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  1. Hi all, I'm taking preorders for the Alto Super Parts. More info below: http://tokyohunter.blogspot.com/2008/11/ba...siah-super.html
  2. I've just posted comparison pics of the reissue and second version on my blog. http://tokyohunter.blogspot.com/2008/12/ya...weathering.html
  3. YF-19 retails for 18,800 yen but it will be on 10-25% discount when it's released. Most stores in Akihabara already took preorders at 10-25% off retail price when it was first announced.
  4. It's just a custom done by the Kotobukiya staff. I have posted about this a couple months back stating that it is a custom.
  5. I spotted the 1/60 YF-19 final product version on display at Kotobukiya's store in Akihabara today. http://static.flickr.com/99/311159462_7639b94edd.jpg?v=0 http://static.flickr.com/110/311159501_ad1463c40d.jpg?v=0 http://static.flickr.com/106/311159538_5b498bf1cc.jpg?v=0 http://static.flickr.com/119/311159571_2ee7bd6f3d.jpg?v=0 Click the following link for bigger pics. http://www.flickr.com/photos/18251255@N00/...57594400481435/ Also check out my blog for coverage of Kotobukiya's opening of their third store in Akihabara. http://tokyohunter.blogspot.com/
  6. Ah, I didn't notice the url having a page 3 there. This should be the actual link but it's the same thing anyway. http://www.flickr.com/photos/18251255@N00/...57594337020472/ There are several Yamatos there including the small scale kits so I'm not quite sure which ones you guys are refering to so I just assumed that you guys are refering to the 1/350 scale one and provided the answer.
  7. Erm ... I already mentioned that it's a kit. the only thing that's prebuilt is the controller.
  8. It's a 1/350 scale kit, comes with remote control to control the turrets, lights, and sound. Price - 47,250 yen. Comes with the main Yamato crew at 1/350 scale which is microscopic in size like around 3mm.
  9. It's a Hasegawa kit. Please do not mistake the word "Tokyo" for "Toy". I am not Toy Hunter.
  10. SRX is not in scale with the rest of the kits. If they made it in scale, it would probably be around 12" tall. All SRW kits are non-scale.
  11. There is no page 3 of my part 2 set gallery. It's all in one page. Please provide a link to what you're refering to.
  12. SDF-1 Macross is no giant. It's 24cm tall, made of diecast metal plus ABS and PVC plastic. Comes completed and prepainted. Retail is 15,540 yen with tax.
  13. Nope, I don't remember taking any pics of the VF-0A w/Ghost. It's probably taken by one of my friends who attened WF with me.
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