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  1. pics and review sounds impressive, and personally it does look great. but with the previous VF-1's (60's and 48's) that I've purchased, I really can't bring myself to buy more-impressive as it seems... at least not yet.
  2. The YF-21 looks awesome! Probably the best Yamato Valk-EVER! Thanks for posting pics, Swoosh!
  3. The 21 looks waaaaaay better than the 19. If the 21 gets the same 0-probelm report like the SV-51 Nora (save maybe for a lemon here and there), then I wouldn't mind dishing out a 180-200USD price tag. If this baby comes out to be all that, then I think the YF-19 is more deserving of the "I suck" title that the 1/72 21 has had for so long.
  4. Meh... not too excited about this new release, even with the doubl-jointed shoulder. Looks nice and all, but what it boils down to is QC, and price. $80 or less. Anything higher and it's a rip (at least for me). It gives a whole (not really so) new meaning to milking the cow dry.
  5. Give the man a break. Graham doesn't owe the lot of us anything, yet he's providing us awesome service with whatever information he can squeeze from Yamato, and he's been doing it for years. To even insinuate that he's just screwing with us at the behest of Yamato, is waaaaaay out of line. You owe the man an apology. If you feel you're being screwed by Yamato, don't buy their stuff, or boycott them even. It's an old addage around here, but it's the most logical.
  6. Cool! Thanks for the assist G! It's always appreciated.
  7. Anytime, Recon. Guys, let's settle down a bit. I did PM Graham with the same question that I sent HLJ, and Graham said that he was told that the shoulders "were" upgraded to POM. I'd take his word over HLJ's anytime, but it's just a little unnerving to find the same issues on a supposedly updated package. In any case, I'm holding off on these babies for now. @aezonrath: Go get a 1/48 VF-1, then a Super/Strike Armor set, or a GBP-1 armor set, or get them all. The 1/48 is still the superior Macross product from Yamato.
  8. LOL! Yeah, that about sums it up. The latest releases (YF-19, and VF-0's) are definitely eye-candy, but just going by aesthetics is not practical anymore- especially for the price range these toys are going for. At the moment, I wouldn't mind Yamato releasing color variants of the VF-1's like the Blue Roses, etc with Super/Strike parts. The VF-1 is STILL their best Macross product IMO. I recall someone posting about how difficult it was to cast parts in POM... if that were the case, the SV-51 is already in jeopardy, and it aint even out yet.
  9. Yeap, here's a screen shot of the email I received from HLJ.Com. I was planning to get at least two of these, but if I have to spend additional money if and when the shoulder breaks, then I'd rather spend the dough on something else. As much as I like Yamato and a staunch supporter of their products for a while now, but lately, their Macross products have been a disappointment.
  10. Sounds good, and Graham confirmed the same. The weird thing is, I received an email from HLJ.COM telling me that the Shin VF-0A does NOT have the POM shoulders. Well, I'll buy 'em anyway, and just be careful when transforming. I think I'll probably order 4 sets of shoulders (2 left, and 2 right) to make sure. Thanks for the info, Shin.
  11. Thanks! Hoping to buy at least 2 this weekend, if the budget permits. Hopefully though, Yamato upgraded the shoulders to POM for this set. I don't my VF-0A having broken parts.
  12. Hello folks! Planning to get a couple of the VF-0A's this coming week. Any info whether Yamato was able to replace or improve the quality of the shoulders on these toys? Thanks!
  13. Wow! I can't wait to get one! Thanks for posting pics, I hope you don't mind if I post them on another message board, props to you of course. Mod Edit---normally I'm not picky on quoted images, but that is an entire page's worth of scrolling for pics that were posted 1 post ago.
  14. The pic was taken from a store in Japan, right? Why not fly over there, and ask the owner why he's so fricken stupid that he didn't pose the Battroid 19 standing and "busting a cool pose?" Seriously man, if you're so suspicious about every YF-19 picture posted, why not just wait for Graham's review and unleash your hellish complaining and doubts there when everything GOOD/BAD about the toy is FINAL? Sheesh....
  15. Graham, From the pics we've seen so far, it looks like the 19 has a lot, and I do mean A LOT of moving parts. Assuming that you already have a prototype, or if you have already handled a pre-prod sample, how do you scale wear and tear /durabilityon this toy? I mean some of us like to actually play with our Valks, transform here and there, fly it around, etc. Thanks!
  16. Me too! 424316[/snapback] Me three. I think it's kind of pointless to be nitpicking on how the fricken thing looks when we all know anime proportions on a variable mech doesn't translate well as a perfect transforming toy in the real world because a lot of the proportions can be attributed to anime magic. The whole 'it's too short/long/fat/thin/right/wrong' everytime Yamato releases a new product has been beaten to death. It's either you do or you don't.
  17. Hi! Just a quick question for you proffessional modellers here at MW. I'm going to be getting the Stealth 1J sometime next week. The clear / transparent plastic used for the optics is bothering me, and I want to paint it red. What paint do I use to change it to red, but keep it translucent? Thanks!
  18. Dang! I missed it! It's hell month at work so I got busy with work. I was hoping to throw this one in. http://fanart-central.net/pictures.php?pid=272366&size=full Oh well. There's next month.
  19. Cool! Need to draw Macross again!
  20. Cool! I haven't drawn Macross stuff in a long while.
  21. Anyone notice a problem with this pic? Is it just me (I'm not wearing glasses right now), but doesn't the top corners of the chestplates look like it's partially blocking the shoulders? Or the toy just wasn't transformed properly?
  22. No offense, but it's not like it's the box you'll be attaching to your VF-1, now is it?
  23. bandai 1, yamato 0 he he he he... have you seen how badly a Bandai 1/55 yellows? In any case, I also have the 1/60's. None of the DYRL ones have yellowed, and I display frequently. Fate brought you the yellowing. You have No faith in the Hory Forating Head.
  24. In short... Pre-Yamato Days = Pay through the @ss to get a 1/55 Yamato Days = Pay for the best representation of a Valkyrie to date, for about less than half the price of a Joons in the Pre-Yamato days.
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