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  1. If you ordered from HLJ, give or take 5 weeks (SAL). EMS still takes approximately 7-10 business days. Best option but expensive.
  2. I'm in the Philippines. SAL packages I ordered from HLJ get here within 3 weeks. The longest I've waited for a package (Shirow Artbook) was 10 weeks. When it arrived the packaging (box) looked like it was handled by Ace VEntura.
  3. Anyone know what size screws Yamato uses for the VF-11B? After having that beautiful VF-11B of mine in-tact for 4 years, it finally gave in, and broke a hip!!!! I've made some modifications to fix it, but need the size of the screw they are using. Hardware stores here in PI don't seem to have the same sizes in stock. Tried some electronic stores as well, no luck. Any information will definitely help, thanks!
  4. I've ordered from HLJ on many occassions, and only received ONE item with damaged packaging. The good thing is, the internal padding for the package was so good that the artbook I bought wasn't damaged at all. Do you ship via EMS or SAL? I've found that SAL packages tend to arrive with some damage compared to EMS packages. If you ship via SAL, it's likely that the folks that handled the package are to blame.
  5. been a while since my last post. here are some outdated pics of my Macross collection (others not included in the pics). 1/60 Queadluun Rau: Milia Fallyna type 1/60 Queadluun Rau w/ 1/144 QR kit and 1/60 Super VF-1J 1/48 Super VF-1J Milia Fallyna in Fighter 1/48 Super VF-1J GERWALK Mode Milia's Super VF-1J Evolution
  6. It's CONFIRMED (via Degenki Hobby)!!!!! GX-30 is going to be the much anticipated, and highly debated VOLTES V!!!! Just check out these yummy BLUEPRINTS! Judging from what I can see: - Ultramagnetic Belt can be fed through the waist to some kind of nechanism - Crewzer has an opening cockpit, landing gears, and better proportions - Bomber is more accurate than the original! Fists actually hide inside the forearms - Panzer's treads RETRACT FLUSH into the body! - Some areas are basically the same as the GX-03, like the Lander. - Unlike the original, the SOC version of Voltes can actually TURN HIS HEAD! - A VOLTES BAZOOKA! VOLTES BAZOOKA!!!! - A RETRACTABLE LAZER SWORD!!!! ... someone... get me some new shorts!
  7. Interesting! Now if they only made a Monster MK-II like that.
  8. I don't really have a problem with kids looking at my collection. Whether it be my nephews, nieces, younger cousins, I just snarl at them, and give them the evil eye, and they bugger off. It's the damned adults I have a problem with. You tell these overgrown babies NO TOUCH, but they still think it's cute when they poke it, stroke it, or even lift the fool things from the shelf, and give you a stoopid smile. I got so fed up that I once threatened one lady who walked up to my collection and told her how expensive some of the toys are, and if she broke it, she buys it. Guess what, they never listen (and they're called adults- feh!) She made the mistake of picking up one my MSiA's by the head (which was already loose in the first place), and the neck broke off. She gave a small yelp when the body fell to the floor and the head was still in her fingers, and was apologetic. I told her that I warned her, and I'm NOT considerate when it came to my toys. She had no choice but to pay me. Now, whenever she visits, she stays as far away from my collection like a Vampire to sunlight.
  9. ... then don't put them on. Is that really so difficult? Go buy decals from Anasazi or Takatoys. We all know how crappy Yamato's stickers are. We've been using them for 3 fricken years already.
  10. now that is a VERY dumb thing to say. ever been to Vegas? ever seen any serious poker players show their hand to the other players on the table?
  11. This post is about a week or so too late. I think the bitching and moaning is over, at least I think it is, or maybe we've got slow starters because of the holiday flab. he he he he he
  12. You must've missed it. Hehehehehe.....it was posted last week. HERE Aww poo!!!! first post I do in months, and I post something already known.... oh yeah, this is MW, I forgot, you can't beat the folks here about anything Macross. he he he he he he Thanks for pointing that out Spacey! ..someone PLEASE delete this thread.
  13. Long time since I've been here. Well, enjoy what little contribution I have. :-) Yamato 1/100 VB-6 Koenig Monster **Edited....
  14. My supplier (www.greattoys.net) just received his stock of Milia figures. Check out his pics! Beautiful pieces of plastic! Will get mine on my day off. Will try to post a review and additional pics soon. Enjoy.
  15. Oy Poli! Any chance we'll be seeing the Valkgirl Costume in the upcoming Cosplay events happening these coming months? By the way, nice Valkgirl artworks bro!
  16. Watched it today with GF......would you believe she was the one that bugged me to watch Crapwoman with her, and she was the first one to drag me out? That's how bad this movie is.....
  17. Very nice indeed. I just wish these two would be the next MMM toys. Sadly, or at least last I read, the MMM line was scrapped by mighty Bandai. ..saps!
  18. I'd rather spend my money on 10 porno DVD's. I'm not going to spend another centavo on ANYTHING that has to do with the Matrix. Matrix: Crapollutions was the last straw! Poo!
  19. I think the humor was very well placed. It gives the movie a good balance of drama, humor and action. The "lame humor" captures the kind of funny stuff you find in the comic books, and is a welcome change from the somewhat near-serious tone of the first movie. Spidey 2 was a great movie, but I felt like Doc OC was just [expensive] decor. IMO, it should have been titled Peter Parker: Spiderman 2.
  20. Nope. Borrowed the Rikku Pic. The Chii pics (same lady), are mine.
  21. I'd say plug and play. I think I just lost my appetite for the 1/100 VF-0. I love Yamato's work and all, but that VF-0 just doesn't look good. I might still get two (for the sake of having valks from every series), if it's $40 or lower. Anything above that, I'll just use the dough to buy the Hasegwa's, or save it for two VB-6's.
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