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  1. I think I still have mine somewhere. I bought one but never touched it.
  2. ok, so I finally got my VF-25G after some fun with the post office (a long, fun story best left for some other day). Anyway, I friggin love this sucker! However, a few gripes. 1) the little grey wing/radar things behind the head in jet mode... one came broken. while not a deal breaker... just kind of a let down. 2) Bandai makes articulated hands for Gundams... they couldn't modify a pair to work with this guy? That's really all I got and this thing looks really cool next to my Yamato Valks. I definitely see myself getting at least one more (most likely the armored VF-25S)
  3. hey guys... just bought my first VF-25... the VF-25G. My first Bandai valk since... well, I think I had a VF-17 Nightmare for about a week Anyway, just a couple of questions that may have been answered already that I might have missed... the first one is the most important to me.. I ordered this sucker from Overdrive and I live in New Jersey (hold the jokes please). About how long will it take to get here? Besides the tampo stuff, anything I should be careful of? Any parts that are prone to snapping/popping off/activating auto-kill mode?
  4. Nice! yes, that just made me happy had NO idea it came with a standard gunpod. Now I can save some cash for one of the impending Armored Messiahs. Yup, that did, in fact, answer me perfectly. Thanks!
  5. Probably a stupid question, but how are the head lasers on the re-issue? (ok... can it REALLY be a re-issue if the original came out like a year ago? wouldn't this be considered a revision? maybe? no? ok, I'll shut up about it ) I love the Alto scheme, but I'm avoiding it and the Ozma versions due to the Dr. Suess head lasers and getting a Micheal/Mikhail/Max clone version instead (besides, I love the VF-25G design and weapon anyway... but having a non-snipe version would be cool too).
  6. image anime is consistantly higher than BBTS... though I do order from IA a lot since I usually get my stuff next day or 2 days tops for regular shipping costs instead of a week from BBTS. It's nice for those "OMG! NEED IT NOW!" items =)
  7. heh, you weren't there when the TF movie designs first got out... dear god... the horror that I unleashed that day... (I was the guy who managed to leak the pics of the designs and early toy prototypes to them under a fake name... Pulsar Striker I believe I used) Anyway, I'm loving the new pics of the DX toy. I am REALLY unsatisfied with the model... it just doesn't jive to me at all.
  8. hologram or not, those breasts would have a gravitational pull twice that of Earth... what a way to go though
  9. I'm new to the recasting game, but I have an idea I want to try to implement... a locking slider the legs attach to on the hip area. position A would be for F/G mode, then slide it to position B for B mode. I just hope it's doable without seriously compromising the integrity of the hips... (has nightmares of the original stock VF-11B)
  10. Looks like it's just angled wrong (I hope). There's a gap on the end closest to the nose of the fighter too. Granted there will still be a slope in the back towards the shield but it won't be AS bad had the head been angled correctly.
  11. They destroyed it? I thought they just threw up those blast shields and it folded out by itself.
  12. Hey guys, didn't want this getting lost in the Gundam model/toy thread. Me and a few friends need some replacement parts for a few of our Gundam models. At some point in the recent past, Rainbow 10 stopped their Bandai part service. Basically, I'm asking if anyone knows of an alternate site that offers a part replacement service like Rainbow 10 used to. Thanks for the help!
  13. odd request, but I need intake covers for the YF-19 and VF-0. Color doesn't need to be perfect, but as long as the left and right of each match each other... yup, somehow I managed to lose them >_< I'm either looking for originals or recasts. Thanks for the help! (and if you can help, please PM me)
  14. The first part of the game is VERY action oriented and almost has a Halo feel to it, but once you get past the first planet, it's good ole Metroid goodness... a lot more exploring and puzzle solving with standard critter fights thrown in. Hyper mode is SWEET, but I know there's more to it than just temporary One Woman Army mode. There's just gotta be a bigger downside than losing a full health tank. I REALLY hope that future FPS games rip off MP3's control scheme. This is how it should be done! One thing I REALLY like about this is that you start off with some of the more advanced moves you had to find in previous games like the Morph ball, ball bombs, Varia Suit and double jump. SO nice to have those right away... OH! Gone is the old bomb jump method. now you just flick the remote up and you jump... but you can still use the old method if you'd like
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