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  1. More stuff up for auction take a look even a bandai ve-1 elintseeker (not its mint) http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZan-cerQQhtZ-1
  2. so does the 1.48 Patlabor also have some diecast like the 1.24 or is it all plastic? 1/48 AV 98 http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/search....1%2f48+patlabor 1/24 AV 98 http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product...amp;mode=retail
  3. not sure if these were mentioned Vagrant Story Killzone Half Life Ico Oddworld Abe
  4. Finally got me 2 of these guys so far nothing broken but again the skulls are crooked yeah not really a big deal but it would have been nice if they were straight . Other wise its a really nice figure Not sure yet if this is better than the 1/48th. I'm happy i have it.
  5. gonna pass on these exclusives . if they wanna make money they just need to open this up so everyone who wants one can get one same as the vf-1s focker weathered i skipped over that one too.
  6. I'm still looking for : Ultraman 1/6 scale figures with box and complete - not the pvc or vinyl type - not trying to break the bank either. medicom : Ultraman type a and type b Type C is being released soon got that in the works bandai : , dx red version , blue version Marrmit : ultraseven ver 2 , taro magic q: ultraman vers 1 (need 2) , Ultraman vers 2 , Tiga
  7. For those that missed it theres a renewal version of the Black Shin Getter available in July http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product...amp;mode=retail
  8. sat the review as well and i have to admit that at first glance its was great but the connection and and the lack of metal and then that price Gonna pass for sure on this one
  9. I agree that price is High i figured these would go around $100 not at $150. If V - E does a group buy then I'm in as well.
  10. You can always take it apart and paint it white or mod / customize it some other way I'm glad that its gonna be made
  11. I agree with you . It would be nice to finally be able to buy those as an add on
  12. KLAATU : "We have come to visit you in peace -- and with good will." , Dude . CROWD : No Way , Dude . Whoa! This is gonna be ... well you know, Dude.
  13. I have to say I'm ok with Cally . Ellen didtnt have a whole lot to add as character. Kat , I hated her character and I didnt care when she died. The scene between Anders and Kara about how she would shoot him if she ever found out he was a Cylon - that was nice
  14. Sad that this confusion is even going on So glad I'm not interested in this Valk
  15. good show like that bit at the beginning with Tigh and Adama - Bam! some guesses as to who is and isnt a Cylon
  16. Got My Dynamite Gokin Great Mazinger this after noon very nice. lots of stuff in the box . There are 5 pair of hands , 2 swords etc Edit: also just received the Aoshima New Getter the Closed wing / weathered , Neo Getter Weathered . Should be getting Getter 1 weathered this week too.
  17. I just looked over the top 10 prime time show in the US from 79 - 90 abd theres nothing Nothing I want them to re-make. http://www.inthe80s.com/tube7980.shtml Maybe old cartoons... but thats being done.
  18. Macross73

    Macross Revoltech

    well hopefully they're out in may and they'll probably be just as tall the others 4 inches
  19. they better bring out the elint and ostrich soon heck they should have started with those 1st
  20. they are up on BBTS , Not liking the price http://macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?act=...f=4&t=25573 http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product...amp;picture=out
  21. nice to see a thread dedicated to Star Wars . I packed away most of my stuff especially the larger ships that I own though I still have the die cast ships on display. I started collecting SW when I got the 12" inch figures as kid. I destroyed those . But have restarted with a slightly different take on it. edit : If I were gonna make a Clone Army - I'd make a lot of women. too bad theres not a huge variety of 1/6 Cy Girl figures.
  22. I like the 1/55 Chunky but c'mon releasing the vt-1 , vf-1d , and ve-1 That should be top priority. Most of us had or still have all the others.
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