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  1. Nice pic and review. Looks like Z3 is only a few mm's shy of matching Dancouga. I can't wait for mine!
  2. LOL! I thought you were referring to the looks (read: face). I didn't expect that you'd be including her other assets. My bad.
  3. Thank goodness he doesn't look like his dad. J/K! CONGRATS to you and the missus!
  4. Best one so far. Someone asked for a Lulu cosplayer that looks like Lulu, well, you can die happily now.
  5. Yup Yamato do a lot more than just Macross figures. However, that's not important like what???? J.J. ..and Here! Here! Here!
  6. Watched it. Liked it. Much better than the first two Crappy Potter movies. ...yes, Hermoine is cute.
  7. ....unless you can provide some specs for your Mauve (isn't this a cheap hair color usually found in bimbo shops?) to pit against ANY fighter plane (as Graham did in his post), either in animation or in the real world, your argument is made of cow poo. and unless you can provide them in your next post, your argument is still cow poo.
  8. Hmm...maybe because the VB-6 is smaller, and the original Monster does NOT transform into two other modes?
  9. Would that imply to just the people who buy every Valk released, or generally to anyone here on MW that has a Yamato Valk? I do recall you have a 1/48 and an FP Set, right? Well, most of us don't exactly buy them for the box art.
  10. Yep. Malvin of GREATTOYS.NET (we have a BBS there too)., has the cheapest prices for Macross stuff. His 1/48's (no FP's) usually go for about PhP6000, or US$110.00 (approx). Most shops, even online ones, offer 1/48's for about US$120, or higher. Visit that site, and join our little community there.
  11. Got it on DVD. Better than CHarlie's Bimbos if you ask me. To bad Hsu Chi's character got iced.
  12. Nice and all, but not totally impressed. Have two, btw. Plan to sell one.
  13. DYRL stuff, yes, we saw that coming since the 1/60's, and the first 1/48. What Ali has been "talking" about is the entire Yamato Macross Franchise altogether. Yamato's Macross line will be doing the dodo next year. Naysayers have said the same thing with the release of the 1/60 valks with removable legs. "Fans won't buy into that" they said, look at us now....
  14. ...and you are a marketing specialist, that you can tell, right? lemme see...a lot of Macross fanboys actually thought Macross would be dead after Macross II. Surprise surprise, Macross Plus, and Macross 7 came out. After that, whaddya know? Macross Zero! As long as there are Macross fans, Macross will continue, and as long as Yamato makes badass Macross stuff, they're in business. Do you read your own posts Ali? Yamato just came out with the Q-Rau, it's got Macross Zero stuff in the works, plus a VB-6 Koenig from the VF-X game. If that's what you call losing interest in a line, then I like the way they do things.
  15. ok. what has yamato relaly doen for macross since the first 1/48. repaints don't count. yamato is realzing macross is not the "cash cow" it once was. it is a nich player and it wants to expand. They poroved themselves with macross now their going on to more popular titles. just wait a year. I'll say I told you so and laugh at you when you cry that yamato is not making new macross toys. Although Yamato is moving on with other franchises, Macross is STILL it's biggest cash cow. Just check out Yamato's listings on HLJ. With the advent of new Macross stuff, and old ones that haven't even been touched yet (Macross 7, VFX game mecha), this isn't the last time we'll see a big assed Yamato box with MACROSS slapped on it. Sorry, but your presumption/reasoning is obviously, flawed.
  16. ...that reminds of me of the people that keeps bashing Yamato's products because of the price, but still order one or two for themselves anyway. "Hips, crips, and tites" ...just passing by.
  17. The head turrets on the 1/48 can be retained or repainted, and it will still look DAMNED GOOD. You can change or retain the turret color on the MPC, and it will still...uh..be an MPC!
  18. I've always been doubtful of this. . . but even granted that Big West said no. . . that doesn't necessarily mean that Yamato would have said yes. For all the reasons already espoused. H Yes, that is a given, but again, I only listen to reliable info, in this case G's information about the spare heads from his Yamato meeting some time ago.
  19. Uh..Big West scrapped the head idea, not Yamato.
  20. You really should take READING COMPREHENSION classes you know?
  21. Nice news, but I'm not holding my breath since (and according to..uh, the guys who has Japanese characters on his user name ), it's still in the planning stage. I'll wait for confirmation before I say anything
  22. ..here I was thinking why I< or any of the other oldies on MW rarely post here anymore. Now I remember.
  23. Honestly, and I don't want to be an a-hole even if I sound like one, but we don't frakking care either you got it or not... ...lemme guess, you never got breastfed when you were a baby huh? Figures...
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