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  1. I still like the show . I didnt know that Micah Sanders / Noah Gray-Cabey was on Ripleys Believe it or Not I'd no idea about his piano playing at age 3
  2. Both the Lagann and Baikanfu are nice but the Lagann figure is neat but not on my list of must haves nor was Baikanfu just dont know the history or anything so .... at least this leaves room on my shelf for other stuff
  3. thanks for the news I've been waiting on the Tetsujin for awhile
  4. waiting on : Fewtures Mazinger and Great Mazinger Hyper Dynamite Great Mazinger Revoltech Rei and a few others and the new Aoshima Getters scheduled for release. everyday is Christmas
  5. i've only been one of each but I'll be order several these. just hope that they make some that you can customize.
  6. Gonna pass too , way to much money for these. maybe medicom or takara will end up doing these at some point but i'm not big into these characters any way.
  7. I had the same question , who knows either way I'm not getting it anyway. just got the VF-1S today its really nice. also got the new getter also cant wait for the next "Revo" to come out.
  8. wow Ive been away for awhile and this is just Bad . wow its really sad to see cutie end up like this.
  9. i havent kept track of the show since season 2 but i watched it the other night it was ok. not great just ok. and Yeah she's still there although I didnt quite get what everybody was up to . It seems like everybody has a problem to deal with.
  10. just got the Ohtsuka Dynamite Mazinger with Scrander cool box and nice figure Its the exact the same figure just th addition fo the scrander. So i'm not gonna bother putting the figure together i'll just take the scrander out - could have just sold the scrander as an accessory pack but whatever. I also received the Ohtuska Darth Vader. Assembly is much like the Mazinger. Included are vinyl shins and hips to add shape the lower body but you dont need to use them. It was easy to put together Looks good. I think they should have rethought the shoulder guard though. It doesn't secure on the body it just lies on top of the shoulder so it can come off not a huge issue since the cloth suit keeps it in place but it would have been nice to have a piece on the back half of it. Still nice. Hope they make some stormtroopers.
  11. aoshima has a getter 2 Pearl metallic version coming up saw and early bird on it at HLJ and a shin getter double wing A.E. as well no pics though
  12. so a Holy Grail thats out of reach. ... A wish list is easier. 1/48 YF-19 , YF-21 , VF-11B , VF-1D , VT1 and VE1 . (perfect , no issues about QC at all) enemy mecha. Daigokin Mazinger and Grendiser all of them. (but much more poseable though) If an 18 inch series of figures were made just like the Spider-man with 64 points of articulation that would be cool. Depends on what was offered. Batman Superman Hulk just the major characters oh and Ultraman. Other than that I cant think of anything.
  13. thats horrible . My condolences. I've read the whole series and its gotten better an better with each book. Did the last book get done? It'd be a real shame for it to be unfinished. Edit: Perhaps there will be a series of movies/mini series based on his work.
  14. There can be only me!" ???... wait what the heck did I just watch? C'mon thats it. All this time and thats what they came up with. Joe if you'd seen Duncan there at the End, you'd be rolling over in your grave. Way to go guys completely ignore the the Original. I don't count the Movie sequels with Connor either. They were bad too.
  15. theres a bunch of them on there for way too much money.
  16. http://macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?show...mp;#entry514602
  17. if that adult version of Rei became a revooltech figure with hidden joints that would be very nice imagine the poses. Hmm maybe you'd better not :P
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