bandais derriere any day (even the 30 and 31)... so expectations are high
  8. For 2nd market MIB valks my roof is at usd 300.... beyond that its a nono, no matter how hot or rare the valk is.
  9. These chuck cancelled orders is becoming a cat-astrophe!!! Dont worry Im sure the valk will be available after release. Remember the 31 kai was nowhere to be found and today it is still available (even with a mark up, but still)
  10. Its a 25 episode series and a 2 movie retelling of 2hrs each. I think youll enjoy it... just be careful because if you fall for any of the valks or armor sets you better prepare your wallet!!!!
  11. I have a vague memory of someone attaching the lil drakkens to the missile holes under the wing. If so maybe the kairos could do the same
  12. If chuck comes with a mini cat fish thingy Im in!!!!!!
  13. Looks so nice when the lil drakens DO match the valk color, even when light blue/green is the standard color for any war aircraft right? xD
  14. The head lasers and the head itself are very tricky when going from battroid to fighter. In Battroid the chest has no locking mechanism unless you use the extra braces. So be careful how you pose it or handle it without the extra pieces. When unfolding the missile pod the white paint on die cast will scratch. When you fold down the jet nose when going to battroid there is still a pointy tip in front of the cockpit that you have to be careful not to scratch or bend against the chest cover during transformation. You can use gerwalk without its new waist articulation, which I find very annoying. You can just unfold the legs forwards as in every other valk. You dont need to use the locking mechanisms for the shoulders in battroid or gerwalk. Be careful when pulling out the shoulders cause they are stiff when new. Congrats on the new valk!!
  15. To me Yf 19 turbine intake hips should have a die cast inner structure instead of being made all of plastic. Hopefully all upcoming valks will have racheted legs. Cant remember if the 262 have this kind of joints
  16. Its a straight pin... thought those assemblies were impossible to separate. Will look for a tutorial online!
  17. Imo the delta vf 31 forward wings look smaller in proportion to the whole jet. If you have a yf 29 around (w/o superparts) you will see the wingspan size proportions right away, if compared. But then again, bigger wings mean bigger backpack Still the vf 31 is a nice design.
  18. It has been mostly in fighter inside its box with very few transformations. Id say it's more related to materials and design than mileage. Maybe kinda the same problem as the early yamato 1/60 v2 shoulder defects?? Its a very low stress joint that only goes up and down and one of the easiests bits to transform between modes.
  19. Heeeey! Another heads up! I was looking at the pic with more detail and now I found the classic "hair looking" crack at the arm shoulder joint!!! I was going to move on with the toy as it is and never locking the shoulder up for battroid, but with this crack at the arm joint its time to ask my pal super glue to do a very discrete but strong fix before we lose the arm of a now very expensive valk.
  20. Hey guys! Just a heads up! 1 The piece that folds out under fin to fix the shoulder snapped into two. Still works and attaches to the shoulder but compromised. Also you can see some cracks in the plastic piece of the swivel of the shoulder unfolding articulation. Those are supposed to be stress free joints so I guess its related to wear.
  21. I fully hope all kairos orders will be delivered. Otherwise at the rate the kairos are being delivered I think bandai would only need to produce so few armor sets which may not be enough for a profitable production cost run
  22. That sucks! Buyer protection protocol doesnt seem so protective when you have to report to the local police a seller overseas. Maybe telling ebay your local enforcers wont open a file against a seller located on the other side of the planet? Hope it all works out.
  23. I think they will still milk the Delta frachise Frontier got 2 movies and lots of valk releases besides the main squadron. We are just getting chuck's dx and still waiting for the regular use / white / white S / drakkens, mirage's drakken, maybe vf 22, trainning vf 1 red or blue. But who knows how long till Macross shirtless with the vf 3x wet-shirt right??
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