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  1. No worries. My vf 19 advance's leg broke off (cant believe the turbine piece that holds the leg attached to the hip is plastic, but was able to repair(ish) it) and I want a replacement. Wont go for another vf 19. The Arcadia was not one of their best creations (& pricy). I would get a yamato only if the boosters can be attached somehow xD
  2. Hey! Now that you brought these subjects... Whats the difference of pre orders and exclusives? Which can be brought where? And which is the one that is the most difficult to get?
  3. Its because next year a perfect insignia version will be available!!! Dont forget it will be after a lottery xD
  4. Yup... For the f and j kai the insignias are smaller... With the S the same happened...
  5. I need it to be a bundle... Armored parts will have high demand, wich gives me no guarantee i will get a set. I dont want an arad just there with no armor /:
  6. Hey guys!!! Do you know if the bandai vf 19's wing boosters can be used with the yamato yf 19???? If anyone succeeded can you please explain?
  7. Honestly, I would not mind if Grace O'Connor dropped some of her mega dimensional bombs on that cluster.
  8. Because bandai gets all licences, I guess Arcadia has its priorities elsewhere
  9. Dont worry, i always take comments positively here, Its fun to express ourselves and hearing from each other. I totally agree on the writing for zero, but it isnt the narrative what I liked. There are some points here and there that make it interesting. The idea of having a vf prototype hybrid with current and new tech totally blew my mind. When the bird thingy asked if mankind was still fighting and confirmed, it chose to destroy us. It knew space exploration was almost at hand, but being still belic we were mostly a danger for the universe. As is we failed the protoculture and as a species Shin being an ace is arrogant and his view of life is him talking the baddies down. He is realized. But little by little the "protectors" of protoculture on earth teach him a wider perception passed on to them about the universe. Also, he questioned himself when learning that his side isnt totally legit. The unified government that sponsors 20XX space exploration started as a not totally honest enterpise. After that Shin fought to protect the Mayans (maybe hikaru, basara, alto and hayate are fighting for the wrong team, but still do it to protect loved ones... Justified?) To end, if it wasnt for two individuals chosing to love each other, there would not be any sdf, 7, frontier, delta... Just earth with mankind gone. Beautiful! Well thats my thinking... I wont try to convince anybody how amaaazing it should be. There are just interesting points, poorly addressed, that make me enjoy it so much. Hope now there is a chance youll start liking it a little One final thing: swooshing and pewpewpew on media and fiction is life. And there i will do my best to convince yall xD
  10. Macross zero... I loved it, and maybe is my favorite episode in the whole macross series. Why? It was really focused on pew pew pew and swooshing. It was like 'hey fans! This is a short short story (its 6 ep long, some slack is granted) of how you went from f 14s to VFs We will put some love triangle here, and protoculture there (that goes nowhere...) It was a honest story... No idols, no macross cities, no colonies... precious vf0s and sv51s flying over the ocean, just because.
  11. Commanders need commanders ordinance and I dare to say thats how many of us want to display it. I would recommend a bundle for arad, and sepparate for chuck. I wouldnt argue on cost... Because I know we macrossheads, can skip some meals, but will not skip valks.
  12. Idk about Roy having negative traits... He drinked quite a few, but I cant call any improper conduct. Sure he is overconfident about flirting and shows some physical affection in public but I cant say he ever crossed a line there. When he was alone, we could se he was not only an ace, ice commander and had a warmer personality. Isamu was more forward oriented and I could debate some of his moral. Ozma was some sort of more battle aggressive roy. I liked the Alto charcter... The message i got is that when war is near you, you will become someone else. What I missed in Delta was the decision and determination that characters portrayed in and out the cockpit. (Note: today public has become more sensitive, so i dont question we dont have playboys anymore, but clearly some traits were missing in delta)
  13. Cmon Arcadia!!! We need updates!! I need dis!!!!!
  14. Yes!!! But full size! Giant meltrans idol band!!!
  15. So glad for those who skipped the regular now can have a PF at a better price than regular aftermarket. I got the arcadia regular 0S and for me it is the best valk up to this date. The thing is huge, fair weight, and the die cast structure and joints really feel solid. Not Yamato, not Bandai have brought me this level of joy (considering you got one without QC). Bandai is years away from building something like this. If you missed the regular... Go for this one!
  16. We will always remember those drunk scenes of Roy, Ozma punching Alto, and Isamu being Isamu.
  17. We were so dazzled watching valks that we never saw the truth right in front of our eyes A Flying boyband
  18. I see... Looks like the turret will attach where the rifle goes and the pod is the regular we have seen so far. We'll have to wait.
  19. I think the radar pod, and the turret pod will be detachable and interchangeable.... This makes me wonder if armored set will be usable for previous 31s
  20. Im thinking she could have used her grandfagther's squad insignia. Add that old jolly roger to a vf 31 and make it a sold out success. We all love that old skull squad insignia
  21. Hopefully bandai will make the set in such a way where everything will be detachable, so we have an option for a sober armored vf, or a full arsenal windermerean-homicides-psychos killer.
  22. Sometimes i wonder with modern macross if priority is telling a solid story or sell sell sell valks.
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