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  1. Wow! Haterist, where did you purchase your QR? I paid for the exact same amount you did!
  2. what do you take this site for? robotech.com? Opinions matter. this is not a I love everything yamato does and will buy it blindly club. if you like it. Fine. go buy it. If you dont; fine. Either way your entitled to debate and discuss your opinion. Only time will tell if thsi toy is sucessfull or not. Ali, the "debate" that you are talking about has been done to death already! It's all redundant. Yes, people are free to post their opinions, and they are free to argue, but when it comes right down to it, it's the same argument I've been reading since Yamato put up shop, it gets tiring. BTW, people don't love everything Yamato does. They're just aren't as vocal as some people.
  3. Why the hell do you people always think that we are being "taken advantage of" just because we happen to like a "POS plastic kit being passed on as a toy", and you think it's not worth it? It's OUR friggin money, YOU or that other guy don't have didly squat with what we do with OUR money. You think we're being taken advantage of? Fine, go tell that to yourself, but don't spoil OUR goddamned FUN while you're at it. ...or what? Whatcha gonna do? Whine s'more about it? Jeez! You people think just because you buy Yamato's stuff, you think you're God's gift to them, and displeasing you would mean Yamato's downfall. It's people like you that make this hobby a bitch sometimes.
  4. What, no pics? Review sounds good! I can't wait for my supplier to get his stocks.
  5. Which part of the response amazes and/or amuses you? The part where we all laugh at you and the silliness of your demanding a distinction between die cast metal and die cast plastic... or the part where we just question your sanity? I think he enjoyed "all of the above" :D :D ....why, we'll never really know.
  6. Likewise, I don't mind the swappable parts. As long as the fool thing is sturdy/solid. At least we can get a break from some of those naysayers that keep complaining about the Yamato Valkyries being too hung. Yah, amen to that! My wallet is already bone dry, and my bank account is next in line. Graham, I think most of us already know if there will ever be a larger scale perfect transformation VF-0. By the way, to everyone who's having or had a new kid, congrats!
  7. The FP's that come with the 1J package are a slightly lighter shade of "blue/green, compared to the separate FP pacakage. Also, the 1J armor comes with a TV style arm atachment, where the front ends are sloped diagonally. The 1J also does NOT come with a Strike Cannon option. If you search carefully, there are several threads that explain the differences in detail
  8. That bad huh? That's one way of thinking about getting it, then again the art is great so....I'm still getting it.
  9. I just scored all three Intron Depot books by Shirow. Awesome work. Now I am looking for his other stuff. Namely the works that Apollo Leader mentioned.
  10. That is very sad news I've always loved seeing her with Jacky Chan. She a brilliant performer. She will be missed. 'Instant shining is not eternity. Show business is a hard life. I wonder how many people will remember me after I leave the business for good. My hope is that when they feel bored and look at the stars in the sky, people will think of my name.” ~ Anita Mui
  11. Focker re-issue has no problems. The seam on the head is clean, and isn't even noticeable (similar on the Hik 1S).
  12. Yah, if you wanna feel safe and secure with your high end toy purchases from HLJ, ship them via EMS. Paying a little extra is worth it
  13. Omni Existence


    Your right , every toy has to go through all of the stages you pointed out ,and that cost MONEY , but my point is : WHY should the Q-rau cost even more even when taking this into account ? particularly when the engineering involved is so simplistic in comparison to a valk (regardless of it scale). let´s brake this into those stages : - Designing and sculpting : this should be a lot less tedious in comparison to a VF-1 , there´s no transformation mechanism to be designed or thought out hence CHEAPER. - Manufacturing costs : Less parts to be assembled plus little die cast , no transformation means simpler assembly. Size is not or shouln´t be the reason for the price of this thing , size itself doesn´t mean anything unless it reflexs the ammount of plastic or die-cast in the toy and since plastic isn´t costly at all and there seems to be almost no die-cast content on the Q-rau That's pretty dead on, but we're forgetting one thing. We don't know SQUAT about what other processes Yamato uses, or what transpires in their developing offices, or their factories. We do not have the exact numbers of 1 + 1 = 2 to give any opinions that are even close to "correct" A lot of the things we say, and debate about these things are PURELY SPECULATION, unless we have insider info that provides us with Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, so on so forth, of the processes Yamato takes, their expenses, how many items will be released, will there be a 2nd, or 3rd release, etc. again, PURE SPECULATION. I believe it's called PREROGATIVE. Yes, speculating is fun, but it does get old.
  14. I'm in the Philippines so it's still Asia. I had a couple of items shipped through SAL before. It took me about 25 days to receive it. If it is shipped to the US, my understanding is 30 days or 45 days tops. One package arrived okay, the other was scrunched. That's my only beef with using SAL.
  15. Save your money, Omni. Get the TPB if you really feel you need to, but based on the 9 of 11 issues I've read so far I can't recommend Man Machine Interface. Beautiful artwork, but it's utter crap in terms of storytelling. There is supposed to be some kind of plot, right? I did save some money! Now I have enough to get all 3 Intron Depot artbooks by Shirow. Me + all 3 Intron Depot Artbooks = Me Happy :D :D
  16. Omni Existence


    Ugh....here we go again. A little but 2 years ago, everyone was clamoring for enemy mechs for the 1/60's, NOT taking into consideration the possible price tag that it will have. Now that we have it, size, detail and all, everyone complains about the price. For cripessake, just skip the damned thing if you feel that it's not worth it. Or just wait for it to go on sale with severly marked down prices. You keep comparing it with the MPC Prime withought considering that Takara is already an established company, and CAN AFFORD 3rd, 4th, 5th, nth releases of a particular toy in their line. All this debate about the price isn't going to change anything. It never does. You either bend over and get reamed or turn the other cheek and walk away. Choose your poison.
  17. Omni Existence


    Funny. Some PG Gundam kits as well as GFF, and MSiA from Bandai aare too heavy at the back and are also supported by a stand so they don't topple over. I wonder why no one bitches to Bandai about it. Oh, please don't take my post the wrong way, even if I quoted you. It's just an observation that I have.
  18. Looks nice! I already have mine on pre-order. I want to pair up that 04 with the GX-06M that I have on reserve from a local toy store.
  19. No, a joke would be... "A rabbi, a priest, and a minister wak into a bar, and..." That's a joke. THANK YOU ÔH MASTER, WHAT WOULD WE BE WITHOUT YOU MASTER You're welcome! Anytime you need some sense knocked into you, let me know.
  20. I do hope you can actually make a much better CG rendition...
  21. Because they WANT TO, and they CAN. No, a joke would be... "A rabbi, a priest, and a minister wak into a bar, and..." That's a joke. Umm.....Elintseeker, 2 seconds, it got it's own toy. VF-1J in a GBP-1, 3 seconds, it also got it's own toy. What makes the Max Q-Rau different? ....and of course, it is all a Yamato Conspiracy to piss you off.
  22. Lookin' good Rico! Your stuff has imporved a great deal since I last saw them. Keep it up!!!!!
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