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    Hi-Metal R

    Missiles packs Bandai?
  2. Cleaning shrine, on a futbal-less weekend #GoonersFan
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    Hi all, Been a while since I posted on the for-sale section, anyways here goes : Intro : I am located in the US, been on the board since 2006-7 ish. I'm on Straight Shooter's list, 100% ebay feedback and have dealt with many members here. Item for SALE : Item : Bandai's DX VF-171 EX Alto Custom. Price / Payment Info : $0LD. Paypal friends & family (otherwise add 4% for credit card). Conditions : Item is used and transformed multiple times. A little loose but figure is complete. All accessories, box and instructions are present. One plastic wing-hinge broke, but was fixed carefully with a micro driller, rubber washer & a small screw (see pictures below). Fix does not affect transformation/looks. Bandai made the removable hinge from plastic, which IMHO is a bad-bad design. One of the lower triangle has a small crack (see pictures below). Does not affect transformation/looks. Again, Bandai's design flaw. The plastic is so thin & crack seems prevalent on many 171 owners. Some paint scratches behind head from transformation. Thanks for looking/reading~! Toy pictures : Box Pictures Repair Works & Crack on lower wing triangle Red-arrow : Crack on lower wing triangle (does not affect transformation/looks) Red-circle : Wing hinge repair (does not affect transformation/looks)
  4. Thanks to @Lolicon. Despite all the hypes on Bandai Chogokin, getting my 2nd VF-1S Hikaru. I'm going to regret not getting the Bandai's, but I just cant resist a cheap Yamato's VF-1. As I held it for the I- can't-remember-how-many-times, I realized the beauty lies in the balance between design aesthetics & the mechanism design for playability (well, minus the shoulder issues)
  5. I myself is on the fence on this, will probably wait out reviews & if all are A-OK's, will get one on the next release. But seems like the major upgrades are : - Articulations (1) waist joint to rotate upper body (new detachable swingbar mechanism to achieve it). (2) fingers joints (3) headlasers joints. - Cosmetics (1) integrated top "shoulder" covers (flips to close the holes on top/front of the chest). (2) lots of tampo prints. (3) head sits flusher in fighter mode. Anything else?
  6. I see. I was assuming at this point, with all the prototype videos & pictures posted by Bandai/scouts, Bandai must have shared a transformation video. I'll have to sit this one out until it's confirmed. Or wait for the 1S/other variants.
  7. Has anyone confirmed/seen that the heatshield is integrated? It'd be a meh if its just a bigger version of the HMR with swappable canopy...
  8. No. What I meant earlier is I am in no way wrestling with another member for a JM...if it comes my way then good. It it doesn't, I'll look elsewhere. Cheers~!
  9. LoL yea. But seeing how the 1/72 kit disintegrated with too complex mechanism implemented on the hip bars, I have little faith in their partial perfect-transformation in the DX...the locking mechanism looks a bit flimsy to hold the presumably high amount of metal contents in the DX. But I'd assume Bandai view it as an optional gimmick, because TBH, you dont need to remove the metal bar if you don't want to rotate the upper torso.
  10. So are the legs gonna be grey, with white landing gear doors? And grey fingers?? Who in their right state of mind would buy that??
  11. Canopy needs removal to make way for heatshield?
  12. Looking for SD regult, as part of the Robotech 30th anniversary vinyl figure collection by Toynami. Please PM price, location in US. Thanks!
  13. You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about...
  14. Exactly my thoughts. But hey, to each his/her own . On a side note, anyone knows if there are shapeway/3D printed acessories for the sdf-1? say for example 1/3000 gripper arm+VF-1 during launch, or 1/3000 monster or destroids?
  15. https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1089543974&ref=list Arcadia VF-1S Roy + Super Strike parts, ¥18k
  16. Jungle price was irresistible. Thanks! Appreciate if mods can delete this thread. Thanks!
  17. Ah shoot, just bought one off Jungle yesterday without checking this thread (Yamato version) & paid with Chase/paypal for 5% cashback. The reason I prefer in the US was shipping time. But Oh well, thanks guys!
  18. As the title says, looking for one. Located in 55414. PM me if you have one for sale / planning to sell. Thanks! Edit : 5/13/18 item found. Appreciate if mods can delete this thread. Thanks!
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