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  1. 4 minutes ago, Dynaman said:

    What Thom said.  No toys I remember but lots of models, and still more being produced but not at a brisk pace.

    Is 2205 available (legally) subbed or dubbed in English yet?  The dub cast has grown on me, I didn't like them at first since they were different from the old Star Blazer series 1 and 2 cast but a few episodes in and I was good.

    I haven't found any dub of 2005 yet, in fact I only found 8 episodes - how many episodes is it supposed to be?  There's no info on the Funimation site, I believe they were responsible for the 2199 & 2202 dubs.  Me too, the dub is really growing on me as well as I love watching the beautiful artwork on screen and I find reading the subtitles really knocks me out of the immersion of the art.

  2. Yeah, glad I got some when it first came out before I got to viewing the episodes - I just loved the mech designs so much and there were some good books too!  I have the both the new Cosmo Zeros but I'm looking for a Falcon now at a reasonable price.  Looks like the figures are only available at eBay at a markup, not too bad considering they are almost 10yrs old I guess.  Would love a 1/48 Bandai DX Cosmo Zero that folds up in scale with the Valkyries!!!

  3. Thanks for the info - I guess they don't have a following like Macross?  Shame so much toy potential, I remember Star Blazers growing up as a kid and I love my Soul of Chogokin Yamato 2199 and Andromeda, I just thought there would be just as many toy companies clamoring at all the amazing mech designs (seems like its only the capital ships that get any attention)!  I love the fighters too and even the character designs are great.  That's too bad about 2202, but I'll slog through it, just now its not such a priority I guess. 

  4. Sorry to bring this back from the dead, but didn't think I need to start a new thread to ask a question.  I know I'm late to the game but finally got through the first season 2199 and its just amazing, WOW!!!  Haven't started 2202 nor the first 6 episodes of 2205.

    Is there a YamatoWorld website forums I can start looking for toys?  I'd love to get a Yuki Mori and Yamamoto Akira figure, is there a site that reviews them like Macross stuff or where's the best place to start researching stuff like that.  For that matter what is the best sculpt for them, and I might as well get into Misa and Minmay too.  I don't know too much about figures, I've always been a Macross toy guy.  I just want the best representation of each to stand behind the toys.  I also can't find any Bandai toys of the Cosmo Zero - it would be great to have that like our Valkyrie Bandai DXs.

    Any tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I've already eyed the Megahouse Yamato Girls from eBay but was wondering if there were some more anime accurate (less sexy) sculpts (they seem better than the Bandai which just seems too tall and thin).  Is eBay the only way to go with these figures nowadays (everything at Mandarake seems sold out)

  5. 1 hour ago, Chronocidal said:

    While I would love a properly-built 1/60 VF-2SS... I think the HMR demonstrated exactly what a sloppy mess of joints the design actually is.  Nothing about the design actually has anything that locks together in any way, and the whole thing is an intricate mass of interconnected joints that have to somehow remain flexible enough for battroid posing, but be solid enough to hold the thing in an ostensibly fighter-shaped shape.  

    I like the little thing, don't get me wrong, but the overwhelming majority of time I ever spent handling a fighter-mode VF-2SS was primarily focused on getting all of the parts back in alignment after knocking everything out of place by picking it up in the first place. :p 

    It's not really a fighter.. it's a robot that happens to have joints that let it assume a "fighter-shaped" pose. :lol:  If someone could come up with a way to make it lock together solidly, I would be more than happy to pick up a larger scale, but I worry that it's only going to get sloppier the bigger it gets.  The HMR size seemed kind of like the ideal size to balance between having all the right joints to make it work, but not make it so big that it couldn't support its own weight.

    I don't understand why they don't use strong rare earth magnets to lock things in place instead of pegs - the VF-2SS is a perfect candidate for this.  It would really help solidify these kinds of joints and modes.  Totally eliminate tabs and pegs all together!  You see them doing magnets for ordinances and landing gears in die cast planes nowadays. 

  6. Wow! @Bolt those look fantastic.  Love the splinter camo scheme.  I keep holding my breath for Hasegawa to make a VF-4, I'm sure when I breakdown and buy that Wave kit is exactly when Hasegawa will make their announcement 😛  I never even knew there was a resin kit of that shuttle hopper!  Nice one can't wait to see you build it up.

  7. 23 hours ago, derex3592 said:

    Any of you airplane buffs wanna give me your opinions on which 1/72 F-35 kit is the best?  Hasegawa? Tamiya? Italeri? I'm leaning towards Tamiya just because I've watched guys building the 1/48 version and it's an extremely well-designed kit, I'm assuming trickle down methods apply to the 1/72 kit...

    All opinions welcome! 

    Hasegawa HAE46 F-35 Lightning II B Version US Marine Model Kit, 1:72 Scale (amazon.com)

    TAMIYA 60791-000 F-35B Lightning II, Model Making, Crafts, Hobby, Adhesive, Plastic Kit, Gray (amazon.com)

    Italeri 510001425 1:72 F-35B Lightning II V/STOL Version, -Standing Model Building, Crafts, Hobbies, Gluing, Plastic kit, Detailed, Unvarnished (amazon.com)

    Hey @derex3592  I've been on a look out for new 1/72 F-35 as well.  The Tamiya is not from trickle down from their new tool 1/48 (which I've heard it's outstanding!).  It's just a re-box of the 2019 Italeri kit; https://www.scalemates.com/kits/tamiya-60791-f-35b-lightning-ii--1305529

    I saw somewhere online that Tamiya has teased that they are going to reduce their 1/48 F-35 to 1/72 sometime in the near future (its one of those silhouette announcements but you can recognize its a F-35)  however my guess its still a year away, but I don't think its a B - its most probably an A like their 1/48.


  8. Wow over $30 in shipping just from Amazon (that's before any customs & duties!) - its getting crazy these days.  Any suggestions for any other online retailers or stores in Canada or is Amazon.jp still my best bet?

  9. On 2/12/2023 at 10:45 AM, derex3592 said:

    Reliant getting final flat coat today when it warms up. In the mean time... The current three projects I have running concurrently.... The wife had NEVER seen The Hunt for Red October so I made her watch it last night.. She was bored...🤔 🙄 😂 I give up....Pressin on! 


    My wife thinks the movie is in Russian as she always falls asleep before they start speaking English in those parts!!! 😛

    Crazy the wives don't like it - its one of my favourite all time movies!!! 

  10. I just bought these;


    They are so cheap at less than $2/strand of 20 LEDs - I was thinking I'd use these in my Moebius NuGalactica - they come with watch batteries and battery holders.  I just worry if they are so cheap if they'd burn out but they seem fine so far.  Just trying to find a accessible spot to put the battery pack.

  11. 10 hours ago, electric indigo said:

    @wm cheng Thank you for the nice gift for the weekend. All museum quality masterpieces IMO!

    Which software did you use for the focus stacking?

    Hey @electric indigo, I used Photoshop - put my camera on a tripod and manually focused, started focused on the nose and manually turned the lens and took a picture at the next step all the way to the tail of the plane / usually in 5-6 picture steps.  This was the most useful site: https://www.photoshopessentials.com/photo-editing/focus-stack-images-photoshop/

    Thanks all for the kudos on the pictures!  I'm glad to finally have them taken (before I break something :P)  I think all the pictures of the Pegasus has inspired me to work on my Moebius NuGalactica next...

  12. Well, I finally got around to taking some better photos of my models that I built during the Pandemic and learned about Focus Stacking.  I've always been trying to fight the depth of field thing where only the nose of the plane is in focus and the tail is blurry - even with tonnes of light, and stepping down the aperture the physical lens limitations and the sensor size will only allow a few inches to be in focus even with Macro lenses.  Anyways, here are proper photos of the planes I've built in the last 3 years... thanks.


  13. 8 hours ago, borgified said:

    It's the HMR 1J+GBP Revival (TV version) @wm cheng. For those that missed out the first version that was released over 4/5 years ago or was a toddler back then and didn't know about this stuff.  

    Ah, thanks @borgified!  Kind of quiet lately and busy with Holiday cleanup I hadn't kept track.  I'm glad to let this one go by.  Good luck everyone tonight.

  14. On 1/8/2023 at 1:06 PM, arbit said:

    @wm cheng  Hi William.  This is what I have for your sugested "arguing" pose.    Both hands down may be easier to print, but I think I could do either well enough.

    Let me know before finalizing. -arbit





    Sorry @arbit I missed this - they look wonderful!!! Especially the one with the arm up if that's possible?  Absolutely perfect!  How can I get my gubby little hands on a printed one? 😛


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