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  1. ...yah, and they choose to give their kids Looney Tunes toys, and have them watch Looney Tunes instead. I mean, what's so violent about two hillbillies shooting each other, point blank, with a scatter gun? People just get dumber and dumber.....that's why their kids get dumber and dumber too. Goddamned paste-eaters!
  2. The original thread is here Mods, please close this one. Oh well.... Yah, but don't close it....DELETE it for cripes sake.....
  3. Oh hush! I've been pestering my supplier to get the newest episodes ASAP for over 2 weeks now. I hope he already has them later since I'll be going to his shop and pester him som more!!!!
  4. Shibby~ Now we're getting somewhere! We only have up to episode 8 (disk 4) here in PI, but I hope my supplier will get his stocks soon!
  5. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Anywhoo, this is great news! GBP VF-1S!!!!! w00+
  6. Omni Existence


    Looks nice. Is that a custom? Anywhoo, custom or not, I'd get it if I had the dough. Looks like an awesome display piece
  7. i gotta disagree here. Squall didn't have nothing on the pretty boy hero of FFX. Zidane from FF 9 wasn't quite so bad. i don't know how a semi-SD character can be classified as a pretty boy. the villians from FF8 and 9 are a different story. But i say cut squall some slack. the guy had a scar at least..... BTW, i am an unabashed FF8 Supporter. Ah....another FFVIII supporter! I hear you man! FFVIII was a great game! I don't understand what people hate about the "junction" system is. I actually liked it better than the materia thing. ...but FF Tatics is simply THE BEST FF game EVER!
  8. I'm in the Philippines so no worries about gun laws and that other legal stuff. Hey, thanks for the links and pics Drif...that's got me drooling
  9. LOL! Don't you guys just hate Sithlord Graham at times?
  10. Damn! Those stickers that you an Anasazi are churning out are simply awesome! I want a couple for my ow Vis, but I'm SOL for now. Gaaaaah, curse my poverty!!!!!!
  11. **sigh** One of the few, like my own, to have found FF: TSW a good movie.
  12. I think there's been conversion kits to make all of Shirow's firearms, at one point or another. Finding one for sale, however, is the tricky part. Dang! I was hoping Airsoft made one. I'll be getting my Christmas bonus in two weeks, and I wanted to buy another bullpup. A partner for my MP5 SMG I guess the P-90 is the closest looking gun to a Seburo huh?
  13. Hey, how come Shirow's mech's get no love from the toy industry? I take Bsu's point, any Bonaparte toys? I see some Tachi/Fuchikomas, but they arent real toys. I want Shirow Mechs dammit! by the by....has there ever been a Seburo C-25 (or was that 27) airsoft model?
  14. The RX-78 shield bag looks nice though, and the Rei uniform would look cute on someone's girlfriend....
  15. Woohoo! HLJ just shipped the barrel tip for my 1/48 gunpod!!! HLJ and Yamato sure know how to make a customer happy! :D ...yeah, OT, sorry!
  16. The "use" of the white piece is to cover up the gap at the back of the head in Battroid mode.
  17. Mod-folk I have a topic in the "Sci-Fi and other anime" thread titled "GX-18 Getter Dragun when?" **link **H E R E**link** HLJ's account maintenance just started working and after 2 weeks of looking non-stop, my order is finally being processed, so the thread has served it's purpose. Please lock or close it. Thanks!
  18. Finally! After 2 weeks of checking non-stop, my GX-18 Getter Dragun is already being processed! The Account Maintenance page on HLJ just started working. Mods, please close this post, thanks! OE
  19. That's what bothers me. My local supplier here already received his SECOND shipment of GX-18's (2 cases if I am not mistaken) as his first was sold out (2 cases as well) in the first day. ...and his first shipment arrived 2 weeks ago! I hope HLJ makes good soon. I only ordered at HLJ since my cousin was nice enough to lend me her CC. Tnx for the info.
  20. Hi, Like the title says, anyone here ordered their GX-18 Getter Dragun from HLJ? I pre-ordered these toys since they became available for pre-order, but I've been checking their website for 2 weeks now, and the links for the Getter G toys are not there. No emails about processing confirmation, no link for the toy that says "Just In" either. Anyone here experiencing the same? I wonder what happened.
  21. .....ummmm, dude, these toys were made in China!? I don't understand what the complaint is about. It's a GAP! I got mine with a missing gunpod nozzle. Some poor overworked, underpaid guy probably forgot to glue the fool thing on, but do you hear me complaining? NOPE! I took action, contacted HLJ on the same day I got the toy in the mail (Nov. 10), and got a reply on 11th about the email I sent them, and now (12th) they informed me that Yamato replied and will send them the missing part. They'll be sending it to me as soon as they get it, which I assume would be a couple of days, two weeks tops. So what's the use of complaining other than wasting bandwidth? Your problem is a gap, it's not like the toy came to you with missing legs. You have a problem with the toy you got? ACT ON IT for cripessake!!
  22. Long story, people got burned, people left/banned themselves. That's the long and short of it
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