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  1. still on the fence on these if the paint scheme had been enigma i'd have been all over these but just black with gold lettering doesnt sell it for me maybe i'll get them but i'm in no rush. theres the YF21 to consider and thats what I really want right now
  2. Macross73

    Graham's Sig

    Um no. I disagree about that "rocking" but i wont get into it.
  3. I've never driven one so i can't say which one of these I'd like more than the other.
  4. i used to read their mag regularly but its really one sided and doesn't really cover all toys. No SOC no Aoshima no Fewture and for Pete's Sake its a 1/48 Vf made by Yamato made Famous by Macross it not a veritech and it should be #1 then Spider man for its nice articulation and then Prime. Actually they could have done two lists one for American products and one for Imports.
  5. Get it off me! Get it off!!! Aaahhh!
  6. I'm not familiar with the series so I'm not sure about getting this yet, but looking at the diagram it doesnt look like its a combiner. it looks like it one piece with various joint through out.
  7. just saw this over at Robot Japan looks good to me Getter 1 Damaged http://robotjapan.proboards12.com/index.cg...9273&page=1
  8. i wouldn't have minded a LA DYRL by SK but this just doesnt feel right and honestly the more i think about it the less I like Tobey as Hikaru I mean Rick. he's supposed to be about 15 -17 and Tobey is what 32?
  9. i still like Ed Olmos as Gloval. I'm starting to think that this wont be a retelling. it'll be a re-imagining for robotech. A young man looking for adventure joins the air force and though his dad only has $4000 to spend they get a cruddy F-14 (unknown to them its a robot) leftover from an alien attack thats hiding in used-jets junkyard....... He'll probably already know his love interest to be - Mindy and then theres his Cousin Rex Falcon. an ace pilot...
  10. really? I think that after watching the original things make more sense. I'm not saying that robotech is hard to follow. Looking only at the characters from SDF theres just more there in Macross that explains why things are happening.
  11. I wonder if SK even knows about this. I wonder what he's thinking? How will Yamato Big west respond to the bastard toys that HG will push? Do either of them even care?
  12. as long as they don't mess with the design of the Valks this might be tolerable NO Bay-Formers
  13. holy cow. WTF. just not sure how to feel about this. Spidey as Rick
  14. honestly it depends on how lazy I am feeling. I prefer hearing everything as it was originally made but sometimes I just dont feel like reading anything.
  15. i'm gonna go broke getting these guys (if they're ever made). I am concerned about the waist joins of the Mazingers. I had hoped that the connection would be a metal connection. as long its super strong then OK. though it'll still worry me. I finally got a Fewture Black Getter absolutely the best but its so expensive. I haven't messed with it too much I just want to keep him safe. Of all the diecast figures these have been the best purchases. As far as playing/ posing I dig the Hyper Dynamite Mazinger it heavy, looks nice and I don't think I'll get upset if something happens to it.
  16. i like to see glaugs (sp) and regults
  17. you know i dont need to start another line of figures but if they were 1/6 or 1/8 i might be tempted as long as they are over priced. If they used the RAh301 or RAH301 massive body that would be cool course that adds to the price. Just sell the heads and the clothes let me decide what body to attach.
  18. Macross73

    2 seater 1/48s

    I've never understood why it cant be done. We know its possible and it doesn't require that much to accomplish the modification and even the purchase price would not be much of an issue . the Vf0a w/booster is selling and so is the SV 51. So why not?
  19. yes Anasazi37 did . I think that they're still be made not sure. edit: place your order http://macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=23136
  20. Macross73

    Graham's Sig

    i think if they just do just key valks and not bother with every single one it would be great. vf1s Roy , vf1j Ichijo , vf1j Max , vf 1j milia , vf1a Ichijo , vf1a kakizaki , vf1a CF, vf1d , With strike armor and fast packs and the vt-1 , ve-1. Thats only uhmm .... 10 .
  21. they should have made these . I'd go for a couple of each.
  22. thats Real "Man" Doll for my "Man Room" hehehe
  23. I've been a Star Wars fan forever. I admit this is bit of a stretch as far as chogokin are concerned , but Darth Vader is now like the Hyper Dynamite Mazinger Z. same inner die cast body and vinyl armor. I couldn't resist it ... so I ordered it. I like the Mazinger Z so why not get this too. http://www.hlj.com/product/TMD31140
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