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  1. the word over at RJ is that SOC GX-44 will be Tetsujin 80s version
  2. It'd be great to finally have the 2 seater made No question But I dont see myself shelling out a lot for it either. I'll get them if they pricing is inline with past Valks.
  3. Macross73

    Macross Revoltech

    I want bridge bunnies along with Misa , Claudia , Milia , Lynn Minmay and also Sharon Apple , Myung , Sara , and Mao .
  4. this Minmay Doll is just the wrong scale if it were 1/6 It would be more appealing the Misa figure ....? - I do own the 1st version not sure about this 2nd version though.
  5. as long as your living in Japan you probably wont have a problem maybe even in Hong Kong but if your anywhere else.... well I think its unlikely to be easy.
  6. I havent decided on how many regults to buy but 1 isnt enough maybe 4 or 6 of them will do.
  7. From what I've gathered its One per person only available by ordering thru yamato. And it only a 12 hour window so if you dont order within those 12 hours your SOL. I dont know whent it goes up for sale or if already happened nor do I intend to buy one its not worth it to me.
  8. I own the version in link 3 its OK . for a bootleg its decent. I was able to play it from the get go . I haven't had any problems with my copy . So I'm happy .
  9. Has anybody got any info on : http://www.etoysjapan.com/ Thoughts? I was thinking about ordering from this place
  10. what a sucker . I think its hilarious . Great for the seller. But c'mon its just way too much for stealth part the set .
  11. interesting yes pretty... hmmm.... not so much .
  12. I want the rest of the Evangelion characters . Where's Shinji and Misato ? What about Guyver figures. What about Trigun figures? Why isn't there a Mazinger revy out yet?
  13. What amazes me is that not too long ago all I wanted to was a half way decent representation of a Valk. There weren't many options. Pickings were scarce at best. Yeah Bandai was nice but Yamato showed up and did it better. So the 1/60 was there to save the day. ( only i didn't care for the whole leg thing) Then 1.48 showed up and that was the end all. Must have it !! Now Kaiyodo Revoltech does them too and Here I am trying to figure out how I'm gonna display all the Macross Valks that are out there and Now that Yamato is making the 1/60 Perfect Transformation Vf-1 and the word is out about the Destroid Tomahawk it couldn't get much better. destroid tomahawk: http://robotjapan.proboards12.com/index.cg...read=1203663923
  14. I don't see how anyone can turn this into a 90 - 120 min movie. Even if the story was released as trilogy for theaters it would still be too complex for the time frame. I think that it would be better to turn into a mini - series. A narrator can provide the exposition ie. that was there in the book. Having Hollywood turn this into a exploding-car-chase "blockbuster would ruin it . And that would be tragic.
  15. I'm looking for : Ultraman 1/6 scale figures with box and complete - not the pvc or vinyl type - not trying to break the bank either. medicom : type a type b type c bandai : , dx red version , blue version . Marrmit : ultraseven ver 2 , taro magic q: ultraman vers 1 , Ultraman vers 2 , Tiga Ohtsuka Kikaku : Ultraseven and King Joe x2 and Bandai Ultraman Max Not anymore just got 2 of the ultra 7 King Joe and Ultra Max
  16. bbts has the 1/0 versions up for preorder - still kind of expensive - i think. Deunan Knute : http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product...amp;mode=retail Briareos: http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product...amp;mode=retail
  17. I've been getting the 1/6 stands from http://cgi.ebay.com/Clear-Pastic-Figure-St...1QQcmdZViewItem
  18. that looks good I wish they'd done this earlier
  19. Macross73

    Macross Revoltech

    the revoltechs look great gonna have to get them all. Yamato versions are also on my purchase list , just cant get enough Macross stuff. Maybe yamato will go ahead and make enemy mecha too.
  20. at 50 cm that is one big Minmay. So how much ? when ? what other characters? they could make her 23 cm 1/6 scale and that would ok too then she'd fit in my display case with the rest of the girls.
  21. it states that theres 70 points of articulation does ever knuckle bend ? i figure it cant have more than 30 it just doesnt look like it offers that much movement Maybe they're counting the joints on the 10 included parasites too
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