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  1. I am need of little stand supports so the vf 31 armor set may come in handy!!!!
  2. no3Ljm that sucks! Good thing is you will get your money back. My only ebay valk encounter was a v1 armored vf 25s combo. What I ended up receiving was a regular v1 vf 25s. Seller offered to refund 50% but hell no! It took weeks to convince the seller to refund me for returning the package to asia. Since then, no more macross from ebay.
  3. Indeed the vf 19A and the yf 19 from bandai stand apart from the rest when you take a minute to imagine the complexity and ordeal designers went through when they sketched, designed, tested and manufactured them. Massive leg articulation, the ankle-lower leg mechanism, waist articulatuon, and all these moving pieces remain rock solid in fighter mode. Also bear in mind it keeps close fidelity to a line art that benefited from unexisting 3d animation and chetaed proportions in all 3 modes. And above that, this mold was inspired by a 5 seconds scene in wings of good bye. Its so complex that we should need a proper certification to be allowed to handle it xD (yes, the learning curve can be a fun killing factor). Very very nice valk
  4. Thanks for the tip. I always check the forums with mi mobile so I guess I cant use that feat
  5. ****SPOILER ALERT**** I honestly did not pay attention to the 5 secs it took Roid to explain his motives in the movie. But I did get that the whole war could have been avoided if Keith had gone with him for some beers at their local pub. Anyway I liked the movie
  6. Hey guys! So I just saw the movie and it left me quite pleased... not because I think its a good Macross story, but because it seems the storywriters did acknowledge how bad the original series was, or at least thats how I felt with the additional new footage. **************SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!! What I liked: Hayate: he is already a squadron pilot... in the series it was painfully boring to hear him whine during all of his trainning. Now he is a pilot and he likes it and is enthusiastic about it. PERIOD. Freija: right from the beginning we see she's the new voice. How? Why? Doesnt matter because we are granted to skip the endless episodes portraying her insecurities before becoming a walkure. Shes good, she auditions and gets the part. PERIOD. Hayate and Freija chemistry: hayate meets freija, sees shes having trouble with her walkure practices and steals his vf to help her clear her mind and they have a moment that goes stronger. PERIOD. PLUS WE GET A FREAKIN SKATING GERWALK VF 31!!! Messer: he gets so few screen time, that all the scenes where he was an overconfident, rude, arrogant prick are deleted. He is a square but cares for the team and is sick... i actually felt bad for him this time. Walkure: we got a few seconds to have a background of each of its members. Even as short as it was... it was welcomed. They struggled before becoming the massive hit that was shoved right through our noses in ep prequel. Vf 31 dancing vs the Var. How amazing was that!! Aerial Knights and Windermere war: why they hate humans, un spacy? How? Thank you storywriters for never clearing this in the movie. Never knowing why in this case is way better than the weak, poor excuses explained in the series. Its not sarcasm, really... Roid wants war. PERIOD. Apples and water: unexistent (whoever thought this could be a plot has to be fired). We get to see a respectable size windemerean fleet and several vf squadrons that are other than the Aerial Knights. Messer vs Keith battle: it felt better that Kaname had a body to hold (great plot twist and we got extra seconds of battroid battle)... instead than a cockpit full of body parts. She was a likeable character in the series and sings the best song of Delta. Keith: him telling Kaname how much he respected the shinigami says everything. Way better than the series where he is another psycho homicidal douche. Bogue: nice comic moments. Better than hearing him yellat walkure to die for 26 episodes. Thats it friends. Sorry for the long post.
  7. I was able to snag one... was doubting but Im glad I went for it. Is it me or does it feel heavier / sturdier than the vf 19A right out of the box?? Plastic and paint feel so much better!! Also the big tampo kite, UN Spacy, Sinsei, Super Nova Project are just awesome!!! In the back my proud vf 19A with its reconstructed intake / hip Will not transform it cause it looks gorgeous just as it is. PERFECT
  8. I would return them on the basis that I have no guarantee I will find them, in what condition, and at a fair price, considering dxs always go high
  9. Heeey! So disgrace hit home and the cleanning lady managed to lose the head antenna of my 31F.... Hope she had done it a few weeks earlier so I could have ordered the new hayate 31F... I take my words back Ban Dai... please keep reissuing everything Ps valks will always scratch paint or plastic if transformed. Its normal when tolerances are this tight.
  10. This vf reissuing is becoming nonsense.... I can "understand" the premium finish offerings and vf-yf using same molds, and a whole squad of the same toy with different colors and head... but buying a new jet because it has holes on the upper wing for the ghost??? Glad for those who missed the first and now can get one and those who will get both. But to me it is a very cheap move.
  11. Hahaha! Indeed!!! It is funny how the delta's show reception was like meeeeh... however when the dx vf 31j got released everybody wanted one and price went up...same with the 31f... some because the engineering is top notch, others for completionist purposes, either way hype was high. Then the trend started to change and the 31c did not sell out as quickly, and then 31f stock somehow became available close to msrp. 31 kai was madness and now after the lottery fiasco there are some avilable also close to msrp! My thinking is that after the hype and rush, people is now realizing "what have I done?! I dont even like delta that much!" Even worse when the kairos is stupidly expensive and is the coolest looking valk because of the military scheme and ordinance. My guess is that in the near future most collectors will only keep one 31 and sell the rest of the squad. For the next year I think the 31 variants (except kairos and armored 31s) will be vailable at reasonable prices... and then when stock will be low... they will rise up until theyre all gone. The opposite happens when the show was good and the valk is great (vf 0s 0d, vf 1, vf 4g, yf 29, vf 11, yf 19, yf 30, vf 19, armored vf 25). But u never know for sure xD
  12. Wow! I got into 1/60 valks collecting a little late so Ive had to pay a little extra for past releases (*stares at armored vf 25s...) so I know the feeling of being crushed by resellers prices. Anyhow... supply / demand, so no hard feelings. Its funny how the market moves... 31a kairos goes up, 31j and kai go down... IMO we are not in the hobby business, but the futures market!
  13. Sorry for late answer, I was out for the weekend ... so back to business. I live in Mexico city and Yup! Buying aftermarket Macross at collectors' stores is really expensive. I dont buy when prices are inflated so I keep looking and I have found cool stores / guys where prices seem fair between msrp, shipping and store fee. It also depends on how available the valk is after release. For example, delta squad have been pretty good deals, also the vf 25 reissues (I think at one point they were sold online below msrp). On the opposite, yamato's vf 4g is a no no on the physical local aftermarket. They dont import in large numbers... so I constantly check their online shops, but since I have been a constant customer im allowed the heads up first. Before I joined Mwf (a few months back), I did not know one could buy from online "resellers" in japan at msrp.... so I will give it a shot starting this year.
  14. Hey guys!!!! Any info of this valk is coming with a Yang co-pilot???? I have not seen any in the promo pics.
  15. Hmmm since bandai does not receive extra income from the aftermarket prices increase, and that it seems that demand is higher than the actual production.... my guess in them doing their business like this is resource management. Bandai has many many licences, so thousands of figures to sell. And these housands of figures have to be scheduled, planned and resources assigned through the year within a limited production and materials capacity. So i think each produtc's run is not based on total demand, but instead on how much factory and materials availability they have, and how many of them can they make to have a profit and contribute to the annual company budget and still have time to produce all other figures. Maybe the Kairos was sheduled between hot sellers so its window was very short and then QC limited even more.
  16. Do you guys know if there is any info about the cracking hip / intakes problem???? Looks amazing but since its a vf 19 copy - paste with minor teaks... Hate to be that guy, please forgive me
  17. For me its combing stores what I mostly enjoy... (I do carry a little weight tho xD) because it adds the collectable some story and background... unfortunately scalpers and online p2p are making it very frustrating to get hot items. Before ebay and similar sites, this scalping thing wass not such a big issue. I mentioned before that I often go to a local shop where I buy all my macross valks. When I do it, its one of the trips that I really enjoy, talk to the owner about whats comming next (specially since he's a cool guy, and charges only a very reasonable fee), goof around and see what merch they have, and then go home for that new valk smell (I have nothing against online shopping, this is just a personal approach). I do love this collecting hobby.
  18. Hey guys! Looks like this Kairos scarce run is reaching all levels... the local shop I buy from, usually gets the valks after 2-3 weeks after release. But until today there is nothing (dont know who they buy from in japan). Which brings me to this: If they get one, and if it is overpriced, should I secure one? OR do you think it will be mass released in may and prices will fall??
  19. Hey!! Thanks for the tips about clear coat!! Ill try to find the products and give it a shot on spare pieces and see which works best. Another question: during use of super / armored parts, have the intake covers damaged the paint of the vf??? One of my ozma's armor intake covers is so tight that it literally wiped some of the grey paint. Quite shocked since its supposed to "cover the paint" not scratch it.
  20. Hey guys... Might be a little late here.. But how do you clear coat a vf???? Will it be stil transfirmable??
  21. Dont think so... By having a Keith custom, another 262 in green or white w different head is not very appealing to me. I could consider a Mirage custom if her role in the movie is massively kicking derrieres... Otherwise it will be another pass
  22. Lets hope bandai will reissue the vf 171 as part of the delta batch. I think the legs are safe if handled veeery careful. Still I do recommend buying the third party shoulder replacements... U know, just in case.
  23. OMG!!! just finished reading the po madness... This macross valks are no longer toys but commodities xD Congrats to all!!!
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