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  1. An RUAF Su-25 that appears to have had a brush with a MANPAD.
  2. Images of what's suspected to be the An-225.
  3. It's honestly amazing the F-35 appeared to remain so intact from such a hard impact. I also wonder if the pilot was using the auto-landing software that's been around for awhile or was landing manually.
  4. I also wonder if that's the NGAD. Also. Apparently the F-35 crash video has been leaked on Reddit.
  5. In hindsight, you also have to wonder if cancelling the proposed F-22 Sea Raptor was alittle premature. It may have done better in filling that gap left behind by the F-14 retirement while offering a longer range twin-engine platform.
  6. Interesting video on the history behind the proposed Super Tomcat 21.
  7. ED is really upping their game with the Apache.
  8. Seems the Russians have adopted the DoD's inconsistent numerical designations as well. On unrelated note. The Typhoon is returning to the flight sim space.
  9. Currently debating on upgrading from a Ryzen 1600 to a 5600X, or wait until Zen 4 arrives and do more of full rebuild of my current PC.
  10. Perhaps the YF-23 design will get a second chance at life in the 6th generation. It was certainly ahead of its time and Northrop could easily make improvements.
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