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  1. aaajin

    Hi-Metal R

    Anyone use this for their HMR? $3 shipped, way cheaper than tamshii stand. Bought tamashii trident for $11-ish on Amazon (price went up now), but saw this on ebay the other day and bought one. LINK
  2. Just helping. Miriya 22 for $200
  3. aaajin

    Hi-Metal R

    I was reluctant at fitst but finally caved in. Preordered two (hlj & amiami)
  4. aaajin

    Bandai DX VF-31

    well to be "fair" with your predicament, the last two issues are pretty common. my ivanov 51 suffered from hip breakage, which I suspect because of brittle plastic. they crumbled into several pieces & it was one hell of a job to glue them back. my 2 x gamlins cracked their hips, but were easily repaired with plastic cement.
  5. Yeah, I missed that too. Was excited and about to cherry pick macross stuff on buyee when I saw the clause that excludes Yahoo! Auction
  6. Major got the picture from Buyee : http://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/v482927518 50% off EMS only for purchases above 45,001 Yen : http://media.buyee.jp/campaign/shippingfeeoff161201_buyee/en/ well in fact, Yahoo! Auction is NOT included in the promo...
  7. *figured how to delete the picture attachment* there is a faint "trash" icon on bottom right of the thumbnail once you uploaded a picture ...
  8. Seeing that there is no thread on Macross toys on Amazon, well here it goes : Amazon has the tamashii trident plus stand (dark blue) for $11.79 + tax with FREE 2-day shipping if you have Amazon Prime : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JECLKOU/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me= Stand can fit 5 Hi-Metal R figures! Note that price on Amazon changes pretty quickly, so get yours now! They have 10 left in stock when I bought mine. Current other cheapest price I've found online is HLJ, $11 + shipping from Japan : https://hlj.com/product/BANN07984/Sup
  9. aaajin

    Hi-Metal R

    Hello! Just joined the ranks of HMR owner, awaiting my Roy/CF/Regult to arrive soon! Was surprised to see the MSRP for spartan is upward of 7k Yen! Prolly will end up scouring secondary market after release And since the trio destroid (tomahawk/defender/phalanx) are yet to be seen, could Bandai actually plan to release them as a combo like the oldies?
  10. Hi there I have one available that I want to get rid of. PM sent!
  11. aaajin

    Hi-Metal R

    hmm decisions...decisions... mykombini is offering VF-1A CF for $75.20 on ebay, with coupon it works out to $60 shipped. Is it a good deal? Havent been paying attention on the boards nowadays.
  12. aaajin

    3P SD VF-1S

    sorry to say that the fighter & gerwalk looks plain garbage...everything just doesnt look right on these 2 modes. battroid is acceptable, but not that its the best. overall there is potential if the mechanisms are maintained while the designs/looks are tweaked.
  13. Man! with all that youve produced these years, Bandai/Arcadia should just hire you already! those look gorgeous!
  14. Received this today in email. In case anyone wants to purchase Macross items on ebay.com, here's a coupon to help members save a little : eBay until 3pm PDT 6/30 is offering a coupon for $15 off $75+ orders. At checkout, apply coupon code CruiseN2Summer for the discount.
  15. aaajin

    Hi-Metal R

    Theyre just showcasing their past and future releases...but being Bandai, I'd say they will eventually re-release it if there is demand
  16. just paid for mine. Paid slightly more with low USD/Yen rate from Brexit....
  17. aaajin

    Hi-Metal R

    Just paid for my 4 x 1/72 kits...cant believe how USD/Yen rate changes in one day! Shouldve paid when I received the notification earlier today. before Brexit poll...sigh...
  18. I can assure you that is considered, without any reasonable doubts, very cool.
  19. Thanks for the bump. Also, bumping to inform the item is sold. Would appreciate if the mods can help delete this thread. Thanks for looking!
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