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  1. Haha! IF (and its a big IF) they're not a hoax. Im not putting much hope on the KO without any prototype pictures. Companies that KO'd MP TF have prototype pictures posted months before release.
  2. My inner macross is screaming "why cant macross toys be this cheap & high quality!!" Transformation sequence :
  3. I've never seen worse box condition than what happened to me circa 2005.. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/16748-so-much-for-border-protection/ yeah customs can sometimes really screw your boxes up....literally
  4. looks real nice! any plan to transform it and pictures in battroid mode?
  5. bump. Price reduced. Also, corrected the descriptions for BRAND NEW VF-1A CANNON FODDER. Previous descriptions were misleading, it was copy-pasted from a used VF-1A that was sold (I was lazy). Thanks!
  6. aaajin

    Hi-Metal R

    took a quick crappy phone camera shot on the one i have on my home work desk
  7. IIRC (sold all my 25's) those are metal parts, so maybe its the paint on the metal that is yellowing...
  8. Bump. Added bandai trident stand for $12 + shipping.
  9. Well, the sellers are just taking advantage of the tax refund week, which reportedly started last week ... people have disposable money
  10. aaajin

    Hi-Metal R

    Yea I guess youre right, they were removable but no hinges or missiles. My memory is rusty, the last time I handled my Yamato was 2 years back. Anyways, the doors on the 6 x red missiles launcher do not seem to have hinges.
  11. aaajin

    Hi-Metal R

    Sorry I meant the missiles launcher doors (that 6 x red missiles) that sits behind/on the right shoulder. Not the shoulder missiles bays This is starting to get confusing, so here's the picture of what I was referring to. Doors do not seem to have any hinges. I might need to check my Yamatos. Pretty sure theyre removable, but cant remember if they have hinges/missiles. Reluctant to touch my displayed destroids due to their loose torso. So I checked your site 1st but it was not mentioned .. oh well ..
  12. aaajin

    Hi-Metal R

    From the looks of the shoulder missiles doors hinges, it seems like they're fixed pose aka swappable between open/closed positions. Maybe the hinges are too small/fragile? EDITED : Also, missles covers seems to be moulded onto the thighs...
  13. aaajin

    Hi-Metal R

    gwyn posted these on facebook (in Akibhabara) :
  14. Oooh that Kairos scheme...hope theyll release it in DX line
  15. Yeah, that makes sense. Why wouldnt Arcadia sell to HG to cater the US market & to increase their production run ... or HG buys from Arcadia & sells in the US market for profit? EDITED : I mean, legal issues aside, isnt it easy money if they can find some kind of compromise? (*beats dead horse*)
  16. not really new, but just got the chance to open up this guy. been sitting in its box for almost a year (lol). ...and man, putting a pilot in the cockpit was A LOT of work! Had an extremely tight canopy, but luckily found a workaround from the 17 thread.
  17. Saw Graham's video on how to : (1) slide the canopy cover up if its too tight. (2) slide the neck cover to its flush position in fighter mode. The video resolution was a bit low, so it was hard for me to see the areas Graham talked about in the video. As I was figuring out how to put Gamlin in his 17S, I thought I might as well make a guide for members who's having the same issues with their VF-17. I'll cover just point (1), because by the time (1) is done, Im pretty sure (2) is relatively easy (OK, I'm just lazy :P) Anyways, onto the steps : 1) Partially transform the 17 as shown below. Transformation videos are available by Jenius aka Anymoon or ColletionDX (forgot the member's alias here on MW) 2) Once its in the above position, locate the slot below the slider hinge (see green arrow) behind the cockpit area. Use a hobby flat screw driver (or anything that is slender with a flat end) and insert the flat end into the slot. Rotate the screwdriver slowly so that the slider is pushed up. Once there is clearance, push the slider all the way up. 3) Walla. Done. Put everything back together in fighter mode and set Gamlin in his rightful place : inside a 17S cockpit. Good Luck!
  18. I wish they had designed the feet better! Thanks! Working on the bottom level to include a 17S+FP & VF-4G
  19. A bit of a necro thread, but here goes. OK today I decided to take out my 17S & display it in fighter mode, within the 10 minutes of time window while waiting for my wife to get ready before we go out. Then I realized that 10 minutes was a naive estimate to put the effin pilot in the effin cockpit *clench fists* The cockpit & front landing gear forward panel were extremely tight. I managed to carefully pry down the front landing gear forward panel using a tweezer without any damage, but the cockpit wouldnt budge & I dont want to force the canopy up and damage the edges or worse the hinge. Luckily found Graham's useful post. Will try this tonite! Also saw some posts about the front landing gear panel, neck cover alignment and finger joints cracking out of the box (touch wood). Any advise on other potential issue that I need to worry about? Appreciate member's response & thanks in advance!
  20. Small collection display. Others (VF17S+FP & VF4G) are still sound asleep in their respective boxes.
  21. Thanks. My collection arent all that great like many others here. Only have 3 x Arcadia 19, 2 x VF-1S + FP Yamatos, 2 x VF-22 Gamlin, Yamato Tomahawk & Defender, 1/5000 SDF-1, 1 x VF-17S + FP & 1 x VF-4G Arcadia. Plus, the last two are still in their boxes, untouched, in the closet. Maybe I'll open them in my next reincarnation lulz I'll see if I can find time this weekend for pictures. Finishing grad school soon...
  22. Im using a fostmourne display base since its the same theme for the snow drinking saber. 9-inch sword replica from a popular Hong Kong comic in the 90's. Almost non existent anywhere nowadays. Got it by comissioning an ebay HK seller few years back through private message. I dont know why I blindly trust the guy, but I did! (desperate times). Experience turned out great & was a trustworthy seller.
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